Nokia Developer Offering 2011


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Predavanje "Nokia Developer Offering 2011" koje je Karl Pletschko održao na prvom Mobile Monday događaju u Beogradu, 29. 11. 2010. godine.

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Nokia Developer Offering 2011

  1. 1. November 30, 2010 Nokia Developer Offering 2011 Developer Marketing Manager Nokia Alps Adriatic South East Europe
  2. 2. 1. Nokia is delivering its global scale combined with local approach. Three most important things to know about Nokia’s improving developer ecosystem. 2. We are achieving this by simplifying the way developers design, develop and distribute their apps. 3. Nokia is committed to exciting consumers about the Ovi Store and the apps in it.
  3. 3. Opportunity Series 40 500 Million addressable devices 1 Million sold per day in 2009 Symbian 175 Million addressable devices 50 Million to be sold 260,000 sold per day Source: Nokia 45 Million Active in Ovi Store
  4. 4. Design & Develop native and java apps Nokia Symbian & Future MeeGo Devices Nokia Series 40 Devices + …and Distribute via Ovi Store
  5. 5. Developer tools & technologies
  6. 6. V#-Filename.ppt / 11/30/2010 © 2009 Nokia 6 • The cross-platform application and UI framework which Nokia solely focuses on for future Symbian and MeeGo devices • Qt is a framework, not a runtime, your apps run with native performance. • Nokia Qt SDK supports app creation for all Nokia smartphones Qt Smartphone offering
  7. 7. V#-Filename.ppt / 11/30/2010 © 2009 Nokia 7 Nokia Qt SDK Company Confidential One-stop-shop » Single development environment for all Qt applications Rich UI creation » Easily design Animations, Graphics Qt Simulator » eliminates the need for multiple SDKs Full set of tools » code, test, debug, deploy Cross Platform » Builds apps for Symbian and MeeGo Familiar environments» Runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux
  8. 8. Nokia Qt SDK Overview Simulate Fast, easy to use and lightweight simulator Install All in just one package Easy to customize and update Develop A complete IDE, based on Qt Creator Deploy
  9. 9. Developers praise the Nokia Qt SDK “The APIs are well designed and clear. Nokia Qt SDK will allow maximum portability of the application between all the platforms that support it including Maemo, Symbian, MeeGo.” “The intuitive nature of the development platform lends itself to rapid development, with fast turnaround in the evaluate cycle. The integration of the mobile device into the SDK is seamless and the tools are a breeze to use. ”
  10. 10. V#-Filename.ppt / 11/30/2010 © 2009 Nokia 10 • Touch and Type Java SDK brings touch to the masses • Series 40 SDK to reach hundreds of millions of devices today • Standards based Java ME development • Advanced APIs for emerging life tools to 3D games Java Mobile phone offering
  11. 11. V#-Filename.ppt / 11/30/2010 © 2009 Nokia 11 Java SDKs (Touch and Type for Series 40) Company Confidential Basic touch gestures/strokes are aligned across Nokia portfolio Four new Java API classes are introduced for Touch Gestures On Device Debug to improve developer productivity
  12. 12. Monetising Mobile: Snaptu and its emerging markets success “It's going to be a very lucrative market. A lot of investors in the West don't get the content opportunity in emerging markets at all - they only have eyes for Google and the iPhone.“ Simon Davies, European MD, Snaptu* Snaptu is a fast stylish all-in-one app that includes your mobile essentials in one place: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, News & Blogs, Weather, Sports (Cricket, Soccer...) Movies, Sudoku and much more. Java app with over 2m downloads from Ovi Store *
  13. 13. Ovi Store
  14. 14. The latest Ovi Store metrics Company Confidential Country Reach Largest Range of Devices Local Relevance Operator Support 190+ Countries 135+ Handset models can get Ovi Store content 90% Of all mobile consumers have Ovi Store available in their local language Including operator billing with 99 Operators 29 Markets
  15. 15. 11/30/2010 15© 2010 Nokia Ovi Store – Today 1€ Ovi Publish fee FREE Signing (Symbian & Java) Flat Rate Operator billing 13x Volume 56.7% Average publisher revenue increase across tiers + New in-app purchase + New in-app advertising add-on