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Motivation for Participation in Sociable Media


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HGKZ (Zurich), November 2006

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Motivation for Participation in Sociable Media

  1. 1. iDC Part II Participation in Sociable Web Media
  2. 2. What makes people submit themselves? Why do they give themselves up to market forces?
  3. 3. Aspects of Participation In Sociable Web Media time relaxation social capital emotional support access to information software architecture translation intellectual property identification friendship group belonging individual vs. network value format of contributions signal-to-noise ratio embodied and networked sociality job reciprocity mobile computing permanency and privacy of content low threshold engagement gender/ethnicity transparency of rules and power dynamics challenge “ I give because I am great” agonistic giving (Benkler: 2006) feedback trust sharing the experience of one’s time & place scale archiving memory pleasure of creation hormones tone, passion, humor, personality type of content contributing to the greater good Trebor Scholz
  4. 4. link subscribe tag favorite read forward remix share comment collaborate moderate write Intensities of Participation Trebor Scholz
  5. 5. Sociable Web Media for Online Engagement Auctions Ubid < > Friend-of-a-Friend Network MySpace, Friendster, Orkut < > Individual Weblogs with Commenting Baghdad Blogger < > Massively Multi Player Online Games Pong, many people playing the same pong game < > Peer-to-Peer Networks Bittorrent, peer to peer client < > Referral/Recommendation Systems Ratemyprofessor < > SMS People living in southern Lebanon have received text messages from Israel, suggesting that they leave the area, according to the BBC.
  6. 6. Archiving The Internet Archive (IA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining an archive of Web and multimedia resources. < > RFID Walmart introduced RFID tags on all shipments to improve supply chain management. RSS Browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera have integrated support for RSS feeds. Shared Online Work Spaces Writely. Free web word processor which lets you share and collaborate your work online. < > Social Bookmarking Sites Delicious, Flickr < > < com/ > Sociable Web Media for Online Engagement
  7. 7. Chat Rooms Internet Relay Chat (IRC) < > Collaborative Filtering Weblogs iranFilter, collective news website focused on Iran < > Instant Messaging Skype Instant Messaging < > List serves Microsound Message Boards Interactivist Message Board < > Review Systems, consumers write write reviews of books available on Amazon’s website < > Sociable Web Media for Online Engagement
  8. 8. Quantity 73% of all Americans identify as Internet “users” 57% of all US teenagers create online content (Pew) YouTube 60,000 uploads/1000,000 views 75,000 new weblogs DailyKos: 500,000 visitors 400,000 Skype 41 million members
  9. 9. <ul><li>Quality </li></ul><ul><li>“ Massification” of sociable media use Everybody can be a speaker “Wisdom of the Crowd”? Citizen journalism (“caring problem”) </li></ul>
  10. 10. <ul><li>Conclusion </li></ul><ul><li>Sociable web media & the democratization of society </li></ul>
  11. 11. iDC Trebor Scholz Thank you