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Attack of the Run on Sentence


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Grammar worksheet

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Attack of the Run on Sentence

  1. 1. The Attack of the Run on Sentences 1. Read all this information before you begin. 2. Examine each line and decide if it is a complete sentence (an independent clause) or only part of a sentence (a dependent clause). Place an I or a D on the left of each sentences. 3. Go back to the each line and add a suitable piece of punctuation. You will need to put in some capital letters as punctuate this piece. Every line needs either a conjunction of a piece of punctuation at the end. a. A comma joins a dependant clause to a main clause. b. To end a sentence you can use a full stop, an exclamation mark, a question mark or an ellipsis. c. To join one independent clause to another, use either a conjunction or a semi-colon. Common conjunctions include “and”, “because”, “while” and “as”. There are heaps more. Only join together closely related ideas. although it was freezing cold outside I decided to go for a ride fumbling in the dark I turned on both lights on my bike once the garage door was open I rode into the quiet street all the houses were dark no-one was awake but me once I’d turned onto the track by the creek I picked up a bit of speed because the curves were gentle and the track was flat the first two kilometres of my ride were dead easy suddenly out of the dark two rabbits ran across my path I tapped the brakes my bike shuddered violently
  2. 2. like a machine about to break I kept riding it takes more than two rabbits to slow me down when I was almost home I saw it running across the park in the morning light I saw the owner yelling I saw it running towards me it was a runaway sentence it was heading straight for me without a moment to think I hit both brakes as hard as I could suddenly my bike stopped I didn’t stop flying straight over the handlebars I hit the ground the sentence ran straight over me battered and confused it ran on wild and undisciplined I got back on my bike scratched but still working I rode home The Final Step: Now, go back and put a box around each sentence. Then write next to it how many independent clauses are in each box. If you have avoided run on sentences, it will be either one or two in each sentence.