Technopolis @ MoMo St Petersburg


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Technopolis @ MoMo St Petersburg

  1. 1. TECHNOPOLIS PLC March 2011<br />TECHNOPOLISvalue added operating environments and services28.3.2011Jukka Jokinen<br />
  2. 2. Technopolis Group<br />A real estate-service hybrid<br />Provides business environments and services for knowledge-intensive companies and their partners<br />Trusted partner since 1982<br />Operations throughout Finland, in Russia St Petersburg and Estonia Tallinn<br />A unique scalable business concept<br />
  3. 3. Technopolis Service Portfolio<br />Customer Services<br />Premises <br />capital rent<br />Conference Services<br />Business Services<br />Maintenance <br />maintenance fee<br />Workplace Management Services<br />ICT Services<br />Electricity <br />electricity fee<br />Premises and Facility Services<br />Fundraising Services<br />Info & Reception Services<br />service fee<br />Matchmaking Services<br />Development Services<br />Innovation Services<br />Cleaning Services<br />cleaning fee<br />Technopolis Online<br />
  4. 4. Technopolis Development Services<br />When the customersgrow, Technopolis grows<br />Technopolis invests in the communitythroughdevelopmentservices<br />Service portfolio:<br />Fundraising Services<br />StrategicMatchmaking Services<br />Innovation Services<br />Technopolis Online<br />
  5. 5. Preferred<br />Partner<br />Program<br />Strategic<br />Contacts<br />IPRs<br />Innovation Mill<br />Match-making<br />Development<br />Services<br />-Profitable Growth<br />Access to<br />Networks<br />Pre-negotiated Funding<br />Technopolis<br />Online<br />Fundraising Services<br />Efficient<br />Public<br />Financing<br />Real-time Company & Market Data<br />Multisource<br />VC & Angel<br />Equity Rounds<br />Global Market Intelligence<br />Business Tools & Templates<br />
  6. 6. 1. Fundraising Services<br />We combine all available sources to find an optimal financing solution for the company and its owners<br />You as a customer benefit from this service because<br />You get to the cash quicker<br />You get the cash at better terms<br />You save critical management resources<br />We a have seasoned team of financing experts that bring you unsurpassed experience and crucial networks<br />Customers use <br />us to get funded!<br />Typical fundraising project<br />Analysis<br />Story<br />building<br />Pre-<br />sales<br />Closing<br />
  7. 7. Technopolis Fundraising Services<br />Get prepared<br />Get funding<br />Public funding<br /><ul><li>Tekes R&D, NIY, AIH etc.
  8. 8. ELY Center grants</li></ul>Business development plan<br />What are your high level goals?<br />Business model<br />How to scale up a profitable business?<br />Loans<br /><ul><li>Banks
  9. 9. Finnvera </li></ul>Financial calculations<br />How much funding you actually need?<br />Funding strategy<br />How to build an optimal funding package?<br />Private investments<br /><ul><li>Business angels
  10. 10. Venture capital</li></ul>Business plan<br />Do your financiers need a formal plan?<br />Presentation materials & pitching skills<br />Can you convince the financiers?<br />
  11. 11. TECHNOPOLIS PLC May 2010<br />1. Fundraising Services Examples<br />Are you<br />next?<br />
  12. 12. 2. Strategic Matchmaking<br />Customized matchmaking & networking events and direct searches<br />Access to clients, partners and financiers - in Finland and abroad<br />Business opportunities, sales and growth for our customers<br />Why Technopolis?<br />A unique position and hub through the nationwide customer base and interface with our extensive networks<br />Technopolis is the ecosystem!<br />
  13. 13. Preferred Partner Program P3 to connect service provider partners with Technopolis customers<br />Development Services Partners<br />Legal Services, Financial services & Insurance, Marcoms & PR<br />Consulting & Business Development<br />Technopolis<br />Offering<br />Business Services Partners<br />Health & Well-being related, Human Resources, IT-Services<br />Focus Area<br />Facility Services Partners<br />Real Estate Related Services<br />Services for individuals<br />Fitness, car rental, laundry, gym...<br />September 2010<br />
  14. 14. TECHNOPOLIS PLC May 2010<br />3. Innovation Services<br />Innovation Services for corporate, research institutes, and universities to explore and maximize their innovation potential<br />Technopolis connects your innovations and innovators with other companies, seed money and the right people<br />Best example: Nokia Innovation Mill, which has already helped to kick-start several new companies<br />
  15. 15. TECHNOPOLIS PLC May 2010<br />4. Technopolis Online<br />Technopolis Online is the window and mostcomprehensiveinvestmentrelatedserviceinto the Finnish high-tech ecosystem <br />Data about 1500+ high tech companies, 100+ VCs, angels, rounds and more<br />A number one source for business opportunities for high-growth start-ups and venture capital firms locally and internationally<br />Provides high quality market data that is validated, up-to-date and relevant<br />