Central Asia


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Move One Logistics has offices in all Central Asian countries, allowing us to provide services throughout the region through one point of contact. Click through the menu on the right to find out about our services throughout the region, or view or download our brochure.

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Central Asia

  2. 2. Central Asia Coverage Azerbaijan Georgia Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Turkmenistan Uzbekistan
  3. 3. Complete Project Logistics Management • Air, Sea, Road & Rail service • Online Shipment Tracking • Supply Chain Purchase Order Management • Virtual Warehousing • Secure Convoy and Warehousing Industry Specialization • Oil & Gas • Mining and Natural Resources • Perishable and Hazardous Goods • Air Charters • Humanitarian Aid • Diplomatic • Military
  4. 4. OIL & GAS Features MoveOne Logistics is a global logistic provider with services to and from all major oil and gas locations within the Middle East & Central Asia and we're now expanding into the African market. We are dedicated to providing solutions and transportation along with innovative ideas to the ever changing requirements within the oil and gas industry in this region such as Project Cargo, handling of heavy & over-sized cargo, Aircraft & Vessel Chartering with a growing experience with Rig movements. Our geographical understanding of the region along with numerous offices strategically located throughout the Middle East & Central Asia is one of the main reasons Move One is able to cater to the dedicated requirements every customer needs for any given contract. Capabilities • Rig Movements • Oil exploration project • Logistics service for pipeline construction • Equipment transportation • Project forwarding • Consultancy services
  5. 5. Recent Oil Rig Movement Move One recent Oil Rig Movement • Oil rig from Maili Suu, to North Ayzar in southern Kyrgyzstan. • Size of Rigs & man camps involved -23 Camp loads, 41 Rig loads • Trucks per rig required, journey times - 30 trucks - Approx 2-3 days, with a 1 day return for trucks picking upthey’re 2nd load. 10 trucks loaded daily and departing the next morning, or the same day depending on whether the loads were 1 crane lifts or 2 crane lifts. • Date & time-frame to complete each move - Approx 20-25 days
  6. 6. CAUCASUS Features • Experienced staff in the region since 2003 • MoveOne Office is located in Poti,Georgia which is strategically positioned as part of the gateway between the landlocked countries of Central Asia and from Caucasus,Middle East to Eastern Europe. • Strong agent/partner presence in Baku,Azerbaijan & Yerevan,Armenia supporting transshipping through the region Capabilities • Airfreight & Ocean Import/Export,Transit Customs clearance processing along local distribution in both Poti and Baku. • Airfreight import/export customs clearance with local distribution as well as transit clearance. International distribution via Road & Railway through the Caucasus and Ferry from Baku across the Caspian Sea to all major ports in Kazakhstan,Turkmenistan & Iran for on- forwarding via Road and/or Rail across Central Asia. • Access to Heavy lifting equipment & Low-boys & all truck sizes • Access to Warehouse & Lay-down area within both Poti & Baku Ports
  7. 7. KAZAKHSTAN Features • Offices centrally located in both downtown Almaty & Astana • Seasoned local & expatriate staff with hands on experience gained from numerous Central Asia offices • The Kazakhstan Project team has vast experience with moving freight for the oil industry in western Kazakhstan, including in both Aktau & Atyrau • One of the few forwarders with import & export experience from all major international airports Capabilities • Customs clearance & delivery from both Astana & Almaty to numerous domestic and international destinations • Proven experience in moving over sized cargo including oil equipment from Central Asia & Russia into the Western Kazakhstan oil producing region • Expedition of documents in order to deliver airfreight same/next day for many localities through international and domestic airports • The office fully utilizes the Caspian gateway for movement of goods destined to the Middle East & Europe
  8. 8. KYRGYZSTAN Features • Veteran staff with experience in both commercial & military cargo • Ability to expedite customs procedures for military shipments destined to Mannas Airbase • Bishkek office can support cargo for all of the CIS • The Kyrgyzstan Project team supports numerous military projects for the Coalition Forces Capabilities • Utilize Bishkek International Airport as a major hub for cargo destined to numerous localities within Kyrgyzstan and the CIS • Proven record of moving heavy and oversized equipment throughout the country to support the growing oil industry • Experienced in the Krygyz mining & metallurgy industries and the import/export of spare parts needed by customers • Line haul trucking between Kyrgyzstan & Afghanistan for the Coalition Forces and contractors • Same/Next day delivery from Bishkek International Airport to Mannas Airbase
  9. 9. TAJIKISTAN Features • Experienced staff located in the downtown Dushanbe banking district • Employees have access to the various Diplomatic missions and Relief Agencies for the delivery of Diplomatic/urgent cargo • Project team has 7 years of experience with customs on import & export procedures Capabilities • Ability to clear and deliver relief and rehabilitation cargo at Dushanbe International Airport for same/next day delivery throughout Tajikistan • Proven experience in the movement of goods in relation to various survey equipment needed for the potentially large hydropower industry • Vast knowledge in the rules/regulations of the importation of cargo for multiple components of Tajikistan's infrastructure development since 2002 • Proven track record for imports/exports traveling to/from Kyrgyzstan via the Osh border crossing
  10. 10. TURKMENISTAN Features • Well versed staff with a wealth of experience in regards to the ever-changing customs rules & regulations • Prime office location in the vibrant heart of Ashkhabad • The Project team offers vital experience to the promising construction industry • Import and export of numerous commodities through Ashkhabad International Airport Capabilities • Utilize the Port of Turkmenbashi for imports/exports both via Iran & Port of Baku, Azerbaijan • Proven record of moving heavy equipment for natural gas & oil industry within Turkmenistan • Experience with international container movements from Turkmenistan to Europe • Fully utilize domestic rail links for transport of raw materials
  11. 11. UZBEKISTAN Features • Experienced staff who have been working throughout Uzbekistan for much of the past 10 years with domestic, international and military cargo • Office is located in downtown Tashkent close to the Embassy area • The Project team based in Tashkent has extensive experience in with rules & regulations in regards to the mining industry • Import and export of all major goods via Tashkent International airport Capabilities • Proven experience in the movement of over sized cargo to meet the demands of the rapidly growing mining industry • Utilize the Termiz border crossing as a major route of humanitarian goods flowing into Northern Afghanistan • Customs clearance and same/next day delivery from Tashkent to numerous Uzbek destinations • Provide customers lease & service options on heavy equipment that is needed for the continued growth of open pit mines in the Kyzlkum Desert