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Andrew, a mobile advertising evangelist, talks about how mobile impacts advertising. Your mobile tells a whole lot about you, but the advertising industry has not yet tapped into the full potential. Andrew talks about the worlds most successful mobile marketing campaign, what is happening now and the importance of making campaigns measurable. He also shares some mobile secrets...

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  • See the full video of the presentation below as delivered live at MoMo Amsterdam on Monday 1st June 2009

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MoMo #11 - Andrew Grill

  1. www This time…it’s personal. How mobile challenges everything we thought we knew about advertising Andrew Grill, Mobile Advertising Evangelist & Head of Business Development – Gigafone twitter @andrewgrill
  3. Life is for sharing
  4. “91% have the device within arms reach 24 x 7” Morgan Stanley 2007
  5. “63% of Americans are not willing to share their mobile phone with anyone” Wired Magazine
  6. “it takes an average of 26 hours for a user to notice and report a lost wallet… a lost phone is reported in 68 mins” Unisys Survey
  7. iPhone statistic / reference goes here any analyst
  8. What your mobile says about you
  9. The MadMen need to change their approach
  10. What’s wrong with this picture ?
  11. The advertising world has to change
  12. Ad avoidance
  13. World’s most successful mobile advertising campaign
  14. World’s most successful mobile advertising campaign
  16. Imagine if advertising was personal
  17. Radio with pictures – TV in 1941
  18. The internet … on your mobile
  19. What’s happening now?
  20. Branded applications
  21. Branded experiences
  22. In game advertising
  23. In call / idle screen
  24. In call / idle screen
  25. GeoVector - Surf the Whole Wide World™ Your phone is a “world mouse”
  26. Making campaigns measurable
  27. Mobile secret #1 “Mobile operators don’t collect the information advertisers need”
  28. “Volkswagen spend ONE PERCENT of their DIGITAL budget on mobile” VW CRM Manager May 2009
  29. Mobile secret #2 “no-one ever got sacked for buying TV”
  30. Concept of the “big ad”…on a 10cm screen World Face/British Airways 1989
  31. Mobile secret #3 “We’re a bit scared that mobile may expose the lack of transparency with TV ratings” Ad executive 2008
  32. Mobile as your remote control in the multiverse
  33. Subtle way of learning more about you
  34. Mobile secret #4 “we’re not interested in CPM or click-through rates…we just want to sell products” Brand Manager FMCG 2008
  35. “Ultimately advertising must sell...or else” David Ogilvy
  36. Mobile secret #5 “Small is beautiful with mobile”
  37. The changing face of advertising
  38. Mobile secret #6 “Unless we heed the 3 Ps of mobile it will never take off as a medium”
  39. Permission Privacy Preference Inference and assumption has a limited lifespan
  40. A new name for mobile advertising?
  41. Mobile Advertising Blog Follow me on +44 788 198 6694 twitter @andrewgrill