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In this presentation Nuno Sitima talks about the mobile web, focusing on Russia and Indonesia. He makes observations about how and why the mobile web is popular in these countries. He uses hard facts and data from the Opera State of the Mobile Web reports to back his observations.

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Nuno Sitima - State of the mobile web

  1. 1. The Web is Mobile Nuno Sitima, VP Business Development, Opera Software Mobile Monday, Amsterdam, September 7th 2009
  2. 2. Opera’s vision “To provide the best Internet experience on any device, anywhere, anytime”
  3. 3. Opera Mini • Web browser for mobile phones • Opera Mini enables access to any Web site on any Java- enabled phone • Opera Mini compresses Web pages by up to 90%, enabling a fast browsing experience on both GPRS and 3G networks
  4. 4. Global Adoption Opera Mini users viewed more than 12 billion pages in July 2009. Since June, page views have gone up 15.4%. Since July 2008, page views have increased 223%
  5. 5. The market opportunity
  6. 6. How big is mobile Web browsing in Russia?
  7. 7. Top sites and phones Top 10 sites in Russia (# of unique Top 10 sites in Indonesia (# of unique users) users) 1. 2. 3. 4. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Top handsets for July 2009 Top handsets for July 2009 1. Nokia 6300 1. Nokia 5130c 2. Nokia N73 2. Nokia 6300 3. Sony Ericsson K790i 3. Nokia N70 4. Nokia 5310 4. Nokia 5310 5. Sony Ericsson K750i 5. Nokia 6600 6. Nokia 6233 6. Nokia N73 7. Sony Ericsson K550i 7. Sony Ericsson W200i 8. Nokia N70 8. Nokia 3500c 9. Nokia 6120c 9. Nokia 3110c 10.Sony Ericsson W910i 10.Nokia 3230
  8. 8. Mobile Web use cases - Russia  Transport between home and office o News, e-mails, chatting, social networking, train/bus schedule «Local trains are often late and you never know which train is on time. I don't have a PC at home, so I use Opera Mini to check transport schedules twice a day. And it saves money!» - Yuri Kustyev, 46, Novosibirsk «I'm working at the office in Moscow but living outside Moscow. Every day I spend 3 hours commuting. Opera Mini lets me talk with my friends at Odnoklassniki while I'm on the go. I met my classmates there after 10 years and we are good friends now» - Igor Nefedov, 27, Moscow region  During daytime o Weather forecasts, news «My hobby, fishing, depends on the weather. When I go fishing I always take my mobile phone with me to get online and check the weather forecast via GPRS» - Ilya Rozhdestvensky, 37, Karelia  Evening entertainment o Social networking, events/clubs «I love nightlife and have a lot of friends who love it too. We have a group at Vkontakte where we share events and parties. Every weekend when I’m on my way to downtown I check this group with Opera Mini and always know where to go that night» - Boris Sechenov, 22, Snt.-Petersburg
  9. 9. Mobile Web observations - Indonesia - Social networking is a key driver for adoption, they provide a 24h “need” to be online - Web search, access to information by students or the self- employed. - Low PC penetration, the mobile Web enables them to save time by not having to go to Internet cafes. - Commuters dream, massive traffic in big cities, make people surf the Web more - Less restrictive and personal, by Internet filters (mostly social networks, IM, porn) at work or schools/universities. - Mobile operator's "war". Mobile Web is a key selling point in acquiring customers.
  10. 10. The Mobile Web is cool in emerging markets
  11. 11. «The growth in social networking is driven by changes in the economy/politics. In Russia we have a lot of topics to discuss» Rustem Adagamov aka Drugoi The most popular Russian-speaking blogger • Social Networks are the key driver for adoption and marketing of Opera Mini • From our analysis in the emerging markets the time spent on social networks is relatively higher when compared to developed countries where there is a more balanced relationship between social networks and search sites and portals
  12. 12. Opera Mini in the emerging markets Looking at Russia and Indonesia, which see high growth rates of adoption of Opera Mini we identify the following market conditions: • Right pricing, the price per MB of data is low in these countries making the usage of mobile services affordable • Open market handsets, users proactively discover the best offers and applications for their phones • Low PC and broadband penetration and/or technological or social barriers to access content on PCs
  13. 13. Who´s next? Country Pages/user Data/user Uncompressed Russia 411 7,25 MB 40 MB + Indonesia 676 6.2 MB 35 MB + India 357 6.5 MB 37 MB + Nigeria 431 6 MB 34 MB + South Africa 358 4.3 MB 25 MB + Brazil 152 3.3 MB 21 MB + Mexico 209 3.7 MB 20 MB + Netherlands 140 2.8 MB 16 MB + UK 236 4.7 MB 26 MB + Germany 132 4 MB 23 MB +
  14. 14. Thank you!