2.3 use of ict in advertising


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  • This slide explains the different ICT tools used in advertising products, business and services. The rampant ICT tool used now is the advertising on websites where millions of viewers could see and access the information in the advert. MASS COMMUNICATION DEPARTMENT, CALEB UNIVERSITY, IMOTA, LAGOS.
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2.3 use of ict in advertising

  1. 1. 2.3 Use of ICT in Advertising Momina
  2. 2. Product Advertising This is when one particular item is advertised.What are the steps involved?1) Target audience is identified2) Advertising campaign that will appeal to a type of audience is created3) Media is decided upon. Back to Advertising
  3. 3. Business Advertising The purpose of business advertising is to make the company name familiar.In contrast to produce advertising; which needs to identify the type of audience first, business advertising as it names suggests advertises a business. Back to Advertising
  4. 4. Service Advertising This type of advertising, as its name suggests advertises services. Insurance Government Tourism Banking Education- universities or private schools Social Services- child abuse or woman abuse Profit making organisations: will spend a lot of money on advertising in order to increase profits. Non-profit organisations (Governments, social services and some parts of education) advertise to ensure that people know that these organisations exist. Back to Advertising
  5. 5. Websites It is a cheap form of advertising + allows organisations to advertise within the country as well as outside it.One way of advertising: Organisations have their own website.- Web designers use a web authoring package to produce a website to the organisations specificationDevices used to create a website:i. Scanners – input hard copy pictures Factors to be consideredii. Microphones – input voice oversiii. Speakers – for checking the sound qualityiv. Video cameras – to upload videosv. Digital cameras- to upload photos Back to Advertising
  6. 6. Websites- Factors to be considered1. Cost: this is a limiting factor. Designers tend to charge a large fee.2. The amount of features available on the website.3. How easy it is to navigate through the website- usage of hyper linking.4. Things that are essential on a website: i. Name of the organisation ii. Product/service it offers iii. Contact details5. Power of the search engine Back to Advertising
  7. 7. Advertising on other people’s websiteCheaper alternative than making your own website. Methods:  Adding a banner on top of the screen  Pop-up advertising  Advantage: instantly grabs attention  Disadvantages: a) Discontented customer may make a conscious decision to avoid that particular organisation/website in the future. b) There is now pop-up blocking software available  Pop-under’s: placed underneath the web page that is opened.  Advantage: it is not removed by the pop-up blocking software Back to Advertising
  8. 8. Online Directory The company name is alphabetically ordered and is placed in the correct business/service section. Back to Advertising
  9. 9. Multimedia PresentationsWhat are the features of a multimedia presentation? sound/music Video Animation Text Images Hyperlinks Transition effects Text effects Image transitionAdvantage:i. advertising is on at all times in a mallii. Cannot be switched off by a remote controliii. Quick + easy to update Back to Advertising
  10. 10. FlyersWhat is a flyer?It is a single-page leaflet.- These are usually used by individuals or small business- Used to advertise in the local community- Doesn’t take very long to produce- Can be made using a desktop publishing packages. Back to Advertising
  11. 11. PostersWhat is a poster?It is a large printed piece of paper used to advertise products/services.- Can be produced using : a) Word-processing b) Desktop publishing c) Presentation software- Advertise a local event or can be used by national organisations to advertise a Back to product or service. Advertising