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  • Notes: Mattox Heads up strategy - he will be behind looking into some of the more market entry strategies Has significant experience within the company, so he knows what they are capable of and what will integrate the best with Dell's strengths Has a broader perspective than simply on current operations Cannon Will be a signficant player in the expansion into growth markets abroad Has experience with global hardware manufacturing and marketing Will also be able to give insight into better operating procedures and cost cutting initiatives Garriques New addition to the management team Comes over from Motorola where he successfully spearheaded an image makeover (Razr, etc) Will hopefully be able to complete similar makeover of the tired Dell brand
  • Mgt 505 chrysler

    1. 1. Welcome To
    2. 2. Presented By: ID Name Program11104012 Md. Mominul Islam MBA12104012 Rajib Bosak MBA12104017 Dilip Chandra Ghosh MBA11104032 Md. Arifuzzaman Miah MBA
    3. 3. Chrysler U.S.-based automobile manufacturer corporation founded at 1925 by Walter P. Chrysler when Maxwell Motors company turned into Chrysler). Walter P. Chrysler Chrysler Headquarters: Auburn Hills , Michigan United States.
    4. 4. Current Situation Current performance 1924 vehicle named Chrysler Six was launched in the U.S. automobile market. The vehicle was available for US$1,565. 1928, the company acquired the Dodge Brothers firm and became the third largest automaker in the United States. 1934, the company introduced the Chrysler Airflow. 1951, Chrysler developed the Firepower which became popular as the HEMI® engine. 1960s, Chrysler expanded into Europe and formed Chrysler Europe by acquiring the UK-based Rootes Group. 1970s, company had to face new challenges such as environmental pollution and rising gas prices & competition from foreign car manufacturers such as Honda Motor Company and Toyota Motor Corporation.
    5. 5. Current performance cont.. 1984, the company reported a profit of US$2.4 billion. 1996, the company shifted to its new headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan, in the United States. Until 1998, Chrysler Corporation traded under the "C" symbol on the New York Stock Exchange. In 1998, Chrysler and its subsidiaries were purchased by German-based Daimler-Benz AG 2009, the sale of most of Chrysler assets to "New Chrysler", formally known as Chrysler Group LLC was completed. Product : Automobiles, Automotive Parts Revenue : US$ 17,1710 million (2009) Net income : US$ 3,785 million (2009)
    6. 6. Top ManagementC. Robert KidderChairman, Chrysler Group LLCsSergio MarchionneCEO, Chrysler Group LLC’s
    7. 7. Chrysler ProductsChrysler’s product line is a key component of its Viability Plan.In 2010, the company will launch four highly successfulplatforms: a new Jeep Grand Cherokee, a new Dodge Charger, anew Dodge Durango, and a new Chrysler 300In 2008, Chrysler offered six vehicles with highway fueleconomy of 28 miles per gallon.In 2010 with the introduction of the all-new Phoenix V6 engine,which will provide fuel-efficiency improvements of between 6% to8% over the engines it replaces.The first Chrysler electric-drive vehicle is also scheduled toreach the market in 2010. “Chrysler Six” , 1924.
    8. 8. Chrysler Group Mission is… “The Chrysler mission was refocused to quality cars andcustomer satisfaction in order to return the automobile company toprofitability.”Chrysler Group vision" is... "Our vision is to build cars and trucks people want to buy,will enjoy driving and will want to buy again."Chrysler Group “purpose “is… "To create the type of exciting, efficient, reliable, safevehicles you expect and deserve."
    9. 9. External Environment GeneralGeneral Environment:Chrysler is the third largest automobile manufacturer company inthe United States. In recent years, company is facing a lot oftremendous problems. The strategy of company is not so goodlike other competitors. The customers are preferring on fuelefficient vehicle but company does not give concentration on thatpoint. The another problem is lack of innovation. Most competitorsare emphasizing on innovation but Chrysler does not care it
    10. 10. Industry EnvironmentBargaining power of buyers: HighBargaining power of suppliers: LowThreat of new entrants: HighThreat of substitute products : Low
    11. 11. Internal Environment Corporate StructureMatrix structure of management.The current structure is consistent with current corporate objectiveand strategies. Corporate CultureGlobal mindset.Cost Efficiency.Strong project management practices.
    12. 12. MarketingChrysler operates their business over the North America, SouthAmerica, Eastern Europe, Asia etc.The world`s thirteenth largest car manufacturer. in 2009 50,000 employees Market share 16.7% Sales approach are : Retail sales, direct and indirect distribution channels Marketing Mix•Product : Cars, Vans, lorries, Buses etc.•Price : Buying power of international market.•Place: North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Asia•Promotion: Chrysler should continue promotion of its productson the ground of innovation, style and technical eleganceinternationally.
    13. 13. Finance Gross revenue increase in $52.12 mill from 46.96 mill in 2010 to 2011. Net revenue increase in $44.72 from 40.29 mill in 2010 to 2011. Total assets increase in $46.4 from 46.2 mill in 2010 to 2011 Net income $3,785 mill in 2011.
    14. 14. SWOT Analysis OverviewStrengths: Strong in Research and Development.  $47 billion allocated for research and development.  Advanced Technology in fuel efficient vehicles. Strong Existing Product Brands. Chrysler is a very Cost-Effective Company.Weaknesses: Organizational Culture Lack Of Job Stability For Chrysler’s Workforce  In December 2008, 5000 jobs were cut  Salaries, pensions plans, and other benefits have been adversely impacted Marketing
    15. 15. SWOT Analysis Cont..Opportunities: Innovation Will Lead To New Products On The Market.  A hybrid car, which is very environmentally friendly, will be launched soon.  Innovative car ideas. Expand Business Outside U.S.A, Particularly Into Asia.Threats: Global Recession Will Affect Employment Opportunities And Availability Of Credit Increased Competition From Indian And Chinese Firms That Manufacture Automobiles Spike In Oil Prices Is A Distinct Possibility
    16. 16. Recommendations
    17. 17. Thank You For Your Attention