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Bart Collet - mHealth is HUGE


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Published in: Business, Technology

Bart Collet - mHealth is HUGE

  1. mHealth IS HUGE
  3. Medapps Cardionet Vitaphone Dyna-Vision Corscience Intelesens Corventis Toumaz STmicroelectronics GE Healthcare Biancamed
  4. 98% active population does NOT want to go to a carehome Telemedicine iShoe STT Condigi WellAware Healthsense Grandcare Quietcare Myhalo Caalyx Jitterbug
  5. 80% of the worlds population lives in an area with mobile phone coverage This is expected to rise to 85% by 2010 (Source: GSMA)
  6. COST SAVING Cost savings from mHealth 2010-2015 (EU) = 64 billion EUR (source: GSMA) Missed appointements (no shows) cost the NHS 645 million EUR. SMS cuts missed appointments by 27% That is 10,66 EUR saved per inhabitant (Study Lewisham accross 16 surgeries) SIMpill Vscan Glowcapps Pillbox Text message reminder schemes Teleconference Telemedicine
  7. SHORTAGE OF HELPING HANDS Airstrip Allone Apple + EPIC EMR Ibrain/ Neurovigil mVisum Aetna Blackberry + PaperIQ Epocrates Voalte Medaptus
  9. Better access to health info and medical history will give the patient a holistic understanding of his/hers health EMPOWERMENT MS Healthvaulth / Google Health (EHR) Appointement scheduling (phreesia / digitale wachtkamer) finding caregivers (iTriage, Hallozorg, Layar) 'pimp' your Glucotel iPhone apps
  10. RULES AND LEGISLATION automate reimbursement automate medication checks automate rules
  11. TRENDS
  12. Simvolution
  13. Mobile operators mHealth products & services
  14. 19% of people would upgrade their existing wireless plan to participate in mHealth & Verizon AT&T 11% said they would consider switching wireless Sprint provider to receive mobile healthcare services Telstra (CTIA + Harris interactive) Turkcell
  15. FrontlineSMS:medic Episurveyor Motech Texttochange Vodaphoneproject
  16. Garmin Nike + Apple Mio Fitbit Tanita Myzeo Withings Adidas Micoach HL7 output ETA = ?
  17. Gymfu Milife Inprimo The Carrot Vitamotion Sun Philips Direct Life Polka
  18. POC: moving from the hospital to your home Tunstall Venahub Zyxel Xbox ? Wii ? POC: moving from the home to your body Numetrex Vivometrics Intelligent clothing 24eight Proteus Shimmer Microships Microneedle
  19. Interoperability & ubiquity pave the way for whitelabel aggregators
  20. iMetrikus
  21. Wearable wireless sensor industry is dominated by the fitness/wellness industry and the market will swell to 400 million units by 2014 (ABI research) RPM market = $3 billion to $8 billion in 2012 in EU + North America (Global Partners inc. - Data Monitor) 15 million mobile & wireless health devices will be in use by early 2012 for the purpose of remotely monitoring the well-being of elderly or at-risk people (ABI research) Number of telehealth subscribers worldwide will increase to 55.5 million by 2016 (annual grow rate of 72%) (Inmedica, 2008)
  22. mHealth IS HUGE