Karl Pletschko - Nokia's New Application Strategy


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Predavanje "Nokia's New Application Strategy koje je Karl Pletschko održao na drugom Mobile Monday događaju u Beogradu, 28. 03. 2011. godine.

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Karl Pletschko - Nokia's New Application Strategy

  1. 1. Nokia’s New ApplicationStrategyKarl PletschkoGTM Developer Marketing ManagerAlps South East Europekarl.pletschko@nokia.com
  2. 2. Developer Golden Rules Four simple rules guide mobile developers: 1. A large, highly-engaged customer base 2. Some great tools 3. Application discovery (through a store) 4. Multiple paths to monetize appsCompany Confidential. ©2011 Nokia.
  3. 3. News: Nokia Chooses Windows Phone PlatformNokia announces Windows Phone as long term smartphonestrategy utilizing Microsoft tools and development platform Nokia with Windows Phone Visual Studio Silverlight XNA (for Internet 2010 game dev) ExplorerTakeaway : Microsoft and Nokia partner to create the thirdsmartphone ecosystemCompany Confidential. ©2011 Nokia.
  4. 4. News : Symbian Continues to Evolve Largest Global Reach • Multiple Symbian releases planned Modern, Qt powered phones: • Qt and Qt Quick is the application 75 Million platform for Symbian • There are 75 million modern Qt phones in worldwide markets today • Nokia plans to ship 150 million new Symbian phones with Qt • Fresh new product designs with multiple form factors 150 Million New Symbian Phones with QtTakeaway : Symbian and Nokia gives developers theopportunity to ship enormous volume with global reach todayCompany Confidential. ©2011 Nokia.
  5. 5. News : Nokia ships MeeGo device this year• Our strategy around MeeGo changed• Our MeeGo device contains a series of new, exciting technologies that we would like to get feedback from customers and developers on• MeeGo devices will run Qt apps, so apps developed in Qt for Symbian can be easily ported to our MeeGo device• We are still in discussion with what we do with the MeeGo source code line after the delivery of our device• MeeGo may provide valuable technology for our next disruptive platformTakeaway : Our MeeGo device represents the continuation ofthe innovation expressed by our Linux based smartphonesCompany Confidential. ©2011 Nokia.
  6. 6. News : Qt is alive and well Qt Global Opportunity 75 Million modern Symbian phones today Why develop for Qt? • Qt is the application platform for both MeeGo and Symbian • Qt Quick radically improves developer efficiency • We will not bring Qt to Windows Phone Qt + Qt Quick + Symbian = • Qt growth continues on embedded 150 Million New Symbian devices, Windows, Mac, and Linux Phones • Nokia will continue to innovate QtTakeaway: Keep building Qt applications; the opportunity is nowCompany Confidential. ©2011 Nokia.
  7. 7. News : S40 continues its global growth Global Market Reach with Series 40 • There are over 600 million Series 40 phones in use all over the world Over 600 Million Phones Globally • Java continues to be the application platform for Series 40 • Nokia is adding the Ovi Browser with proxy services to Series 40 • Enables web content and applications across the world • Nokia is increasing its investment Nokia is increasing investment in Series 40Takeaway : Build Java applications for S40 to reach massive,global marketsCompany Confidential. ©2011 Nokia.
  8. 8. Symbian Series 40 75 million 150 million 600 million installed base future shipments installed base addressable market Java addressable marketAnd a huge opportunity, today and tomorrow Company Confidential. ©2011 Nokia.
  9. 9. Thank You!karl.pletschko@nokia.com@nokiappforum (twitter)