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Mobile Virtual Assistant : iConcier, Siri, and tomorrow...


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  • I bet the 12th point is unacceptable for a general audience and reminds me of ad-driven mobile contracts (like Bouygues in France) where you had to listen to ads at the beginning and end of each call. An assistant, and Apple seems to have understood it well with Siri, *can't* directly or too visibly serve others interests than its owner's. So what is Siri's business model ? To help sell phones and change the way we search info in a thermo-nuclear-like war against its competitors. What can be IAS business model ? I don't know but it won't be able to poorly rely onto mediocre deals that will interfere with the user's experience.
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Mobile Virtual Assistant : iConcier, Siri, and tomorrow...

  1. 1. Virtual (Mobile) Assistant iConcier, Siri, and tomorrow Mobile Monday Brussels, 0ct 17th, 2011 Emmanuel Mouclier 00 33 6 76 72 24 40
  2. 2. NTT DoCoMo Vision Virtual Assistant, Behavioral Customized loyalty Marketing Program… Mobile FeliCa, NFC Lifestyle Credit Card, payment card, infrastructure transport card on mobile… Mobile contents Data access TV mobile Mobile Internet Applications Sharing personal E-mail contentsCommunication Mobile Social Instant Networking Messaging services 1995 2000 2005 2010
  3. 3. i-Concier screen shot
  4. 4. TV Ad shows iConcier as a friendMainly, iConcier is a behavioral Marketing tool,TV Ad for iConcier by NTT DoCoMo (march 2010) :Video TV Ad shows a group of young women walking in the street (staring HorikitaMaki, famous in Japan ), they are wondering where they could eat.Suddenly iConcier is coming to propose to them a good restaurant with a special« Suru suru » (good bargain).They accept and go to this restaurant.Finally, Shitsuji nos Hitsuji (Shitsuji means sheep in japanese and hitsuji meansmajordome) is a fan of Horikita Maki, and he send a Free Desert to her, as a gift.This the good bargain from iConcier !For us, this is an example of a proactive Internet service
  5. 5. iConcier, Apple’s model ?• Apple has always been a vigilant observer of the japanese market ; they watched iConcier and used it to invent their own Virtual Mobile Assistant.• iConcier by NTT DoCoMo : – A Mobile Personnal Assistant launched in dec 2008 ; – Connected to more than 150 brands, service providers, and retailers API : transport info, promotions, gift ideas, product launching info, getting out.. – Users pay for the service : around 2 euros / month – Launched in dec 2008, more than 5 millions end of 2010 – New version launched in late 2010 has a better intelligence (more and better recommendations)
  6. 6. Lessons from iConcier• The explosion of Data in the world make it possible to create Smart Services, using various interconnections. – Behavioral Marketing is becoming proactive > The Internet is no more analysing your browsing to propose adapted Ads, we can now create Smart and proactive services.• Mobile users want a natural user interface• Now, users expect something more from their PC, SmartPhones… – To be able to understand me – To be able to act for me• iConcier has shown this kind of Mobile Virtual Assistant has a great business model – Possible Revenus from the users (monthly fees, market place for knowledge or new skills modules) – Targetted Advertising Revenue, Affiliation, Couponing
  7. 7. Siri on iPhone• Siri launched in 2009, using researches from DARPA• Around 250,000 users in april 2010• Apple bought Siri for around 200$M according to Techcrunch US, in may 2010.• Why ? – Apple understood that Virtual Assistants are Google Killers on mobile – The search on mobile is  Context Oriented > Need knowledge of my situation, time, to propose the good answer  Action Oriented > I want to do something soon  Virtual Assistant can also perform actions > They propose a better service than an simple search engine, the promise : « I understand, I search for you, and I do it for you ! »
  8. 8. Siri : Overpass the search engine
  9. 9. And tomorrow…
  10. 10. From now on, Intelligents Services will spread out on Internet• According to Gartner, in 2015, 10% of our online friends will be non- human : – Forecast 2015 Gartner :
  11. 11. Finallly, theWeb 3.0 ?Embedded in Web 2.0, emerging in Web 3.0 The intelligent services
  12. 12. xBrainSoft solutions Let’s create Digital Intelligence Services & Conversation with the IAS (Intelligent Agent brands Server) Collects data from various « I see you seem to love sources to personalize the the Black Eyed Peas. service Would you like to attend their concert in Brussels next month ? Shall I get some tickets for you » FaceBook Connect Dialog « You’re a fan of running on FaceBook. Adidas is Context launching a running Mobile Application, shall I Recommenda download it for you ? »GPS, (App Detection), tions (iTunes scan)… « Congratulations for the birth of your daughter ! Natalys is offering you a Past conversations 10% off during one month Other IAS » Connectors
  13. 13. xBrainSoft : One Intelligence / Many devices
  14. 14. « Music Dealer »,A Smart Music Service
  15. 15. Music Dealer, an intelligent Mobile Music Service Concert Alert & New Second Hand Tickets Album Alert • If there is no more place for a concert, Music Dealer will check for me if there is any second •Check the next concerts, hand ticket available on eBay propose to me some getting out.FaceBook Connect Like TwinLike Discovering new • A Twinlike is some who has the artists same music preferences, it Music suggest me to meet them or to • Music Dealer propose to me to check what they discovered. discover some new artists & Reco bandsYoutube Playlist Mix Hit Gift Ideas • Create automatically a • Check the taste of my friends, playlist according to my and suggest me some Gift Ideas for their birthday. music preferences Past Conversations Pre Release in Nov. 2011 !
  16. 16. Contactthank you for your attention ! Emmanuel Mouclier 00 33 6 76 72 24 40