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App Campus - the Overview - Karl Ots


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Published in: Technology, Business
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App Campus - the Overview - Karl Ots

  1. 1. AppCampus• A three year project, based inAalto university: a fusion ofengineering + business + design• Funded with 21M€ by Microsoft,Nokia and Aalto University.• A new kind of accelerator for nextgeneration of mobile experienceWe think AppCampus is the mostexciting innovation project EVER!2
  2. 2. A Go-To-Market slingshotA Unique Accelerator• No Equity Dilution• No Revenue Share required• IPRs remain property of developersThree key facets• Award Platform• Coaching Program• Global Alumni NetworkOur only demand is 90 days exclusivity3
  3. 3. Award CategoriesSmall: 20 K€Relatively simple apps with limited value to the ecosystem.Medium: 50K€Complex apps that bring good value to the ecosystem.Large: 70kEURDisruptive apps that set apart the ecosystem9
  4. 4. Awards – Weve set a high barInnovativeBring Innovation to the Windows Phone EcosystemDifferentiated/UniqueNot already published in any mobile app storesKey features/APIsSupport key features and APIs of the platformConvincing Overall ProposalDemonstrated design, technical, and business excellencePopularity/Commercial valuePotential for mass appeal and/or revenue generation10
  5. 5. Get Funded Now!Do you have a great idea, a great team?Here are the 3 steps to success:1. Speak to us Now! Our experts are ready for feedback andsuggestions.2. Submit your proposal: appcampus.fi3. Rock the world!16
  6. 6. ContactsKarl OtsEmail: karl@appcampus.fiTwitter: @fincooperLinkedIN: appcampus.fiBlog @appcampusfiFacebook