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Social Media and Online Marketing Made Simple Series: An introduction to Online Marketing success for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.
In this series you will learn the essentials of social media marketing and online marketing for small businesses and entrepreneurs. With billions of social media users, learning how to design and use the right social media channels for your business is crucial. But you need to approach your social media and online marketing activities strategically to get real results. So, in this series we’ll share proven social media tips and strategies you can use to reach your business’s goals.
By the end of the series you will choose a platform to go “all-in”. Have a plan of action and tools you need for success.
Who Should Attend:
• Small Business Owners
• Start Ups
• Those just getting started with Social Media
• Those interested in understanding how social media works

In this class explore how You Tube and Snap Chat work, successful ideas from other businesses who are winning it, and tools to save you time and money. Connecting the dots from social media to sales!



  1. 1. YouTube & Linkedin MARKETING FOR SMALL BUSINESS Taught By Molly O’Kane
  2. 2. What is the hardest part about being a small business owner? We will use the answers later
  3. 3. This workshop will be perfect for you…. • If you currently have a small business • If you’re new to social media • If you’re looking to grow your business
  4. 4. My Promise to You 1. All about YouTube & LinkedIn 2. Loads of ideas to try out 3. There are tools to make your life easier! In about 3 hours you’re going to learn:
  5. 5. Why are you excited about this class? What do you want to learn?
  6. 6. Meet Molly Social Media & Marketing Consultant for San Francisco Small Business Development Center With over a decade of starting new programs from scratch, speaking, and most importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches business experience. I started helping small business owners over three years ago deal with the sometimes overwhelming marketing, advertising & social media aspects of starting a new business.
  7. 7. Close your eyes and think of your best customer
  8. 8. 25 34.5 53 37 34 15 23 45 31.5 25 25 28 72 31 1516.5 11 12 27 8 30 129.5 6 10 17 3 21 2 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest YouTube Linkedin Snapchat % Users by Age in 2016 18-29 30-49 50-64 65+
  9. 9. 48 51 45 29 62 54 30 52 49 55 71 38 46 70 Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest YouTube Linkedin Snap Chat Users: Male/ Female Male Female
  10. 10. 52 ASSETS NEEDED: VIDEO Videos work when: • Authentic • Entertaining • Evoke Emotion • Personal/Relatable • Useful • Educational
  11. 11. Consumers Share Videos For 5 Main Reasons: • To be social • To express how they are feeling about a particular topic • To show off, or humblebrag • To prove they were the first ones to find something • To make friends and colleagues laugh
  12. 12. 52 TOOLS: VIDEO HIRE • Upworks- Find freelancers and freelance jobs • Fiverr is the world's largest marketplace for digital services. Get logo design, marketing services, whiteboards and more, starting from only $5.
  13. 13. 52 • Filmora is an all-in-one home video editing production software that has powerful functionality and a fully stacked • PowToon – Create animated videos and presentations with PowToon to add a commercial quality experience to your TOOLS: VIDEO DO IT YOURSELF
  14. 14. 52 TOOLS: VIDEO SCRIPTS • Plan in advance Write a Script Why: Maintain brand or product image, right language & cover all key points.
  15. 15. 52 TOOLS: STORY BOARDS Story Board Visual guide typically consisting of a rough sketch for each shot in the video. Include: • what you need to shoot • where to position the camera • where to place items and people on screen. The typical YouTube viewer has a short attention span, so plan your videos to be no more than two or three minutes.
  16. 16. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
  17. 17. YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet today, behind its parent company, Google. over 1 billion users
  18. 18. You Tube- Stats 52 percent of marketers name video as the type of content with the top ROI YouTube is available in 61 languages and is being used in 75 countries YouTube reaches more American adults aged 18 to 34 than any cable network Shoppers who view video are 1.81 times more likely to purchase than non- viewers YouTube videos are easily shareable, with 323 days worth of YouTube video viewed on Facebook every minute
  19. 19. You Tube- All Stars Post Content Consistently Post Quality Material “Add Value”
  20. 20. You Tube- Create Channel Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
  21. 21. Upload an image that is at least 2560 x 1440 [pixels] You Tube- Channel Art
  22. 22. YouTube recommends using an 800 x 800 pixel JPG, GIF, BMP, or PNG file. You Tube- Channel Icon
  23. 23. Showcase Your Products/Services Many successful businesses use video marketing as their primary strategy to introduce customers to their products and services. Ideas: • explainer videos • Webinars • video presentations Example Go Pro: used the channel to upload content ranging from informational videos on new products to compilations of footage from their camera being in use. You Tube- Content GoPro YouTube Case Study | YouTube Advertisers
  24. 24. Demonstrate Your Expertise & Educate Every day, users search for answers to their questions and problems. Searches for “how-to” videos are growing by 70% year over year Offer expertise in the form of short videos (3- 5 minutes) with advice and tips. You Tube-Content Sell Hair extensions
  25. 25. Brand Storytelling • Inspiring videos that fit into your business’ identity are perfect for communicating your brand’s image and ideals to a wider audience. • Gear towards building a lifestyle. • Buying an experience, not just a product You Tube- Content
  26. 26. Entertain Fun videos that cater to your audience’s interests is one of the best ways to capture viewers’ attention and focus it onto your products. You Tube- Content
  27. 27. Inspire Inspiring videos with emotional & relatable stories You Tube- Content PROVE THEM WRONG - Motivational Video
  28. 28. Inspire Inspiring videos with emotional & relatable stories You Tube- Content Heineken | Worlds Apart | #OpenYourWorld
  29. 29. Optimizing Your Videos for Search • Key Words or tags • use about 10 tags that include the video category, video content, shoot location and names of anyone in the video. You Tube- Grow Audience
  30. 30. You Tube- Keyword Tools • AdWords- Display Planner • Keyword Dominator 3 searches free a day http://www.keywordtoold keyword-tool In AdWords- Display Planner change to video Then search for keywords
  31. 31. • Pick your title and description wisely • Add a keyword phrase at the beginning • YouTube’s maximum title length set at 100 characters Channel. YouTube search shows just 70 characters, and Google search shows only 55 characters, including spaces. Keep it short. • Finding Trends nding & Google Trends You Tube- Titles
  32. 32. You Tube- Titles 1. How To How To Master 5 Basic Cooking Skills - Gordon Ramsay 2. Vs. $27 Cake Vs. $1,120 Cake 3. The Remarkable (“Epic” “Awesome” “Incredible”) EPIC TRAMPOLINE PARK ON ROOF! 4. Trend Friendly Budweiser 2017 Super Bowl Commercial | “Born The Hard Way” 5. Question Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream? | Super Simple Songs 6. Functional but SEO friendly Stitch Fix Unboxing & Review 7. Lists 10 Most Amazing Vehicles
  33. 33. Break Time – 10 minutes
  34. 34. Your descriptions: Approximately 980 words • Don’t leave it blank—Many people make the mistake of leaving this area blank, missing out on a big video optimization opportunity. • Use tags—Tags act as keywords for your videos, so if you neglect adding these you’re missing out on huge discovery opportunities. • Don’t copy and paste—Instead, write unique, descriptive and keyword rich content in the description that YouTube can recognize. • Add URLs—Send traffic to your website and other social channels by including URLs in the description . You Tube- Description
  35. 35. Personalize Video Thumbnails 90% of the best-performing videos on YouTube have custom thumbnails 1280 x 720 resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Make use of branded fonts, colors, and images that reflect what your content will speak to, and remember that a thumbnail’s worth a thousand words. strategies-1 You Tube- Grow Audience
  36. 36. Use Annotations • The possibilities for annotation use are limited only by your creativity, but some common uses include: • Letting viewers skip ahead (keeping them watching in the process) • Suggesting other videos for the viewer to watch • Linking to your website • Linking to a subscribe button for your channel • Adding a CTA (sign up, learn more, etc.) You Tube- Grow Audience the annotation tool lets you easily layer text, links, and spotlights to your videos.
  37. 37. Whenever you provide a link to your channel, add “?sub_confirmation=1” to the end of your channel’s URL and a pop-under will automatically appear on your channel prompting visitors to subscribe. You Tube- Enable an Automatic Subscription Prompt
  38. 38. Adding Call to Action • Include a clear call-to-action • A vocal call-to-action: If appropriate, have the person speaking in the video tell the audience what action to take next step • A text call-to-action: Use titles or captions to share information and suggestions for your customers’ next steps • Call-to-action buttons: To add a level of interactivity to your videos, you can add a CTA button or overlay to your content. You Tube- Grow Audience
  39. 39. • Here’s how to do it. wer/150471?hl=en Or watch this video You Tube- Adding Call to Action How To
  40. 40. Add a Watermark • A watermark is perfect for driving new viewers back to your channel and encouraging them to subscribe. These customizable images will be overlaid on every one of your uploads and link back to your channel, making it easy for new viewers to find more of your videos. How to • click on ‘Video Manager’. • This should take you to the Creator Studio where you’ll be able to access some more in-depth settings for your account. • click on ‘Channel’ in the sidebar • Click on ‘Branding’ and then ‘Add a Watermark’. You’ll now be able to upload an image that will show up in the corner of every one of your videos. You Tube- Grow Audience
  41. 41. Link Merch Cards to Your Website To add Merch Cards to your videos 1. Video Manager and 2. click on ‘Edit’ for the video that you’d like to add a card to. 3. At the top of your screen, several tabs will appear. 4. Click ‘Cards’ 5. ‘Link Cards’ and then add in the information for your products. You Tube- Grow Audience
  42. 42. Collaborate with other YouTube Users Ideas for YouTube partnerships: • Guest appearances in each others’ videos • Making one YouTube video and dividing it • Uploading your videos to each others’ channels • Collaborating with Google Hangouts on-air • Exchanging shout-outs • Collaborating through social media You Tube- Grow Audience
  43. 43. Cross Platform Promote • Help direct traffic to your YouTube channel through consistently including links from your email newsletters, website, and other social media accounts. You Tube- Grow Audience
  44. 44. Engaging Trailers Great channel trailers includes • Include a clear CTA encouraging viewers to subscribe. • Entertain the viewer to show what your channel is about rather than tell. • Indicate the type of videos your viewers can expect, and when they can expect them . • Think about the video’s context, as it will be seen on the channel (possibly after a viewer has already seen at least one of your videos). • While there’s no perfect length, shorter is generally better. You Tube- Grow Audience u4 Indy Mogul https://youtube- viewers-into-subscribers-with.html
  45. 45. Reward Subscribers Everyone loves the chance to win free things, prizes, and valuable assets, so give them a reason to subscribe & stay subscribed. Ideas: • host a contest, • a giveaway, or • offer a shout-out to subscribers in exchange for them being loyal fans, or sharing your channel and videos. You Tube – Grow Audience
  46. 46. • Some key ways to engage with other users and get more YouTube subscribers are: • Take a few minutes each day to view other YouTubers channels and content, and pose appropriate questions or comments • Encourage your audience members to ask questions • Ask audience members to contribute ideas for your future content • Run a YouTube contest where you ask for video replies You Tube - Engage with Audience
  47. 47. 1. Great for Events 2. Customer Service (Office Hours) 3. Interviews & Guest Features 4. Product Announcements Every Live Steam Needs: • A Promise of Value • A reason to watch until the end • Interaction with Viewers (comments or live Chat) You Tube - Live
  48. 48. • . You Tube – Measure Performance Plus Gender, Country, T raffic Source
  49. 49. • adwords-average-conversion-rates-by-industry- study/ You Tube – Ads The top five best converting industry types for Display are: •Home Goods with an average 2.19% CVR •Finance & Insurance: 1.75% avg. CVR •Real Estate: 1.49% avg. CVR •Employment Services: 1.28% avg. CVR •Technology: 1.04% avg. CVR conversion-rates-by-industry-study/
  50. 50. Your trying to sell your product not someone else’s product, good idea to not allow other ads to run before and after your videos. You Tube – Turn Off Ads attached to your video
  51. 51. Color Factory /watch?v=_NYy1iWHkPc
  52. 52. The YouTube Creator Playbook for Brands brands_research-studies.pdf 50 Free Ways To Grow Your YouTube Channel Subscribers And Views your-youtube-channel-subscribers-and-views/#17d0b5e53a47 You Tube- Resources
  53. 53. Break Time – 10 minutes
  54. 54. LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network with hundreds of millions of members, and growing rapidly.
  55. 55. LinkedIn- Getting Started Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
  56. 56. LinkedIn- Getting Started Step 4 Step 5 Step 6
  57. 57. LinkedIn- Getting Started Step 7 Step 8 Step 9
  58. 58. LinkedIn- Profile Picture Use a current professional profile picture • Profiles with pictures get 40% response rate. • Your LinkedIn has 11 x more chances to get viewe d if you add your picture. Steps: 1. Choose a photo that looks like you. 2. Make sure your face takes up at least 60% of th e frame. 3. Choose the right expression. 4. Wear what you’d wear to work. 5. Choose a background that isn’t distracting
  59. 59. LinkedIn- Headline Headline acts as a mini value propositio n. Use verbs & active language WHAT you do, for WHOM, and HOW
  60. 60. LinkedIn- Headline (5 Minutes) Your Turn; Craft your Headline
  61. 61. LinkedIn- Description (summary) Write a short & direct description 68.6% users use LinkedIn for reconnecting with past business associates Write in first person Add keywords
  62. 62. LinkedIn- Description (summary) Formula WHAT I DO: I help [MY TARGET AUDIENCE] achieve [THEIR TOP GOAL] by providing [MY PRODUCT or SERVICE]. WHO I WORK WITH: I partner with [TARGET AUDIENCE or INDUSTRY TYPE] including: [Insert Bulleted List of Job Titles, Industry Names, Client Types, etc.] WHY IT WORKS: When you partner with [MY COMPANY NAME], you get the most efficient, effective, and affordable [PRODUCT or SERVICE] that [TARGET AUDIENCE] are looking for right now. WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT: [Answer that question! What makes you unique/different/better than similar vendors or competitors? XYZ years of experience? Certifications/Patents/etc.? Something else?] WHAT OTHERS SAY: [Copy and paste two-three testimonials in this area. Make them specific to the product or service you're offering or the industries you're serving. Focus on the results clients got from using your product or service. Include the full name of the person and his or her company to give your testimonials more legitimacy.] HOW IT WORKS: [Explain how your process -- "we start with a free evaluation, we do an analysis of your website's SEO rankings," etc.] READY TO TALK? Feel free to connect with me here on LinkedIn, drop me a line at [EMAIL ADDRESS], visit me online at [WEBSITE URL] or call me directly at [PHONE NUMBER].
  63. 63. LinkedIn- Description (summary) Formula The Mission-Based Summary The mission-based summary o pens with a broad description of what you do, then gets mor e and more specific. Use :you’re using LinkedIn to engage with a variety of people. The Personality Summary: Because this type of summary foc uses more on soft skills than on hard skills. Use: networkers and the less-experienced. The Short and Sweet Summary The short and sweet summar y. Use: professionals in conservative or technical industries.
  64. 64. LinkedIn- Description (summary) Formula The blended summary blend between the personality an d the mission versions. Use: professionals in more creativ e industries and people whose work involves lots of other people (think sales reps, managers, or HR specialists). The accomplishments summary accomplishments summary for those who are seeking work—either a full-time position or freelance gigs. It cuts to the chase an d tells potential employers or clients exactly why you deser ve the job, as well as the (high) caliber of work they can expect from you.
  65. 65. LinkedIn- Customize Your URL Makes your LinkedIn profile look more professional by customizing the URL
  66. 66. Increase your Social Proof by emphasizing skills • Endorsements • Recommendations • Connections • Posts LinkedIn- What to Do
  67. 67. Highlight • Work experiences • Volunteer experience • Organizations you care about, • Awards and certificates LinkedIn- What to Do
  68. 68. LinkedIn- Company Page
  69. 69. LinkedIn- Company Page
  70. 70. Turn your company page into a lead generation page. • First, use an image that gets attention or creates interest. • Second, create a clear and compelling pitch in your company description. • Third, make your Recent Updates section clickable and conversion- focused. LinkedIn- What to Do
  71. 71. Find Customers & potential Partners to Connect with • Use Advance Search LinkedIn- What to Do
  72. 72. Join Groups • Look for groups with the following features: • Highly relevant. The group must be a nearly exact match to what you are seeking in a target audience. • Active. LinkedIn ranks groups according to their activity level, so all you need to do is pay attention to how active they are in the search results. Select groups that are “very active.” • Medium size. LinkedIn- What to Do
  73. 73. Post Stories Take a narrative approach and share a mini story with a valuable business lesson. Example results so far: • 18,000 views • 20 comments • 120 Likes • 11 shares • 200 profile views • 35 new connection requests LinkedIn- What to Do
  74. 74. LinkedIn- What to Do Posts Coschedule
  75. 75. LinkedIn- Tool Analyze Message
  76. 76. •Buzzosumo –Analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor
  77. 77. WHERE? Who? Who are you trying to reach? The more specific the easy it will be What? What are they searching for? What words do they use on google & What signals buying intent? Where? Where are they hanging out? Where are they doing research prior to purchase? WHO? WHAT? SALES HAPPEN & MONEY IS MADE WHEN.. Best Ideas all in One Place
  78. 78. WHO + WHERE + WHAT WORKSHEET SALES +HAPPY BUSINESS OWNER 13 Learn Faster, Best Ideas all in One Place
  79. 79. Post Articles/ Blogs: (Pulse) Post a certain percentage directly into LinkedIn to get the best benefit Share with Groups LinkedIn- What to Do
  80. 80. Post Articles/ Blogs: Post a certain percentage directly into LinkedIn to get the best benefit Make sure people need to go to your website for something of value Idea: Post 10-20% article read more on website. (about 300 words) Make something they need to download Share with Groups LinkedIn- What to Do
  81. 81. LinkedIn- Projects
  82. 82. LinkedIn- SlideShare
  83. 83. LinkedIn- Profinder
  84. 84. Engage • Comment on posts • Reply to comment on your posts • Ask Questions LinkedIn- What to Do
  85. 85. Types of Groups You would Join? Who would you want to follow? What would you post? LinkedIn- How Will Use (5 min) _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________
  86. 86. 1. Go to your LinkedIn homepage, then click on My Network and select Connections. 2. From here, click on the gear icon on the right-hand side. You’ll now have the option to Export LinkedIn Connections. 3. Make Facebook Custom Audience Use tactic if you’re active on LinkedIn - engaging with others, publishing status updates, and posts - and have connections comprised of prospects. Why Use: Helps lower your CPA only if your LinkedIn connections already have several touch points with you whether in-person to online. Their emotional rapport will make them more likely to convert into leads and customers. LinkedIn- Bonus Export LinkedIn Connection Email addresses
  87. 87. LinkedIn Video Some have it already LinkedIn- Coming Soon
  88. 88. • 6 LinkedIn Ecommerce Marketing Tips linkedin-ecommerce-marketing-tips • How to Use LinkedIn: 35 LinkedIn Tips for Professional Networking, Business & Marketing Cheat-Sheet-for-Mastering- LinkedIn.aspx#sm.001t7mrsup0fd6a113d1a25kvt2vs Learn More LinkedIn
  89. 89. What Did We Learn Today • Learned more about YouTube & Linkedin • Reviewed assets we need for social media • Tools To Save Time
  90. 90. If you loved the class, I would love to hear about how you will use what you learned Before you leave write a review @Bloggerithm on Facebook
  91. 91. Index Card Promise
  92. 92. Contact Info: Molly O’Kane Visit: