Mobile Apps Conference Sydney 2012 - Delivering Native Apps


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A case study on Suncorp Bank's first foray into native app development.

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Mobile Apps Conference Sydney 2012 - Delivering Native Apps

  1. 1. Delivering Native Apps Simon Clarke | March 2012 1
  2. 2. Overview Overview of Suncorp Bank‟s mobile channels History of Suncorp Bank mobile banking Mobile Banking consumer behaviour Case study: Suncorp Bank‟s native apps V1.0 Challenges and recommendations Suncorp Bank mobile 2012-2013 2Suncorp Bank
  3. 3. Suncorp Bank MobileComponents Engagement Existing Advertising / Conversion Customers • SEM • Brochureware • Internet Banking • SEO • Locate Branch • RetentionDesktop • Display • Lead Generation • Origination • Comparison Sites • Online Origination • Online Budgeting • Social • SEM • Mobile Landing • Mobile Banking Pages • Mobile Online Mobile • SEO • Click to Call Budgeting • Display Web • GPS Locator • SMS Alerts • Mobile Origination? • QR codes • Location Based • Native Mobile • In App Advertising Lead Gen Banking Native • Location Based • Mobile Origination • NFC Push Alerts • Digital Wallet/P2P 3Suncorp Bank
  4. 4. History – Suncorp Bank Mobile2008 Started in 2008 with WAP based Mobile Banking Was a „wildcard‟ project2009 Introduced touch based Mobile Banking First cut of CSS2 and imagery in HTML Creation of iphone sub- domain Introduction of PDF viewing via BPAY View 4Suncorp Bank
  5. 5. History – Suncorp Bank Mobile2010 Redesign to utilise Jquery and CSS3 Use of webkit Introduction of WURL device detection2011 Revision of CSS3, media queries, HTML5 Native app development 2: build full native app to wrap mobile banking webapp Native apps delivered Dec 2011 5Suncorp Bank
  6. 6. Number CrunchingInternet Banking 2012 Total Internet Banking customers 429,000 Active Internet Banking customers 340,000 Logons per month 4.1 mill Transactions per month 4.3 millMobile Banking 2012 (2011) % of active customers using Mobile Banking 29% 16% Logons per month 1.2 mill 765k Transactions per month 3.7 mill 1.6 mill Customers purely using mobile 11% 5% 6Suncorp Bank
  7. 7. Mobile Banking BehavioursFor a customer... “I want mobile banking to be like Facebook” I want to ensure my “I want money is everything that secure if I lose Desktop IB my phone” has” 7Suncorp Bank
  8. 8. Mobile Banking BehavioursFor a bank... Mobile App UX Integrated Security Channel Technology 8Suncorp Bank
  9. 9. Why Build A Native App? One can argue that mobile banking delivers a „pretty good‟ user experience via mobile web As at July 2011, we were sceptical of going down the native path due to:  Investment  ROI  Immaturity and fragmentation of emerging payments technology  Uncertainty around architecture and technology stack What we knew well...  Mobile web development and backend core banking integration  Mobile Web UX  Device reach via mobile web (any phone that can handle javascript)  Development lifecycle As at July 2011, we weren’t convinced that building a native app would deliver any real customer value other than a sexier UI... 9Suncorp Bank
  10. 10. Why Build A Native App?Drivers for Going Native Transitioning consumer behaviour for engaging banks via mobile What was the transition?... 10Suncorp Bank
  11. 11. Why Build A Native App?Customers complained because they couldnt find us... “Why doesn‟t Suncorp Bank have an app?” “We‟ll we have an m site that is accessible via...” “Oh ok.. How do I download it?” “You don‟t need to, you just go to save it as a favourite...” “Um how do I do that? Downloading an app is just easier...”In emerging markets like Sydney and WA where our brand is growing, withoutapp presence, our customers couldnt find us...Also on a basic level, we were simply falling behind by not offering this nowhygiene & accepted method of customer engagement 11Suncorp Bank
  12. 12. Why Build A Native App?So.. Our native app objectives: Build a native app for iOS and Android to allow our brand to have presence in the App Store and Android Marketplace and make it east for customers to engage “Wrap” our existing mobile banking webapp into the native app with a vision to build a full native version of Mobile Banking pending feedback and downloads Initiate some UI optimisation to ensure our webapp seamlessly integrates into a native app wrapper giving the feel of a full native app 12Suncorp Bank
  13. 13. Case Study: Suncorp Bank App 1.0Step 1: Forming a Team We did an RFP internally and externally The business decided to have the app built internally by IT Cost: $93k internally (final cost $110k) Resources: PM / IM Developers BA Tester SME/UX 0.5 FTE 1 FTE 0.5 FTE 0.8 FTE 0.5 FTE 2 x 0.5 FTE 13Suncorp Bank
  14. 14. Case Study: Suncorp Bank App 1.0Step 2: Planning and ElaborationPlanning Given our experience, we deliberately kept the scope and functionality of the app extremely lean We originally aimed to simply wrap all our m site pages in a wrapper. We ended up building most of these as full native..Elaboration Planning was fairly simple as we were rewriting an existing webapp in native code utilising existing web services Each feature card e.g. “display interest rates” was given a combined estimate for iOS and Android version Final feature list was provided to IT to then map against a range of development technologies To date only internal experience of mobile development was a rewrite of a agency built app 14Suncorp Bank
  15. 15. Case Study: Suncorp Bank App 1.0Step 2: Concept Phase – IT ArchitectureChosen Technology Stack: 15Suncorp Bank
  16. 16. Case Study: Suncorp Bank App 1.0Step 3: User Interface Design Competitor audit undertaken Guerrilla user testing of competitor apps to understand customer interaction trends Wireframing completed using “Balsamiq” Mock-ups completed using “mockapp” Engaged internal resource to complete UI design, custom graphics and PSD Generic icons sourced from “glyphish” 16Suncorp Bank
  17. 17. Case Study: Suncorp Bank App 1.0Step 3: User Interface Design 17Suncorp Bank
  18. 18. Case Study: Suncorp Bank App 1.0Step 4: Tools and Processes Project team spread across Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne Utilised Big Blue Button for daily stand-ups 18Suncorp Bank
  19. 19. Case Study: Suncorp Bank App 1.0Step 4: Tools and Processes Utilised Target Process for Agile online project management Maintained Big Visual Wall to manage velocity 19Suncorp Bank
  20. 20. Case Study: Suncorp Bank App 1.0Step 4: Tools and Processes Utilised Linoit for Retro collaboration 20Suncorp Bank
  21. 21. Case Study: Suncorp Bank App 1.0Step 5: Build Build was scheduled for 4 iterations (8 weeks) but went for 6 (12 weeks) Build went well until iteration 3 where bugs started to pile up Most bugs were „user experience based‟ Balancing between quality and timing became a challenge “We wanted quality but we were burning through the budget..” Another full-time resource came onboard in iteration 4 to assist. 21Suncorp Bank
  22. 22. Project ChallengesResourcing Part-time resources was a big challenge Developers who knew iOS/ Android but no „big picture‟ tech lead Even if you‟re „new‟ to apps, acquire/hire/buy expert FTE on hand to support your team Avoid part-time resources, it makes project/iteration management very challenging and ends up costing more in long runSocial Contract Had different views of what an IM and BA did Driven by unfamiliarity of applying agile to unfamiliar technology Ensure everyone is aware and agrees on roles and responsibilities at start of project – it will smooth people management and increase velocityCommunication Expectations of communicating changes to code Due to PT resources, many hands, many changes, apps often broke Encourage developers to have regular meetings to discuss their solution Ensure developers and testers have chats to run through changes and unit tests 22Suncorp Bank
  23. 23. RecommendationsGeography Team spread over 3 cities was a challenge Missed luxuries of live stand-up and working with Big Visual Wall If you‟re outsourcing, find a local company Have initial planning workshops in person even if you‟re going to work across multiple sitesUser Experience Knowledge Heavily underestimated depth required to build „easy functionality‟ Acknowledging changes in UX between iOS and Android vs. functionality Have a full time mobile UX resource or have an advisory to review your requirements and point out considerations across mobile platforms, UI advice etc.Testing Testing was guerrilla – project was 80% user interface related rather than „functional‟ Lack of automation put pressure on tester Put effort into automation testing of your app Automate UI testing 23Suncorp Bank
  24. 24. Launch and Feedback Launched December 11 2011 with updated version on December 19 iOS Android Rating 4.5 stars 4 stars Downloads 28851 10651 • This is a good start. I like that it isnt • Banking at my fingertips Works just Feedback just an app that links to the mobile fine. I can access, create, alter any banking web app and can lead to a bpays, transfer funds, look at my fully native application. transaction history, splice and securely. • Wahooooooo finally • Not that great Ap is half done. Its just a • Took a long time to arrive and its just link to the mobile site. the mobile site in an app. No more convenient that using safari. • Website wrapper Good start, looking forward to a full app that improves on • Worth it to delete that safari bookmark the mobile website. ATM locator is the only part that makes app currently • Bit slow to respond but ok app worth installing, but srsly its not hard to get geo location data from web browser, so the main atm locator website could have same functionality, which would make this app redundant. 24Suncorp Bank
  25. 25. Final Design 25Suncorp Bank
  26. 26. Suncorp Bank mobile 2012-2013RoadmapStrategy Suncorp Bank currently half way through our Core Banking Replacement project with Oracle Centralising expertise and strategies across different business units for mobile with banking being primary forceDevelopment Currently building a prototype of a full native app of our current Mobile Banking webapp for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile with some payment innovations Aim to have launch iOS and Android apps by end 2012 Creating wrapper app for tabletsSuncorp Bank and NFC? “Wait and See..” Optimising our switch network Investigating alternative solutions to current market offerings 26Suncorp Bank