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Space Edition, Kadri Bussov, EST Cube


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Space Edition, Kadri Bussov, EST Cube

Published in: Engineering
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Space Edition, Kadri Bussov, EST Cube

  1. 1. The challenges of space hardware development. How to fit into the global market. Kadri Bussov Estonian Student Satellite Foundation
  2. 2. What makes space hardware difficult to develop?
  3. 3. Different types of space hardware providers: 1. Infrastructure supplier. ESA standards, operates on higher end of space value chain. Example: NanoAvionics, CrystalSpace. 2. Technology transfer from one market to another. Novel approach on target market. Iceye, Planet Labs. 3. New enabling technology. Based on scientific research & considered a breakthrough on the field. E-sail.
  4. 4. Main Challenges*: 1. Finding customers and/or access to markets 2. Access to finance 3. Availability of skilled staff or experienced managers *As indicated by Yasen Iliev & Lluc Diaz in “Assessment of the financing needs of space SME-s in Europe”, 2018
  5. 5. Additional challenges in Estonia: • Long & expensive supply lines • Restricted access to IOD • Lack of accessible funds for early stage developments of prototypes • Restricted access to potential clients for sufficient & quick client feedback • Shortage of senior professionals in space industry
  6. 6. What can you do about it? • End of the day it all comes down to people - who are on your team & who do you know. • International study - Master program in noted uni with history with space technology industry, ISU, other • ESA internships • Participate in space competitions! • Choose the location for your start-up wisely, Luxembourg or Silicon Valley (Mountain View) • Learn to write proposals! ESA BIC is an option.
  7. 7. Keep in mind: • Just because it looks like the market is “empty” it does not mean someone is not developing and networking to make your idea a reality! • It will take time & money! Start now!
  8. 8. To dip you feet safely into space hardware. Join ESTCube!
  9. 9. Thank you! Questions?