Mobile APP privacy guidelines - global view


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Pat Walshe, Director of Privacy - Public Policy at GSMA

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  • Few individuals have the time or legal knowledge to understand what is being asked of them in privacy policies. This is especially the case in the mobile ecosystem. This does not help them make accurate assumptions about how their data will be used or what their choices are.Laws often based on a notice and consent model. In LatAm, EU, USA, Asia - BUT the limitations of this model are becoming apparent. In part because of the rapid expansion of capabilities to harness BIG DATA. In part through recognition that an excessive notice and opt-in consent model may erode privacy and economic and other consequences for individuals. Notice fatigue, numbing people to the importance of making good decisions in context, barrier to purchase etc. We need to design laws, not just technology that create trust
  • Note:GSMA Intelligence now aligns with United Nations default geographic regions, as depicted here.Speaking pointsGlobally we are looking at 1.6 billion mobilebroadband connections — that takes into account CDMA technologies as well as the GSM family.GSMA Intelligence gathers data from all mobile operators, and this slide shows the huge adoption in the Pacific region alongside the significant opportunity presented by Africa in connecting to the internet via mobile. In most regions, there is much more room for growth, with only 18% penetration in Asia, for example, and it’s this take-up by consumers that is leading the data demand.Its important to note the difference between mobile broadband connections and unique mobile subscribers. Because many people own more than one mobile device, the number of individuals using mobile broadband is far lower — which means there is plenty of scope for continued sector growth and still a lot more work to make mobile broadband accessible and affordable for people everywhere.
  • Mobile APP privacy guidelines - global view

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