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MomentReel connects consumer brands with their customer through media-sharing. MomentReel is a new and powerful service that allows brands to promote their campaigns and run contests by inviting consumers to contribute their moments to branded Reels (Digital albums of pictures and videos)

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  1. 1. MomentReel Platform
  2. 2. Social Media Managerswant to be focused ondelivering business value...
  3. 3. What if Social Media Managers Could... • harvest quality content • remove the friction from all social from collaborative channels with little efforts with IT? effort? • drive engagement • be where users are across channels and where they are simultaneously? going to be with no • harness the creativity effort? of fans of the brand? 3 ©  Copyright  2013  MomentReel
  4. 4. Introducing MomentReel:
  5. 5. What is MomentReel? • MomentReel is a cloud-base site widget that aggregates photos and videos from a configurable, and growing, set of social networks • The widget is embedded in your website to showcase a reel of aggregated mediasit twid created by your own e ge consumers • The Reel can be branded to reflect your brand or campaign Reel 5 ©  Copyright  2013  MomentReel
  6. 6. How Can MomentReel Help Your Brand? Site WidgetThe MomentReel platformenables your brand to: • Share links to the branded reel across the most popular social networks and targeted email campaigns • Embed the MomentReel Widget in your brand site to drive consumer engagement and traffic Facebook sletter email New 6 ©  Copyright  2013  MomentReel
  7. 7. How MomentReelWorks
  8. 8. How Does MomentReel Work? 1 2 3 4 Create a Consumers Consumers Reel for a populate with MomentReel engage via your marketing photos & videos provides Web Site &campaign or from Social engagement Facebook event Networks analytics 8 ©  Copyright  2013  MomentReel
  9. 9. With MomentReel Social Media Managers Can... • use a cross-browser • be IT friendly by not widget to harvest saddling them with a quality content from all new integration channel social channels with • develop singular little effort campaigns across • leverage apps that multiple social channels users already use to • share photos and engage with them on videos with & across their terms your entire fan-base 9 ©  Copyright  2013  MomentReel
  10. 10. Why Brands Love MomentReel? • MomentReel crowd-sources the content creation process by collecting photos and videos from social networks into one real- time branded Reel • MomentReel allows Brand Managers to promote a curated campaign while letting users upload to their service of choice • Brand Managers can focus on running the campaign rather than fussing over the content creation process • MomentReel’s HTML5 Widget integrates into any website and is fully compatible with all major browsers and mobile platforms • MomentReel’s cloud based infrastructure does not require any IT support other than a simple snippet of code inserted into a page 10 ©  Copyright  2013  MomentReel
  11. 11. Why Users Love MomentReel? • MomentReel allows users to see their moments embedded in the websites of their favorite brands • MomentReel does not take any ownership of their photos and videos and only relies on the accounts and permissions that they have already set up • MomentReel works with the major social networks they already use and trust and doesn’t require any different behavior • MomentReel allows users to engage in sponsored promotions and contests using their existing smartphone apps with no new app to download 11 ©  Copyright  2013  MomentReel
  12. 12. Who Can Use MomentReel? Brand Managers for campaigns (Coke, Nike, Home Depot, Chick-fil-A, etc) • Real time event based campaigns like concerts, sporting events and grand openings • Photo and video contests • Drive store traffic by offering coupons based on moments Small brands such as artists, independent designers, small businesses • Photo and video galleries • No IT department necessary • Full Facebook integration available on day 1 Event and conference coordinators • Event coordinators can engage with attendees in real time • No boring or stale content Non-profit and community service organizations to show the impact they are making • Pictures of volunteering events are an ingrained cultural behavior • Social awareness and public service are big business 12 ©  Copyright  2013  MomentReel
  13. 13. Want to know more?