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MoMo Tel Aviv Israel June 2009 Mike Moore


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Published in: Travel, Technology
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MoMo Tel Aviv Israel June 2009 Mike Moore

  1. 1. Things to consider when building mobile LBS applications June 8, 2009 Michael Moore, Technical Consultant, Partner & Developer Programs NAVTEQ Network for Developers –
  2. 2. NAVTEQ® maps are everywhere NAVTEQ is the premier provider of digital maps and other content that power many of the world’s most innovative navigation applications In-Dash Telematics Internet Portable Navigation Mobile Phones Trip Planning Fleet Enterprise Government
  3. 3. Superior detail and richness NAVTEQ® maps have up to 260 unique attributes for every road segment and Points of Interest in more than 50 categories in 77 countries. Turn Restrictions One-Ways Access Restrictions Underground Exits Physical Barriers Complex Maneuvers Vanity Addresses Points of Interest
  4. 4. Albert Memorial Kensington Gardens Albert Hall Imperial College 4
  5. 5. 5
  6. 6. Location LBS = ? Based Services 6
  8. 8. Where Am I? What’s around me? 8
  9. 9. Latitude: 52.2356 Longitude: ­0.3567 9
  10. 10. Latitude: 52.2356 Longitude: -0.3567 10
  11. 11. New opportunities with Galileo The first civil satellite positioning system Funded by the European Union (EU) and built by the European Space Agency (ESA)
  12. 12. European Satellite Navigation Competition 2009  Europe's unique ideas competition for satellite navigation apps  Global challenge: High-tech regions from all over the world are competing for the GALILEO Master  Win the chance to realize your idea in your preferred region  Global players: Strong partners award Special Topic Prizes with the aim of joint realization  Global networking: All winners & finalists will meet for the Awards ceremony in Munich on Oct 21st NAVTEQ Special Topic Prize – looking for… Innovative location-based app ideas Working in the wireless/ handheld sector Usage of dynamic positioning technology Usage of map data
  13. 13. NAVTEQ Special Topic Prize NAVTEQ DATA FOR 1 YEAR PARTNER BUSINESS DEV 1 2 One­year free access Coaching, business to NAVTEQ map data, development support content and services and web promotions through NAVTEQ Network for Developers™ (NN4D) 12-month incubation program Worth approx €75,000 NAVTEQ BUSINESS MATCHMAKING TECHNICAL SUPPORT Special Topic 4 3 Prize Opportunity to present A Personal Technical Consultant will assist approved application to in taking the winning NAVTEQ partners & idea through to worldwide customers, successful including leading implementation. handset manufacturers, platform and technology providers Submit your app idea by July 31st via http://www.galileo­
  14. 14. The possibilities are limitless
  15. 15. Opportunities in Location-Based Services (LBS) Navigation Content Turn by turn, map & route, Advertising, directories, pedestrian, traffic, POIs search, weather, events, Social Networking Entertainment & Leisure Find me, match me, Travel, athletics, gaming, local friend finder, peer-to- imaging (geotagging) peer, personal security, tracking Business Applications Asset tracking, billing, field services, sales force automation, surveys, real estate
  16. 16. Coupling location features with new device technologies  Enhanced UI experience: Touch screens, Enhanced visuals, Audio content, 3D landmarks, Aerial imagery  Enhanced input experience: Haptics (Programmable tactile feedback, Immersion), Adaptive recommendation engines, motion sensors  Enhanced graphics & imaging experience: 3D Graphics Acceleration, OCR  Convergence: New categories of devices (MIDs), smaller processors / more capacity  Multimodality: Adjusting to your context 16
  17. 17. skobbler
  18. 18. Mobile, Set Top Box and PC based social networking with User Generated Content Combines user­generated content with social networking, search and location­based applications. Users share, view and upload pictures, video, text and POIs with geotags to place and track each other. Find people and places, points of interest, map and get directions to them all, whether they are using cable set top boxes, their laptops or mobile phones.
  19. 19. Central to this solution is how taxis are ordered, using time and location information for requested trips sent by mobile phones to a brokering server. Taxi companies make offers and client chooses most desired bids by phone. Expanding location advertising opportunities with info on persons and businesses contacted while using the phone
  20. 20. Platforms Supported for LBS App Development • NAVTEQ digital map data are platform agnostic • APIs available from many partners supporting both large and small niche markets •Geospatial platform partners, technology partners, handset manufacturers • NAVTEQ product sets provide direct support for app development in four major areas: Web • NAVTEQ® maps are everywhere • Currently available in 77 countries and territories on 6 continents APP • Free sample map data for global GIS Mobile dev community DEVELOPMENT • Access to APIs and LBS content • Downloads, webinars, discussion forums on Database
  21. 21. – Home for LBS developers Free sample map data APIs and LBS content Access to leading platforms & tools Business Development Support NAVTEQ Partner Zones NAVTEQ Global LBS Challenge NAVTEQ Connections Portal NN4D Solutions Catalog Fast-Pitch Events for Funding
  22. 22. Free sample map data NAVTEQ® map data NN4D members gain access to free map data samples available in multiple formats. NAVTEQ maps are platform agnostic and built to a single worldwide specification for easier development and integration into global applications.
  23. 23. Mapping APIs and LBS Content MapTP Zone The MapTP Zone is the resource site for developers looking to develop powerful mapping applications using NAVTEQ MapTP APIs. Developers can build exciting interactive mapping applications with several APIs:  AJAX API 2.0  Web Services (XML/ SOAP)  APIs for the Java Platform and C++  Component Interface for S60 (C++ for  Find tutorials, examples with Symbian OS) complete source code, demos and documentation at
  24. 24. Useful links • – Everything you need for LBS app development • http://www.galileo­ • http://www.galileo­ – Info about the NAVTEQ Special Topic Prize • – Download NAVTEQ presentations for ESNC 2009 events • • – MapTP Zone • – LocationPoint™ Advertising • • • • • • •
  25. 25. Welcome to – Home for LBS developers