Terapeak สำหรับนักขาย amazon


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บริการสถิติและข้อมูลสำคัญในการจำหน่ายสินค้าผ่านระบบ marketplace ของ amazon

อ่านเพิ่ม >> http://donottellmyboss.com/terapeak-for-amazon/

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Terapeak สำหรับนักขาย amazon

  1. 1. Market Intelligence. Market Opportunity. Market Share. Discover where it will take you AMAZON MARKETPLACE Y O U R P O R T A L I N T O T H E
  2. 2. Differentiate Your Business With more than 35 categories and over 81 million customers, the opportunities to sell on Amazon are abundant. Terapeak for Amazon.com makes it limitless. As an Amazon seller, you understand that the competitiveenvironmentoftheAmazonmarketplace is unique, and you need a way to differentiate your business. As a Terapeak user, you can gain greater visibility and insight into Amazon marketplace activity, giving you the competitive advantage you desire. From Insight to Opportunity Terapeak for Amazon.com can help you determine what to sell on Amazon without the need for a Professional Merchant account and even if you have never sold anything on Amazon before. Terapeak for Amazon.com delivers marketplace intelligence in two ways: it enables you to analyze Amazon.com market data and analyze your own business data in one place. You can research Amazon products to see list prices, offer prices, sales rank and historical offers. Terapeak for Amazon.com enables you to filter your product search in over 35 categories. Your Portal into Amazon.com You can view the average, minimum and maximum offer price of any product, as well as the total number of available offers. You can also filter your search by price, brand name, Buy Box or FBA.* Terapeak for Amazon.com provides you with an immediate market overview based on your search. See how many offers and merchants you are competing against, as well as average product price, volume and item condition statistics. You can also conduct research in any category, regardless of the category you are selling in. View product details and descriptions and see what else customers are buying. You will gain instant perspectiveoncurrentmarketconditionsandtrends. 12WaystoSellSmarteronAmazon • Research products in over 35 Amazon categories • View list price, offer price, sales rank and historical offers • See average, minimum and maximum prices of any product TERAPEAK for AMAZON.COM
  3. 3. • Filter your research by “Buy Box” to establish winning price points • Filter by “FBA” to establish the market for Amazon Prime* customers • Refine your search by brand name or merchandise condition • Investigate any category regardless of the category you are selling in • Discover how and what to sell on multiple marketplaces without the need for a Professional Merchant account • Get an immediate market overview, including total offers and merchants in your market space • Eliminate app hopping by viewing all of your sales data in one place • Compare your multi-channel sales data • Discover correlations between channels and the marketperspective on current market conditions and trends. All-in-One Marketplace Intelligence With just one tool, you can gain a better understanding of the Amazon market and then compare this data to your own sales data. With Terapeak for Amazon.com, you can link all of your Amazon, eBay and Magento accounts. You will see your total orders and sales day-to-day, week-to- week or month-to-month if you choose. Compare channels and also see individual product performance. Terapeak for Amazon.com even automatically determines if there are worthwhile opportunities for you to sell products on Amazon that you’re already selling on other channels. With a deeper understanding of market behavior, you can increase market coverage and customer reach. Use Terapeak for Amazon.com to increase efficiency and reduce costs by using the strengths of your channels in optimal ways. Terapeak for Amazon.com is your portal into the Amazon marketplace. See where it will take you. “I use Terapeak all day long” Sarah, Terapeak Customer *Amazon Prime, Buy Box & FBA are registered trademarks of Amazon
  4. 4. Terapeak 247 High Street Palo Alto, California 94301 USA Tel: 250.483.9375 email: info@terapeak.com Start your free trial at www.terapeak.com Our Partners Terapeakistheleadingsourceforanalyzing,understandingandpredictingconsumerandproductbehaviorine-commerce. As the first authorized analytics provider of eBay market data, and the leading aggregator of e-commerce data for eBay, Amazon, Yahoo! Japan and Magento, Terapeak is an indispensable resource for over 1.3 million online merchants.