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Internet For Business


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A lot of Pakistani businesses are missing the opportunities that the Net represent. This presentation aims at providing the incentive for businesses - and individuals - to get online in a more serious manner

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Internet For Business

  1. 1. Why use the Internet for business? By Mohammad M Khan Momekh & Co
  2. 2. Why use the Internet for business?
  3. 3. Why use the Internet for business? People do not realize how beneficial the Internet can be – for business
  4. 4. “We are in Pakistan – we do not need a website” The problem at hand
  5. 5. “We do not know if the Internet can help our business” OR The problem at hand
  6. 6. “We do not know what the Internet has become” Social Mashups networks Blogging AJAX The problem at hand
  7. 7. “How can the Net help the business earn more?” The problem at hand
  8. 8. ? The problem at hand
  9. 9. ? The problem at hand
  10. 10. “How can you connect to your customers when you do not know how your customers like to connect?” The problem at hand
  11. 11. “Why should I use the Net for my business?” The problem at hand
  12. 12. What’s with the Internet?
  13. 13. The Internet is to the world what glove is to a hand Fits perfectly!
  14. 14. Even politicians have used the web to get great results Obama ruled on social sites!
  15. 15. And now governments have followed this ‘new’ route… Whitehouse has a blog!
  16. 16. The Internet in Pakistan Why we ought to be online
  17. 17. Average Pakistani Net User Is this your customer/audience?
  18. 18. Million of us are online And we are at a ‘growth’ stage!
  19. 19. Reach customers at will!
  20. 20. Laser-like marketing
  21. 21. For Example: Are you on Facebook?
  22. 22. Facebook users
  23. 23. Facebook is used not only to connect with old, long-lost friends But also to market your business to a wider, more aware audience Everyone’s using Facebook! Are you?
  24. 24. Everyone’s using Facebook! Are you?
  25. 25. What Pakistanis are doing online?
  26. 26. Is this the only agenda? Facebook Chat Check Email Chat more Check Email Chat Update Facebook Status Chat some more Check Email again Is this all there is to it?
  27. 27. Winner of Best South Asian Blog on Politics! Thought provoking
  28. 28. A student from Islamabad, earning more than USD 4,000 per month – since 2007! Pocket money?
  29. 29. So what are you doing?
  30. 30. Approach the Net to either increase value of work or to decrease time taken to do the work Productivity through the Net
  31. 31. Productivity = value/time Productivity through the Net
  32. 32. Outsource The infrastructure is there!
  33. 33. People are working one day a week to find time to travel, spend money & time with their family & friends Internet is working for others
  34. 34. Tim Ferris works for four hours in a week to earn more than USD 40,000 a week – ALL thanks to proper, simple use of the Internet Internet is working for others
  35. 35. He should know, he wrote a best-selling book about it… People are writing books about it!
  36. 36. Ask yourself
  37. 37. Ask yourself
  38. 38. Self-diagnosis? You do have a website (for your business at least)? Your website is not like a brochure, but more like a magazine! Your email is and not or etc Can you send and receive email from your phone? Getting things done
  39. 39. It is never too late to change Or To improve Final words
  40. 40. “Make everything as simple as possible – but not simpler” - Einstein Any Questions?