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A list of magazine articles for students to write.

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Magazine Content

  1. 1. Magazine Articles 3.0<br />Your piece should be at least 400 words long.<br />All the writing must be your own original work. Please do not just copy someone else’s work. To be safe, do not copy and paste at all.<br />Make your writing entertaining and interesting.<br />Put some personality into your writing. Be passionate, funny and colourful.<br />Write in Standard English.<br />Write your work in a Microsoft Word document.<br />Please write in plain text. <br />Don’t worry about font and colours. They won’t show up in the final edition.<br />Spell-check and proofread your work.<br />If you are away from school, please email your work to me. My email address is<br /><ul><li>ArticleKey informationResearchAmazing AnimalsPick an animal. Why is it special or unusual?590 section of the libraryBaby, You Can Drive My CarChoose a distinctive car that you like. Tell our readers what it is like and why you like it.388.3 in the library, motoring magazines such as Wheels.Book ReviewFeatured or favourite book What is the book about? Who would like it? Did you like it?Ask the librarians for a suggestion. Read the back of the book. Read the first chapter.Career MovesChoose a job. What does the job involve doing? How do you get qualified? What kind of money might you earn? What is interesting about this job?The Careers Guide.Cartoon or Comic StripHand drawn. Can be a single cell or multiple. Your comic should comment on something. Be intelligent and funny.Comic section and opinion pages of the newspaper.Dear BarryMake up a question. Write an answer. Advice column in most magazines.Famous PeoplePick a famous person. Who are they? | What did they do?920 section in the library.Fantastic FoodChoose a meal that you like to cook or eat. Write up a recipe (ingredients and instructions) and a description. Do not just copy someone else’s recipe.641.5 section in the libraryFar Away PlacesPick somewhere you find interesting. Tell our readers what it is like there. Talk about the physical and cultural world.An Atlas, the 910 to 919 section in the library.FashionWrite about a piece of clothing or an accessory that is in or out of fashion.The 646 section in the libraryFilm Review: at the cinema or on DVDWhat is the film about? What did you like about this film? Who else might enjoy this film.Check the film reviews in the newspaper or online.791.44 section in the library.Health and MedicineChoose something interesting relating to health or medicine. Perhaps a disease, condition, or treatment. Explain it in an interesting way.The 610 section in the library.Horror-scope: a light hearted horoscopeThe signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, PiscesThe horoscope in any newspaper or magazine.Interesting HistoryPick a historical event. What happened? | Who was involved?930 section onwards in the library.Music review: artist, song, gig or albumChoose something that you personally like. Describe the story behind this music and why it means something to you.780 section in the libraryMy HeroWho are they? What did they do? Why are they your hero?920 section in the library.My OpinionWhat is the issue? What do you think? Why do you think that?The opinion and letters pages in any newspaper.News Highlights: AustraliaWhat are the top stories? | Give a quick summary.The Age, The Herald Sun, The Australian.News Highlights: WorldWhat are the top stories? | Give a quick summary.The Age, The Herald Sun, The Australian.Poet’s CornerA poem by you or another student.Get inspired by poems in the 808.81 section in the library.Prized PossessionChoose something that you treasure. What is it? Why is it so dear to you?Profile: A student or a teacherWrite some questions | Get them to answer | Edit for best presentation.Interview the subject of the profile.QuotesSelection of well known and notable quotations.080 section of the library.Religious educationChoose a religion. Explain the beliefs and practices of this religion or belief system. Be respectful.From 200 to 300 in the library. Check 290s for religions others than Christianity.School newsWhat is coming up? What has happened recently?Teachers, the campus principal, the daily bulletins.ScienceChoose something interesting from the world of science. Explain it to our readers in an interesting way.From 500 to 600 in the library.Setting Course: A university or TAFE course.Where is this offered? What job does it prepare you for?| How much does it cost?| How long does it take?University course guide, university web sites.SportWrite about an event that you were at. Which sport? Where was it? What was the score? What was the game like?Your recollection of the game.Interview someone who was there.Story TimeA short story you write.Get inspiration from the 813.08 section in the library.Stranger than FictionTell a true story from your own life.TechnologyFeatured web site or product| What is it?| What does it do? Price.The Age Green Guide, The Herald-Sun, The Geelong Advertiser, computer magazines.Television ReviewChoose an episode or a series. What is this show about? Why do you like it? Who else might like itCheck the television reviews in the newspaper.The ArtsWrite about something from the worlds of the performing or visual arts. Concentrate on a specific event, person, or work.730 through to 790 in the library.WordsmithChoose three or four interested words. Where does this word come from? What does it mean? Use your words in sentences and explain why you choose them.Check several dictionaries, the reference section, and the 412 section in the library