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  1. 1. No one in the world knows shoes we do
  2. 2. Topic of presentation Introduction Bata today…. Bata in Pakistan Department Model used in Bata factory Culture Brands of Bata Research and development Customer satisfaction Economy and annual growth Bata-the helping hand Brand of year award
  3. 3. IntroductionBata Shoes is a large, family owned shoe company based in Bermuda but currently headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland.The company is operating 3 business units world wide: Bata metro markets Bata emerging markets Bata branded business
  4. 4. The red part shows the countries where BATA provides its services.
  5. 5. Bata today……. Serves 1 million customers per day Employs more than 50,000 people Operates 5000 retail stores Manages a retail presence in over 70 countries Run 27 production facilities across 20 countries
  6. 6. Bata in PakistanBata Pakistan was established in 1942 when Pakistan came into being, it was ready to serve the nation. It was incorporated in Pakistan as Bata Shoe Company (Pakistan) Limited in 1951 and went public to become Bata Pakistan Limited in the year 1979.
  7. 7. Department Financial department Engineering department Designing department Production department Distribution department
  8. 8. Model used in Bata factory  Bata factory act upon on the administrative theory because they fulfill the 14 principles of Henri Fayol. Division of work Authority Discipline member Unity of command Unity of direction Centralization Scalar chain Order
  9. 9. CultureIt is the shared values, principles, traditionsand ways of doing things that influence theway organizational members act.Bata is a well known organization whichculture very much influences the performanceof its employees as its culture is very casualand family like. Its monologue is “people areour essence.”
  10. 10. Brands of Bata
  11. 11. Continue……
  12. 12. Research and developmentBata operates 6 Shoe Innovation Centres (S.I.C). Research is conducted into theapplication of new technologies, materials and designs for shoe comfort features. Each S.I.C has a product focus to supply complete packages of services for themanufacturing and marketing of innovative shoes.
  13. 13. Customer satisfaction In any Bata store in the world, they guarantee customer satisfaction. They provide satisfaction to customer through these strategies…. Guaranteed purchase Wide collection Assured quality Personalized attention Product detail
  14. 14. Economy and annual growthBata is a multinational company and has played a vital roll in the economic progress of Pakistan It has transferred sophisticated technology and business skills to the country and provides direct and indirect employment to about 10,000 people. Bata also supports a large number of local manufacturers by buying raw materials from them.
  15. 15. Annual growth of 2009 The Company business witnessed its record level with 7 net turnover of Rs. 6 6.429 billion 5 4 signifying a growth 3 3-D Colum n 2 of 26% 2 The Gross profit was 1 recorded at Rs. 0 net t urn gross over profit 2.672 billion with improvement of 23%
  16. 16. Continue….. Operating profit increased from Rs. 691.095 million to Rs. 900 848.205 million also 800 700 showing an increase of 600 23% 500 400 East Profit after taxation 300 was Rs. 585.512 million 200 100 compared to Rs. 0 operat ing profit aft er 477.775 million of last profit t ax at ion year.
  17. 17. Bata-The Helping Hand As corporate responsible citizen Bata is actively fulfilling its responsibilities since when it’s started its business in the country. They are permanently patronizing many charitable organizations and helping them in the form of cash and free shoes. The renowned names on our list are S.O.S children village Shoukat khanum cancer hospital Rising sun institute
  18. 18. Brand Of The Year Award Bata have won the brand of the year award for 2009 and 2010 because it has been serving to the needs and demands of a wide array of customer. Bata won the award in following categories: Power Marie Claire Bubble gummers