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Email Marketing, Facebook Messenger, Basics to Online Ads, Yelp and Your Website for Your Small Business


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Social Media and Online Marketing Made Simple Series: An introduction to Online Marketing success for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.
In this series, you will learn the essentials of social media marketing and online marketing for small businesses and entrepreneurs. With billions of social media users, learning how to design and use the right social media channels for your business is crucial. But you need to approach your social media and online marketing activities strategically to get real results. So, in this series, we’ll share proven social media tips and strategies you can use to reach your business’s goals.
By the end of the series, you will choose a platform to go “all-in”. Have a plan of action and tools you need for success.
Who Should Attend:
• Small Business Owners
• Start-Ups
• Those just getting started with Social Media
• Those interested in understanding how social media works
Class Five: LinkedIn, Email Marketing & Your Website
In this class learn how LinkedIn can help create leads, success stories from other businesses who are winning it, and tools to save you time and money. We will close with how to use social media, email and your website work together to boost your marketing efforts.

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Email Marketing, Facebook Messenger, Basics to Online Ads, Yelp and Your Website for Your Small Business

  2. 2. This workshop will be perfect for you…. • If you currently have a small business • If you’re new to social media • If you’re looking to grow your business
  3. 3. My Promise to You 1. All about Email, Messenger, Websites & Yelp 2. Loads of ideas to try out 3. There are tools to make your life easier! In about 3 hours you’re going to learn:
  4. 4. Why are you excited about this class? What do you want to learn?
  5. 5. Meet Molly Social Media & Marketing Consultant for San Francisco Small Business Development Center With over a decade of starting new programs from scratch, speaking, and most importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches business experience. I started helping small business owners over three years ago deal with the sometimes overwhelming marketing, advertising & social media aspects of starting a new business.
  6. 6. Close your eyes and think of your best customer
  7. 7. 25 34.5 53 37 34 15 23 45 31.5 25 25 28 72 31 1516.5 11 12 27 8 30 129.5 6 10 17 3 21 2 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest YouTube Linkedin Snapchat % Users by Age in 2016 18-29 30-49 50-64 65+
  8. 8. 48 51 45 29 62 54 30 52 49 55 71 38 46 70 Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest YouTube Linkedin Snap Chat Users: Male/ Female Male Female
  9. 9. According to recent research by the Direct Marketing Association: Email- Why? The ROI of email is 3,800% (according to the Direct Marketing Association). 72% of people would rather receive promotional material via email than social media 38% of people say receiving special offers is the top reason they subscribe to an email list.
  11. 11. • 123154adccac&v=&b=&from_search=3 Millennials and Youngsters Still Use Email
  12. 12. Email- When to Send 6am to 10am is also a good time slot as people get into work, because delay the inevitable start of their workday. We're all guilty! :-) 7pm to 10pm is your 'sweet spot‘ for ecommerce stores, Think marketing campaigns or special offers Never send emails between the hours of 10pm and 6am.
  13. 13. Email- When to Send The hours of 3pm to 5pm are ideal for financial institutes and property services. noon to 2pm lunch hour great for distributing news or magazine-style information, give it a shot. Weekends and early mornings see the highest CTR.
  14. 14. Let’s Not Forget Growing Your email List Thru Ads Why? Lowers the Cost of Acquiring a Customer
  15. 15. **** Must be Mobile Responsive** **
  16. 16. A FEW BEST PRACTICES: Make it clear who your email is from Keep it short Be specific Include a call to action Use questions Email- Subject Line It’s personalized to me, brand name appears and they are welcoming me to community
  17. 17. Subject Line  Useful and Timely  MailChimp explains, “The best email subject lines are short, descriptive and provide the reader with a reason to explore your messages further.”  Brevity is Beautiful • Do You Believe Every Child Deserves a Home? • This subject line is 43 characters, but what if you were reading it on a smaller screen? • Do You Believe Every Chil • Definitely not as effective. Let’s front-load this subject line and cut out the fluff. • Kids Need a Home, We Need You Email- Subject Line This subject line is 29 characters total and the most important idea is delivered in the first 16.
  18. 18. Subject Line  Delete These Words • • Help • Reminder • Percent Off  Newsletter Subject Line • Instead of… • August 2014 Newsletter • …you can try • Our Big Win – Also Meet Jon and his Cookies! • ***Use power words Email- Subject Line
  19. 19. Best Power Words Now Free Proven Learn Try Exclusive You Power How to Click Bonus Results Imagine Discover Create Increase Promote Announcing Improvement Tell Us Inspires Remarkable Challenge Hurry Easy Revolutionary Sensational Join Become a Member Donate Email- Power Words
  20. 20. Best Power WordsHeadline Analyzer
  21. 21. Subject Line • Welcome • Newsletters provide your audience with the latest information on new products and updates to your business. • Drip campaigns are a collection of emails sent at strategic times with the intention of engaging and educating customers over time, until they purchase. • Special occasion emails for holidays, birthdays, and other personal events. • Abandoned cart reminders ensure customers complete the checkout process. • Reward loyal customers with exclusive discounts. • Re-engage customers who have not shopped in a while. • Generate feedback testimonials from customers. • Trigger campaigns send specific emails when customers take a certain action (Customer clicks ‘Men’s Wear’, ‘Men’s Spring Season Discount’ email is delivered 2 days later) Email- Types
  22. 22. Subject LineEmail- Welcome Series Goals: • Welcome them to the family • Begin the brand indoctrination process • Give them the incentive • Set expectations • Encourage subscribers to connect with you on other channels Welcome emails can see more than 3 x the transactions & revenue per email over regular promotional emails.
  23. 23. Welcome Email Perspective Student example, above the fold Your HTML email’s layout should be anywhere from 600- 800 pixels in width since many email clients provide a preview window that isn’t very wide. How are you solving my problem? What can I expect to find?
  24. 24. Welcome Email Perspective Student example Below the Fold 2 Use appropriate font sizes (MailChimp recommends 22px for headlines, 16px for body copy) Avoid big blocks of text Avoid using all capital letters Use whitespace
  25. 25. Welcome Email Perspective Student example Footer Include a link to your website or blog Add related contact info Provide easy access to product purchase or donation pages Include social icons to follow or like your respective social media pages Don’t forget to add an unsubscribe link
  26. 26. Subject Line Email- Abandon Shopping Cart (Example Automated Email) How To: Email 1 - send 4 hours later. A reminder Email 2 - send 24 hours later. “Why didn’t you buy? Please hit reply and let us know” Email 3 - send 72 hours later. Discount email 67% of online shopping carts are abandoned.
  27. 27. Subject LineEmail- Special Occasion Tips: • Clearly announce the sale • Have a Focused call-to-action • Time Limit • Try Free Shipping • Give a Free Gift
  28. 28. •Let’s spend about 5 minutes writing down as many possible email subject lines as you can think of. Email- Activity (5 minutes)
  29. 29. Email- Tool For Inspiration
  30. 30. Email- Sales Template Ideas
  31. 31. Here are the top tips that Adobe gives based on the input they received: Pace Pace Yourself: Half of consumers say that the most annoying thing about emails from brands is when they arrive too often. Respect the inbox zero crowd! Scale Scale it: 21 percent of consumers who check messages on mobile devices are annoyed about brands’ lack of mobile optimization. Make sure they aren’t waiting for images to load or scrolling too much. Inform Inform: 40 percent of consumers told us that they wish email content was less promotional and more informative. Focus your messages on the information consumers want. 19% are not happy that they have to scroll too much. Make Make it personal: 34 percent of consumers said they get frustrated when brands recommend items that don’t match their interests. Know your customers in order to communicate with them. 2017?qid=fe503a8f-cc7f-4257-b110-123154adccac&v=&b=&from_search=3
  32. 32. Test Your Email/Domain Spammyness
  33. 33. More suggestions to improv IF YOUR OPEN RATES IS LESS THAN 30%: Send emails from a personal email address (e.g. rather than Set a Frequency – Set expectations with your contacts about when they’ll hear from you (no more than once a week) Customize emails based on each sublist’s preferences Write and test great subject lines Send relevant messages to specific donor segments Send emails from your company email rather than Yahoo or Google Make your emails recognizable – Use the same from name Clean up your database-If your bounce rate is higher than 1 %. A high hard bounce rate is a red flag and may indicate a need to clean up your database. Check Sender score for your email address Email- Improve Open Rates
  34. 34. IF YOUR CTR IS LESS THAN 8%: Make sure your call to action states the specific action you want the reader to take Use bold call to action buttons Test your links Proofread Relevant information for a specific audience will increase CTRs Test text only emails Add visual content Optimize your emails for mobile users Less is more with copy Remove any distractions from the email content Email- Improve Conversion Rates
  35. 35. Photos Email Tools • Mailchimp - Send better email. • - Send customized messages based on their interactions with your business. • Really Good Emails - Take a look at some of the best email marketing from top businesses. • Constant Contact - Grow your business with email marketing software. • Exact Target - Build and manage marketing campaigns based on customer journeys. • Email Magpie: Find Emails anything googleable ie Dentists in London
  36. 36. Photos Learn More-Email • Email Marketing Guide: Grow Your Ecommerce Business • The 15 Emails You NEED to Be Sending to Your Email List types&utm_campaign=Submission&utm_medium=Community&utm_sourc • The ultimate cold email checklist
  37. 37. Messenger • Photo zotencate/
  38. 38. “Bot experiences with more engaged audiences are getting 80- 90% response rates.” - Dmitriy Kachin from Chatfuel
  39. 39. Here are five reasons to start with Messenger: As soon as someone engages with your chatbot, you have the ability to push messages to them within Facebook Messenger with very few limitations.
  40. 40. Here are five reasons to start with (and this is just with Messenger): You can use input from users to dynamically segment them into groups and serve different content to them.
  41. 41. Here are five reasons to start with (and this is just with Messenger): You can set up automation workflows in the same way that you would via email marketing automation.
  42. 42. Here are five reasons to start with (and this is just with Messenger): Click-through rates and general engagement is very high at this stage. You're more likely to get engagement within Messenger than from within your Facebook page because the communication is 1:1 and you're not competing with others in the newsfeed.
  43. 43. Here are five reasons to start with (and this is just with Messenger): Facebook has opened up the ability to run ads directly to Messenger. This means that anyone that engages with your ad can now be followed up with directly within Messenger (this is incredibly exciting). Life Beyond Email: Chatbot Marketing
  44. 44.
  45. 45.
  46. 46.
  47. 47.
  48. 48.
  49. 49. Uses for Chatbots Newsletter Opt-In Discount Code Content Upgrades Lining Up Meetings Order Tracking & Shipping Customer Service
  50. 50. Tools to Build ChatBots •ChatFuel •ManyChat •Botisy Platform that lets you build your own Chatbot for Messenger No understanding of code is required and it has a simple drag- and-drop interface. Think Wix/Squarespace for bots .
  51. 51. Resources • Life Beyond Email: Chatbot Marketing • training?inf_contact_key=7e4369b4a4ebece4021e56d49f49c76 f2f5d81d7eb8cd6195debdf25dcfb7cce
  52. 52. Website
  53. 53. Make sharing easy
  54. 54. Email Address Collection Pop Up Box A window that suddenly appears (pops up) when you select an option with a mouse or press a special function key. • Entrance • Exit
  55. 55. Email Address Collection Hello or Smart Bar sits at the top or bottom of your website reminding your visitors to join your email list, check out your new blog post, or whatever else you want them to do.
  56. 56. Email Address Collection Welcome Mat Welcome Mat displays a full- screen call to action that shows when visitors land on your site.
  57. 57. What is a Landing Pages Click Through Landing Pages • Click through landing pages (as the name implies) have the goal of persuading the visitor to click through to another page. Typically used in ecommerce funnels, they can be used to describe a product or offer in sufficient detail so as to “warm up” a visitor to the point where they are closer to making a purchasing decision. Headline: “Cyber Monday” “Until Midnight Only: Save up to 50% on everything you see below” Young and Reckless
  58. 58. What is a Landing Pages • Lead Generation Landing Pages • Lead generation landing pages are used to capture user data, such as a name and email address.
  59. 59. Build a Tool/ Quiz/ Game- Collect Emails
  60. 60. Types of Offers
  61. 61. ASSETS NEEDED: WHAT TO CREATE COPY ASSET IDEAS Some Examples: • EBooks • Podcasts • Guides • Landing pages • Blogs • White Papers • Infographic • Case Studies • Surveys • Tutorials • Blog Article • Posts-Social • 5 Day Challenge
  62. 62. Blog or (Evergreen Content)
  63. 63. There are 3 ways to stand out. Blog-Free content is everywhere. It’s not enough to just publish a blog post. It needs to be awesome. Cover an existing topic in a new way.
  64. 64. Blog- Create Types of content to create: ideas-for-a-new-client-infographic/ • Brainstorm ideas; try to make most items that would be sharable. • Hire a blog writer if you don’t have time I have used these sites in the past, • Include video and Gifs • Use customer generated images on your blog. • Feature a customer. • Try a Podcast Guest Blog: High traffic sites, such as Huffington Post
  65. 65. Blog- Ideas Tool
  66. 66. Blog- Ideas Tool
  67. 67. Blog How to Create Content Ideas for a new client Infographic by CopyPress
  68. 68. Blog How to Create Content Ideas for a new client Infographic by CopyPress
  69. 69. •Buzzosumo –Analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor
  70. 70. • Blogs get the most traffic Monday at 11am. • Post early in the morning or after the work day is done. • Men prefer to read blogs after working hours while women are more likely to read them in the morning. What's your gender demographic? • If you're looking for engagement: Blog comments peak around 9am and on Saturdays. Blog- When to Post
  71. 71. • Use Blog for Social Media & Email Content Blog
  72. 72. Ideas: How tos Funny Customer profiles White Papers Guide Images Infographics Video Podcasts Best of…. Blog- What Topics would you write about? (10 min) _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________
  73. 73. • If you already have a Google account, then Google Calendar is a natural first choice for building out your content calendar. • you can easily use its features to organize your social posts for the next month. Scheduling Organization Tools: Google Calendar
  74. 74. Start with two columns: • One for post ideas • One for scheduled posts Scheduling Organization Tools: Trello
  75. 75. • Create a Content Calendar • Manage a Creative Asset Library • Organize Influencer Correspondence • Build Your Resource Library • Plan a Social Media Strategy media-productivity-with-evernote/ Scheduling Organization Tools: Evernote
  76. 76. Photos Blog Tools • Evernote – Evernote is the multi-use organizational platform that’s widely known as the way to remember everything from your business to personal life. Use Evernote to keep track of your content ideas and editorial calendar from the computer or your mobile phone on the go. • BuzzSumo : The Ultimate Guide for Content Research Use trial • Textbroker – Textbroker is a content creation service offering a quick turnaround on articles, press releases, written snippets for websites and more from a database of authors. • Topic Generators • Subject Generator • Grammarly - Making you a better writer by finding 10x more grammar and spelling mistakes than a normal word editor. • Hemingway Editor - A wonderful tool that makes your writing and spelling mistakes bold and clear. • Draft - Write better. Genius for any business looking for more apps to help their workflow.
  77. 77. Yelp help’s people find great local businesses like dentists, hair stylists and mechanics. ...
  78. 78. According to a Nielsen study, Yelp isn’t too bad at driving sales either – 4 out of 5 Yelp users stated that they visit Yelp when prepared to spend money and 35% of Yelp users will visit a searched business within 24 hours of searching. Cha-Ching!
  79. 79. Types of businesses that can benefit from Yelp Shopping & Service Businesses- Local Shops, Restaurant, Catering, Photography Real Estate, Auto
  80. 80. Sept 2016
  81. 81. Yelp- Q3 (2016) 174 Million Unique Visitors
  82. 82. Get the Most Out of Yelp • Fill out your entire Yelp profile
  83. 83. Get the Most Out of Yelp
  84. 84. Get the Most Out of Yelp • Make sure you have use all three categories (search words)
  85. 85. Get the Most Out of Yelp 90% Of Customers Say Buying Decisions Are Influenced By Online Reviews Highlight your positive reviews on website (use Embed Tool)
  86. 86. Share Yelp Reviews on Facebook Step 1 S t e p 2
  87. 87. Add Yelp Badge to Email Signature
  88. 88. Try Yelp Check in Offer
  89. 89. Try Yelp Deals & Certificates
  90. 90.
  91. 91. If you are thinking about Yelp Ads Can Be Expensive, around $3 CPC (cost-per-click)
  92. 92. Want to Learn More- Yelp • Yelp- • 7 Ways to get Yelp Reviews without violating policy reviews-without-violating-its-policies / • Offer a deal through yelp. • Case Studies Learn More- Yelp
  93. 93. Want to Learn More- Yelp Bonus Tip: Add Social Proof to Website From Social Media Reviews • Ratings and Reviews • Clients & Testimonials • Social Shares • Subscriber Counts • Badges • User Generated Content
  95. 95. WHERE? Who? Who are you trying to reach? The more specific the easy it will be What? What are they searching for? What words do they use on google & What signals buying intent? Where? Where are they hanging out? Where are they doing research prior to purchase? WHO? WHAT? SALES HAPPEN & MONEY IS MADE WHEN.. Best Ideas all in One Place
  96. 96. WHO + WHERE + WHAT WORKSHEET SALES +HAPPY BUSINESS OWNER 13 Learn Faster, Best Ideas all in One Place
  97. 97. Facebook Ad vs. Google Ads • Google is great for demand fulfillment: Search -> Buy • Facebook is great for demand generation: Discovery • Complex to get it right. Lower conversion rate. Bigger opportunity. • • Google’s lifecycle: SetUp, Test, Fine-tune, Forget • Facebook’s lifecycle: SetUp, Test, Fine-tune, Repeat… You constantly need to test different ad designs and audiences to target
  98. 98. Customer Stages
  99. 99.
  100. 100. Customer Stages In the village a beautiful young girl feels lonely and misunderstood, because she reads books, and seems to be the only one. She daydreams about getting out, getting a better life, meeting a prince. Strangers
  101. 101. Customer Stages Acquaintance Belle, the girl, goes looking for him, finds him there and pleads to let her father go, in return for her staying there with the beast. It's a done deal and Belle is now trapped in the castle with the beast and his staff.
  102. 102. Customer Stages Causal Friend After Gaston failed, Belle was reunited with the Beast.
  103. 103. Customer Stages Intimate Friend Belle did in fact fall in love with the Beast, thus breaking his spell.
  104. 104. Customer Stages Marriage Belle did in fact fall in love with the Beast, thus breaking his spell. Marriage
  105. 105. Let’s Play a Little Game: New Product Line Launch Order the customer stages from most effective to least effective targeting Most Effective Least Effective
  106. 106. Let’s Play a Little Game: New Product Line Launch Most Effective Least Effective Marriage Intimate Friend Casual Friend Stranger Acquaintance
  107. 107. Now Let’s Translate this to Facebook Audiences Marriage Intimate Friend Casual Friend Acquaintance Stranger Custom Audience Look A Like Audience Core Audience
  108. 108. Some estimates put the cost of attracting a new customer at 5x more expensive than selling again to an existing client. Custom Audiences perform better than other types of ads; reach people who already have a relationship with your brand.
  109. 109. Audience Ideas
  110. 110. Google Search • To get list • Top leaders • Top magazines • Top Blogs • Top Websites • Tools use • Associations • Conferences • Schools • Organizations • tradeshows
  111. 111. • Exclude anything that would be too broad • Example: targeting Rock Climbs; • REI also attracts people with other interests (Too Broad) Is this Too Broad?
  112. 112. 1. Figuring out your sequence • Does your offer follow a flow of a healthy relationship? • Multistep • Remember Belle • Offer is a relationship person to person (12 stages or intimacy Desmond Morris)
  113. 113. Now Let’s Translate this to Customer Journey Marriage Intimate Friend Casual Friend Acquaintance Stranger 7) Advocate 8) Promote 5) Get excited 6) Ascend 3) Subscribe 4) Convert 1) Awareness 2) Engage
  114. 114. Steps (Customer Journey) Stage Example Awareness Really Great Content Engage Compelling Content Subscribe Opt In Convert Stranger to Friend; low commitment offer small purchase or sign up for demo Get excited Deliver on promise Ascend Can I take you out to dinner Advocate When asked Recommend Promote Affiliate or Ambassador (Actively telling others about)
  115. 115. 2. Offer Messaging • Does your copy speak to a specific desired end result of your customer? Talk to their specific pain point • Ideal Customer in some state of discontent, that’s why we buy
  116. 116. Offer • Hooks • Once they bought, what does their after state look like? Before After Have Feel Average Day Status Proof & Results Speed & Automation (Quicker for someone)
  117. 117. Offer Copy • Call out your audience (not by personal attributes) • Use question to poke at pain points • Solution to pain point=your offer or Call to Action • Be personable • No need to yell “FREE” • Use bullets, asterisks, emojis
  118. 118. 3. Build commitment & micro commitment • Small purchase prior to big purchase • Commitment of time ex. Webinar • Think Promise Ring before a Wedding Ring
  119. 119. 4. Little Victory • Overcome self-doubt Ex. Constant Contact Step 1: design email template upload logo, Step 2: pick colors, Step 3: congrats you crafted first email, Step 4: now upload list.
  120. 120. Facebook Ads Tip #1 Have a Strong Offer • Increase sales • Selling will become easy • How to: • Make outcomes clear & concise • Solve a pain/ satisfy a desire • Use social proof to reassure they are making a good decision • Focus on benefits not features • Good offers are emotional driven.
  121. 121. Choose Images to Convey Hook or marketing message • Tell story • It catches attention of the reader without being flashy or off-brand. • It reflects the brand and customer journey. • Display Product • Play off emotions already associated with imagery
  122. 122. Better ads • Use smiling people • Use high contrast & colorful photos • Use photos that show the benefit of the product/service, not spammy call- to-action • Address an emotion • Use symbolic images • No more than 20% text on image • Use the image to catch their attention & “sell” them on clicking the ad NOT convince them to buy. You’ll use your sales funnel for that.
  123. 123. Get Image Ideas Use Google images, Dreamstime or Creative Common (Flickr)
  124. 124. ADs Forced Friendship It's a done deal and Belle is now trapped in the castle with the beast and his staff.
  125. 125. Skipping to Many Steps Forced Marriage In the village the ignorant and manly Gaston is upset that Belle isn't interested in him. When her father claims she is trapped with a beast, Gaston sees the opportunity to have him committed to a mental hospital, thereby forcing Belle to marry him.
  126. 126. What are you offering: Types of Traffic Offers
  127. 127. Where will You Take People?
  128. 128. 50-75% OF ALL ADS FAIL EVEN THE EXPERTS Get Your Mad Scientist on & EXPERIMENT
  129. 129. What to Test? • At least 2-3 different images & ad copy variations including headlines • Test different landing page/optin variations- headlines, images, bullet points • Different Ad placement: desktop, mobile, devices • Break down ad sets down into age ranges & genders Image from Adespresso
  130. 130. Is a Positive Return On Investment
  131. 131. 6 Steps to measuring 1. Set Conversion Goal 2. Track Conversions(Reach, Leads, Conversion Rate, Traffic, Customers) 3. Assign monetary value to each conversion 4. Measure Total Benefits by Channel 5. Determine Costs 6. Analyze Results & Improve Ads Measuring ROI
  132. 132. • Your Offer • Your Targeting • Your Ad Copy/Creative • Your Ad Scent Troubleshooting Ads Four likely culprits:
  133. 133. What Did We Learn Today • Learned more about Yelp, Email, Blogs, Website, Small Introduction to online ads • Tools To Save Time
  134. 134. Thank You for Attending the Series • It was a pleasure having you all in my class. • Give yourselves a round of applause, you made it 15 hours together learning about online marketing & social media….
  135. 135. Special Bonus (Good for only 24 hours) Slides from This Presentation 1. Get out phones, Connect with me on LinkedIn or Facebook Facebook @Bloggerithm LinkedIn @mollyokane 2. Write a Review. Include The most important thing I learned in this series and/or What I liked about the class and/or How I will apply the information to my business 3. Send me a message once complete either by Facebook messenger or LinkedIn; Include email address. I send a special link within (48 hours)
  136. 136. If you loved the class, I would love to hear about how you will use what you learned Before you leave write a review @Bloggerithm on Facebook
  137. 137. Index Card Promise
  138. 138. Contact Info: Molly O’Kane Visit: