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Al Baqarah Ayah 21-25 Word to Word


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Published in: Education, Technology, Spiritual
  • May Allah reward you for your dedication in studies and accept all your hard work. Aameen.
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Al Baqarah Ayah 21-25 Word to Word

  1. 1. Word-to-Word Translation of : Juz 1 By: Momina Mateen
  2. 2. Photo ByMomina
  3. 3. From Who Worship. The root letters O! It is A He created are . used for N you. calling. D means to Your Rabb Mankind Those who create.
  4. 4. Those who Before you Made The For you So that youEarth Safeguard yourself
  5. 5. The sky From A A The Water He sends N N sky down D D Then brought out. The root letters are .Roof or canopy. The root letters The root letters are . Itare . it means the building means to level, to spread. Inor also parts of the building; Arabic the word literally meanspillars, roof or wall. But in this to spread out. Allah iscontext, the word means a roof. describing the Earth as spread out for us humans.
  6. 6. Allah So do not With it A The root letters Provisions of N From sustenance D are . So you all make. For The root letters areEqual or partner. It is the plural you . it means theof . Basically what this word edible parts of themeans is that a camel runs to plants. Not onlywherever he is facing with no fruits.direction or no definition.
  7. 7. We sent You A Any were N YouOn down doubt D all Indeed You know. The root From what letters are . In
  8. 8. Your witnesses Like it From With a Surah or chapter. In Arabic the word means a limited or a And call or invite. definite piece. It is a passage of The root letters the Quran, set from other passages are . by the divine commandment. Then bring. The root letters are . Our slave. The root letters are . It means a slave
  9. 9. So if If Allah Ones who are You were From Not truthful Other than orYou do it or you can besidesdo it. The rootletters are .
  10. 10. The people The fire NeverA AN N WhichD D You will A Then save. The N Its fuel. The root letters are D root letters are . .
  11. 11. A For theN Those who disbelievers. Stones AD N Who believe D It is prepared. The root letters are .Give good news. The root lettersare . in Arabic it means manor human. So this is such a gladtiding that if affects the skin.The greatest effect of happiness ison your skin.
  12. 12. From Good Indeed deedsUnderneath it.means under For them Runs. The root Gardens letters are . It They did. The means to flow. root letters are .
  13. 13. Provision of From From it sustenance The river WheneverThey say They are provided Rizq Fruit. It doesn’t mean only fruit; it means any part of the tree that is edible.
  14. 14. Before We wereFor With it A provided Thisthem N D From Is which A Alike. The They are N root letters given. The D are root letters are
  15. 15. Eternal In itdwellers They One completely pure. The root A letters are . In it N D The singular is . It’s not only used for the wife. It is used for the spouse.