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Mind secrets exposed 2.0 free download

  1. 1. MIND SECRETS EXPOSED 2.0REVIEW: 5 REASONS NOT TO BUYMind Secrets Exposed 2.0 is a self improvement home study course created by Alvin Huang and Greg Frostthat promises to aid you in communicating with your subconscious mind in order to create a life that youdesire in terms of wealth, health, and relationships.The specific premise of this course is to help you tap into your latent power. This latent power is the forceyou need to change from being an “ordinary Joe” into an elite and powerful person.This course promises to deliver you the strategies, techniques, and tricks you can use to easily tap into yourlatent power in a simple and concise manner. It promises to give you the knowledge, experience, andinspiration you need to repeat the principles in the course and master your subconscious mind.The question is: does it deliver its promise? Let’s find out in this full review …What you get from Mind Secrets Exposed 2.0The core program is a 157 page e-bookconsisting of 18 chapters.The chapters comprises two main “arcs” insidethe book:1. How your subconscious mind works2. Mind techniques to apply in specific areas toimprove your lifeThe authors also include plenty of case studyexamples that illustrate the power of their techniques when used by real life people (I have a special noteabout this further down).Besides the main e-book, you get plenty of bonuses:1. An audio book that allows you to listen to each chapter instead of reading2. Complimentary one month membership to their Success Monthly programPlease note that the Success Monthly is free for the first month, but then is $37 per month if you wish tocontinue. The content inside the members area is quite extensive, so you might want to take a trial to seewhether you will like it or not.Now that you know what the program is supposed to do, and how it delivers the content to you through ane-book, audio book, and optional monthly membership, let’s find out what it’s really about.
  2. 2. Is Mind Secrets Exposed 2.0 worth the $37 price?The short answer is: NO, it is not worth it.Surprise surprise!You thought I am selling this program as an affiliate, didn’t you? Even though I am an affiliate of Alvin Huangand his products, I am probably shooting myself in the foot by saying that this course is NOT worth theasking price of $37.Why is that?To answer this question, there are 2 specific parts of Mind Secrets Exposed 2.0 you should know.The first part is obviously why this program could be a good program, and the second part is why it fails tobe a program worth investing in.Why this could be a good programThere is good scientific knowledge in the book. However, pictures in the parts where brain functions andlocations are mentioned would help to make it clearer.One example of something new I learned is how the human body has a complete regenerative cycle every 3years – where the bloodstreams, cells and bones are completely replaced. This means I am going to renewmy cycle next year!This program has also helped me further realize the significance of gratitude. Based on what I’ve learnedabout the Law of Attraction, this is the “manifestation model” that works for me:Thoughts → Images → Work → Results*This model is based on T. Harv Eker’s PTFAR and Bob Proctor’s 11 Forgotten Laws programMind Secrets Exposed has taught me that gratitude plays an important part once you start to get results.When you obtain results, gratitude comes into play in order to increase your growth.By being grateful, you open yourself to the source of inner creativity (or Infinite Wisdom as the authors callit). Using your creativity, you can develop better, bigger, superior thoughts to create even better results.Here is how I modified my “manifestation model” after reading Mind Secrets Exposed 2.0:
  3. 3. In short, I believe the essence of this program can be summed up in this sentence, quoted directly from thebook page 81:“The constant affirmations and visualizations aided her in communicating to her subconscious mind themost important message …”It is an aid. The power of affirmations and visualizations in praying.Praying is a method to communicate with your subconscious in order to access the Infinite Healing, InfiniteIntelligence, Infinite Wisdom and Infinite Wealth of God, and create a life that is wealthy, healthy, and happy.That is the main point of this course.Why this fails to be a good program1. First of all, there is no congruency of identityWhen you watch the sales video here and read the e-book, it feels as though they are from different peoplealtogether. I believe that Greg Frost is a pen name – and it’s OK to use a pen name, but I am suspicious thatthe authors didn’t write the main content inside the book themselves.The end result is that the character of the author feels very vague and that he may not completely believe inthe techniques he teaches himself (at least that’s the “vibe” I get from his writing).2. Second, the real life stories are not substantially foundedThere are no citations in the book (even for the scientific passages), and a quick search of the namesmentioned return no results in the search engines (I ran a cross reference to check whether the names arereal people).Some of the case studies in the book sound too awesome to not have any other source cite it on the internet.3. Third, the book talks about GodI understand that the Divine Power of God is eventually where all self improvement actually leads to, and Iam a religious person myself.However, the title of the book “Mind Secrets Exposed” sounds like it’s supposed to be more abouttechniques on how to increase your mental power by understanding neuroscience and advances in braintechnology.Instead, the authors spend half of the book talking about the power of praying. Therefore, is the “MindSecret” actually about the topic of praying?The 4, 5, and 6 chapters may be uncomfortable for some people because they turn to this subject of theDivine and Faith in order to activate the healing powers of the subconscious mind.The topic of prayer therapy does fill a significant portion of the book. After reading a couple of chapters on it,I begin to adjust my expectations and I can accept the authors talking about this.4. This book might be copied from other books?
  4. 4. There are several passages from Mind Secrets Exposed that sound very similar to another book aboutsubconscious programming.The books are “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” and “Techniques of Prayer Therapy”, bothwritten by Dr. Joseph Murphy.For example, if you read page 57 from Mind Secrets Exposed titled “A Case Of Treating the Tuberculosis ofthe Spine ”, the author mentions a patient by the name of Frederick Elias Andrews.A quick Google search of the name reveals the first search result is the same name, but written in the bookby Dr. Joseph Murphy (page 126).However, the authors of Mind Secrets do not quote Dr. Joseph Murphy’s book.What bothers me is that the writing in both books are quite similar – of course, it could also be that theyboth found the same source (in this case, Dr. Murphy cites his source from the March 1917 editionof Nautilus magazine while the authors of Mind Secrets don’t mention anything)5. It’s actually hard to do the techniques in the bookThis is the deal breaker for me, the huge turn off.The authors repeatedly emphasize the importance of praying. They do this very often, as can be seen fromthese passages:◎ “Strong faith and belief in the idea is required in order to program it directly into your subconscious;your ideas will not be accepted otherwise .”– page 61◎ “The only way to make your subconscious work for you is to totally believe in your desire with yourwhole being instead of using compulsion or brute force. ”– page 65◎ “As long as you engage your subconscious mind through true faith and firm belief, your subconsciousmind will work its magic to bring you a constant flow of ideas and suggestions. ”– page 74But how do you do any of that? How do you have strong faith in the first place?After reading the book, I don’t feel the authors truly address this issue. They merely bring it up,and assume you already know how to believe in yourself 100% without a doubt.Any self improvement enthusiast would know that is difficult, due to long term exposure from negativesubconscious programming that result in deeply embedded limiting beliefs.
  5. 5. At the very best they give you vague techniques to exercise, which in my opinion requires a good deal ofpreparation mental work before you can get any benefit from them.In other words, the techniques inside Mind Secrets feel like “fluff”.Here is an example passage:○ “It is your duty to act and think like you have been reborn by suppressing these lingering negativethoughts with constructive and positive ones.○ Let the light of positive thinking swallow and overcome the darkness of negativity, its heat removingits coldness. Inundate your mind with positive thoughts, and you will be able to feel refreshed andreborn in mind and body. ”Wow. This passage raises 2 concerns:1. It is not advisable to suppress negative thoughts and emotions. Though they are negative, thesethoughts contain insight to the root cause of your self sabotaging limiting beliefs. To ignore them would beto choose to remain ignorant of your own well-being.2. The solution of “let the light swallow the dark” is very vague. Even if it can be explained in a step bystep action, overcoming negative beliefs with positive thoughts takes time.It is an arduous process that involves prying deep into your subconscious, dismantling it part by part,yanking out the root and the rust entirely, then replacing it with a new, positive belief.To suggest this process in a nonchalant manner is almost an insult to the reader!Verdict:You need expectation before you can do most of the exercises in the program. This means you must alreadyhave cleared out a substantial part of your negative programming before you can do the brain enhancingtechniques written in the book.The language is proper, but the ideas are difficult to digest. You need to carefully read the passage to extractthe true (and applicable) meaning. Personally, I had to rely on mindmap note taking to clearly understandthe idea from the authors.My main concern with Mind Secrets Exposed 2.0 is the lack of structure in the material.It feels as if the authors are simply jumping from one topic to another (again, this confirms the nocongruence of identity I mention earlier). Unless the reader concentrates completely, it’s difficult toremember the original purpose – other than an arbitrary desire to “be happy, healthy, and wealthy”.In short: did I get a benefit from reading Mind Secrets Exposed 2.0?Yes.Did it teach me about how to tap into my latent subconscious powers?Yes (a little bit).Was the benefit I got worth paying $37?
  6. 6. No.In terms of “bang for your buck”, the benefit you can get from this course is not worth the asking price. Ifyou seriously have only $37 or less to invest in a self help course, you are better off purchasing the books byDr. Joseph Murphy which also talk about subconscious programming.Or do yourself a favor and pick up a paperback copy of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (which costsless than a third of Mind Secrets Exposed).Or, if you are looking for a full self improvement program, then here are my top 3+ self help courses thathave helped me improve my life (but please be noted they are priced above and beyond $37).I believe that every self improvement work out there can deliver benefits – to the point that you can learnhow to save your life for free!However, you must find which self improvement book or CD or DVD that works for you and makes sensefor you. What works for me, may not work for you – and vice versa.Hopefully this short review has revealed to you the information you need to know about Mind SecretsExposed 2.0 to figure out whether it can work for you or not!Incoming search terms:Mind secrets exposed 2 0Mind secrets exposed 2 0 reviewmind secrets exposedmind secrets 2 0mind secrets exposed 2 0 scamMind Secrets Exposed 2 0 Program ReviewsMind secrets exposed reviewMind secrets e xposed scamMind secrets exposed 2 0 programDoes mind secrets exposed 2 0 work?