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10 Best Practices for Business Success on Facebook & Twitter (updated)


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Social Media and Online Marketing Made Simple Series: An introduction to Online Marketing success for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.
In this series, you will learn the essentials of social media marketing and online marketing for small businesses and entrepreneurs. With billions of social media users, learning how to design and use the right social media channels for your business is crucial. But you need to approach your social media and online marketing activities strategically to get real results. So, in this series, we’ll share proven social media tips and strategies you can use to reach your business’s goals.
By the end of the series, you will choose a platform to go “all-in”. Have a plan of action and the tools you need for success.
Who Should Attend:
• Small Business Owners
• Start Ups
• Those just getting started with Social Media
• Those interested in understanding how social media works

In this class learn how Facebook and Twitter work, best practices, success stories from other businesses who are winning it, and tools to save you time. Connecting the dots from social media to sales!

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10 Best Practices for Business Success on Facebook & Twitter (updated)

  1. 1. Taught By Molly O’Kane
  2. 2. What is the hardest part about being a small business owner? We will use the answers later
  3. 3. This workshop will be perfect for you…. • If you currently have a small business • If you’re new to social media • If you’re looking to grow your business
  4. 4. My Promise to You 1. All about Facebook & Twitter 2. Loads of ideas to try out 3. There are tools to make your life easier! In about 3 hours you’re going to learn:
  5. 5. Why are you excited about this class? What do you want to learn?
  6. 6. Meet Molly Social Media & Marketing Consultant for San Francisco Small Business Development Center With over a decade of starting new programs from scratch, speaking, and most importantly, real-life, in-the- trenches business experience. I started helping small business owners over three years ago deal with the sometimes overwhelming marketing, advertising & social media aspects of starting a new business.
  7. 7. Close your eyes and think of your best customer
  8. 8. 81% 64% 40% 34% 91% 29% 68% 27% 78% 40% 27% 34% 85% 33% 26% 32% 65% 21% 19% 26% 68% 24% 10% 17% 41% 10% 8% 16% 40% 9% 3% 6% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest YouTube Linkedin Snapchat WhatsApp % Users by Age in 2018 18-29 30-49 50-64 65+
  9. 9. 62 30 23 16 75 25 23 20 74 39 24 41 72 25 31 24 FacebookInstagram Twitter Pinterest YouTube Linkedin Snap Chat Whats App Adult Users: Male/ Female percentages 2018 Male Female
  10. 10. Pew Research 2018 68 35 29 25 24 73 27 22 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Facebook Instagram Pinterest Linkedin Twitter YouTube Snapchat Whats App 73% of Adults are on YouTube % of Adult Internet Users
  11. 11. Facebook is a social networking site that makes it easy for you to connect and share with your family and friends online.
  12. 12. 2.23 June 2018
  13. 13. Users Spend 20+ minutes per day on Facebook
  14. 14. 300 Visible Posts 5000 Pages 5000 Friends 6000 Groups Facebook User 15,000 Posts Algorithm 1,500 Posts
  15. 15. How People Use Facebook • To pass the time, • Connect with friends & family members or • To be entertained by the content they encounter. • People aren’t searching for anything in particular.
  16. 16. Facebook- Choosing What Page to Open
  17. 17. Facebook #1 - Upload a Great Profile Picture Your profile picture is the one thing everyone will associate with your brand – it’s the image next to everything you post. Fact: People are more likely to want to engage with a person than a brand logo.
  18. 18. Facebook #1 - Upload a Great Profile Picture Pro Tips If your company has a solid logo, use that logo. Do not use stock photos or text. Use something people will recognize & recall every time you post. Do not change your profile picture very often – unlike your cover photo. Make sure it fits with your brand If you’re building a personal brand or you are a public figure like a blogger, politician, musician, artist, etc., go with the personal picture.
  19. 19. Facebook #2 - Have a Great Cover Photo @SpeakeasyBeer • The cover photo is your first & best chance to make a good impression on would-be fans & prospective customers. • It’s your personal billboard. • Make sure you use an image and text that speaks about your brand — but doesn’t overdo it.
  20. 20. Great Cover Photos are: ● High Quality ● Representative of your Brand ● Current Pro Tips Create your image at the right size: 851 pixels by 315 pixels Avoid: Stock photos @janaeshieldsphotography @thephotographerselement Facebook #2 - Have a Great Cover Photo
  21. 21. The best – and cheapest method is to use your camera or phone and take a photo of your business or your employees. Tip: Make sure your logo is prominent in the image (or just Photoshop it in later). If you don’t have a location or employees, use a high-quality background with some text & your logo layered on top. @problogger @beauscoffee Facebook #2 - Have a Great Cover Photo
  22. 22. Facebook #3 - Change Your Cover Photo Often Change your cover photo every month or so – as new promotions come & go – and as holidays arrive. 6 ways to leverage the cover photo in ways most haven’t thought about: 1. Drive your audience to your top apps 2. Ask your fans to “Like” you and “pass it on” 3. Direct fans to an offer 4. Provide a link to valuable information 5. Ask your fans to share your Page 6. Send people to your website
  23. 23. Facebook Activity - Brainstorm Cover Images Revisit Video: /videos/1831153470480912/
  24. 24. Facebook #4 - Complete Your About Section Your About section speaks volumes about your business – and it’s the first thing most visitors will read. Write something descriptive about your brand that conveys what you do. Make sure to: • Provide good information • Tell people what your company does • Share why you’re different • Add other interesting details Tip: Keep it friendly and informal. A casual tone usually works best on Facebook.
  25. 25. Post 1–2 times per day
  26. 26. Facebook - What to Post
  27. 27. Use Images – Visual content drives engagement, period. According to KISS metrics: • Facebook photos get 53% more likes • 104% more comments • 84% more click-through on links than posts containing only text Facebook - What to Post
  28. 28. Use Video – Visual content drives engagement, period. Videos work when: • Authentic • Entertaining • Evoke Emotion • Personal/Relatable • Useful • Viewer Control • Work with Sound Off Facebook #5 - What to Post
  29. 29. What is Live A fun, powerful way to connect with your followers and create new ones along the way Why Use Live • Facebook is prioritizing and promoting live video right now • Helps you to test new ideas and get immediate feedback • It can lead to higher engagement Facebook #6 - Live
  30. 30. Facebook Live Ideas: • Ask me Anything (AMA) • Behind the Scenes • Teaching Presentations • Announcements • Event Recaps • Thoughts for the Day • Promoting Content/Newsletter • Guest Presenters/Interviews • Demonstrations • Reviews • Live Events Facebook - Facebook Live @problogger
  31. 31. Offer time sensitive discounts • Offering time based discounts can be an extremely effective way to get people to take action and move the needle when you need to. Facebook #7- What to Post All the Business Growth Ideas You Will Need
  32. 32. Questions • Posts that ask questions garner 23% more engagement on average. • Try getting inquisitive to start a dialogue with your audience. Build Relationships & Community Facebook #8- What to Post All the Business Growth Ideas You Will Need
  33. 33. Fill-in-the-blanks There are many types of Fill-in-the- Blanks you can post on your Facebook page -- but these 4 are the biggies: • Business/Product related • Industry related • Random topic • Holiday & festive Facebook - What to Post All the Business Growth Ideas You Will Need
  34. 34. Run Contests: Facebook contests are a great way to get to know your audience, and increase loyalty and reach. Contest Ideas: • Like to Win. ... • Comment to Win. ... • Like and Comment to Win. ... • Caption Contest. ... • Fill-in-the-Blank Contest. ... • Photo Contest. ... • Q&A Contest. ... • Crowdsource Contest. Facebook - What to Post
  35. 35. Facebook #9 - Leverage Ads 3 steps in our local business Facebook advertising strategy are: 1. Make people aware of your business by providing free value. (The Awareness Stage) 2. Establish your local business as the expert. (The Consideration Stage) 3. Make the pitch for your business. (The Conversion Stage) All the Business Growth Ideas You Will Need
  36. 36. Facebook #10 - Be Human How to do this: • Reply to comments using the person's first name • Show Empathy • Treat people with Respect • Kill people with Kindness • Make posts personal All the Business Growth Ideas You Will Need
  37. 37. Facebook - Use Messenger Why do this: Great way to communicate to customers Somethings you can do: • Answer questions • Send thank you • Send offers • Private or Group Chat • Food Orders
  38. 38. Facebook Recommendations • Don’t Ignore Reminded people to recommend
  39. 39. Facebook Groups Why Use them? • As soon as you have a group of engaged people caring about you, you can bring them to whichever platform you want, even long after this opportunity passes. • Right now, growing Facebook groups is ridiculously easy but it's not going to stay this way. • Cons: Time-consuming to start & monitor • Opportunity: For higher reach. are the place for small group communication and for people to share their common interests and express their opinion.
  40. 40. Break Time: 10 minutes
  41. 41. • Find a proven idea that fits your brand & Facebook page style • Design a graphic • Craft a power headline • Summarize your post • End with a question or call to action • Hashtag it! • Schedule Facebook 7 - Steps to Designing a Facebook Post In 3 Minutes
  42. 42. Facebook Activity - What will you post Revisit what To post inspiration:
  43. 43. • Buzzosumo – Analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor Including questions
  44. 44. Facebook Publishing Tools
  45. 45. • Tip: Export Quarterly • Explore all sections, will look different depending on type of page Monitor Insights
  46. 46. Monitor Insights
  47. 47. Monitor Insights
  48. 48. Monitor Insights
  49. 49. Use Hashtags Intelligently on Facebook ● Here are some things to NOT do when using hashtags: ● Don't use hashtags in every post ● Don't hijack a common hashtag just to try and show up in results ● Don't hashtag senseless words -- like #huzzah or #awesome ● Don't stuff your post with hashtags -- 1 is enough!
  50. 50. Ideas to Grow Your Facebook Followers 1. Have Great Content 1. Run Facebook Ads 1. Guest Curate for Other Pages: Choose 5 to 10 successful Facebook pages run by companies offering services complementary to yours, since they share your target audience. Your expertise will offer real value to their fans. Then offer to curate content for them once a week in return for credit on their page.
  51. 51. More Ideas to Grow Your Facebook Followers • Seek Out Promotional Swaps: Search for and list about 30 to 40 Facebook pages for products, services or communities that are complementary to yours. Send each page a message, explaining a bit about yourself and your Facebook status (such as page likes and engagement). Offer to mention their Facebook page to your fans on a Facebook update if they mention yours in return. • Conduct Q&A Sessions with an expert: Invite different experts in your field to answer questions on your Facebook page and rally users to show up and ask questions in real time. Fans can ask questions and interviewees can respond inline, making the Q&A easy to follow. Great to do Facebook Live.
  52. 52. Facebook Ad vs. Google Ads • Google is great for demand fulfillment: Search -> Buy • Facebook is great for demand generation: Discovery • Complex to get it right. Lower conversion rate. Bigger opportunity. • Google’s lifecycle: SetUp, Test, Fine-tune, Forget • Facebook’s lifecycle: SetUp, Test, Fine-tune, Repeat… You constantly need to test different ad designs and audiences to target
  53. 53. Facebook Pixel Before Running Any Ads: 1. Add your Facebook Pixel to your website 2. Test Using Chrome Extension Facebook Pixel Helper
  54. 54. Offer Copy • Call out your audience (not by personal attributes) • Use question to poke at pain points • Solution to pain point=your offer or Call to Action • Be personable • No need to yell “FREE” • Use bullets, asterisks, emojis
  55. 55. Facebook Ads Tip #1 Have a Strong Offer • Increase sales • Selling will become easy How to: • Make outcomes clear & concise • Solve a pain/ satisfy a desire • Use social proof to reassure they are making a good decision • Focus on benefits not features • Good offers are emotional driven.
  56. 56. Better Ads • Use smiling people • Use high contrast & colorful photos • Use photos that show the benefit of the product/service, not spammy call- to-action • Address an emotion • Use symbolic images • No more than 20% text on image • Use the image to catch their attention & “sell” them on clicking the ad NOT convince them to buy. You’ll use your sales funnel for that.
  57. 57. Don’t make your ads like this: -> Only a small % of people are ready to buy from you the first time they see your ad. It takes about 8 touches to get people comfortable enough to buy Should we get Married? Are you ready to get married? We just Met but…..
  58. 58. What are you offering: Types of Traffic Offers
  59. 59. More than likely you will need to run more than one ad Custom Audiences from your website sales/custom-audiences- website?campaign_id=648959365201614&placem ent=broad&creative=68261306412&keyword=+fa cebook++remarketing&extra_1=5823d0dc-ab6d- 4f88-a4fc-ee84016fbdb7
  60. 60. Why Test? ● New campaigns 50-75% of ads fail. ● So you need to test multiple ads to find the winners. ● Helps decrease the cost of lead ● Ideally, you want to allocate a budget big enough to allow each ad to receive at least 20 conversions. So, if you’re testing five pictures and your cost per conversion is $2, you want to have a budget of $200 ($2*5*20). ● Needed: about 10 000 impressions to evaluate which ads work and which don’t. Run ad for at least 72 hours.
  61. 61. What to Test? ● At least 3 different images & ad copy variations including headlines ● Test different landing page/optin variations- headlines, images, bullet points ● Different Ad placement: desktop, mobile, devices ● Break down ad sets down into age ranges & genders Image from Adespresso
  62. 62. Facebook Ads Measuring Goals Every Niche is Different ● General Stat Goals ● Cost per lead less than $8 ● Cost per click less than $1 ● Click thru- Rate more than 1% ● Relevancy score 5 & above ● Frequency Rate 1-4 Amy Poterfield Podcast #127 with Rick Mulready
  63. 63. • Facebook Ad Manager- Analytics • Facebook Insights • Facebook Scheduler • Hootsuite — Allows you to post and schedule updates to your Facebook pages, personal profile, and groups. • Buffer — Allows you to post and schedule updates to your Facebook pages and personal profile. • Post Planner — Helps you come up with engaging updates for your Facebook pages and personal profile. • Facebook Ad examples examples/ Tools for Facebook
  64. 64. • Facebook Pages for Business: A Guide for Newbies business-a-guide-for-newbies • The Complete Guide to Facebook Marketing Learn More Facebook
  65. 65. Break Time: 10 minutes
  66. 66. What is Twitter These are your 140 character posts and updates you make Twitter is the place to find out about what's happening in the world right now. Whether you're interested in music, sports, politics, news, celebrities, or everyday ... Think micro blog
  67. 67. Twitter- Facts There are 328M monthly active users There are 500 million Tweets sent each day. That’s 6,000 Tweets/second Journalists make up 24.6% of verified accounts 80% of Twitter users have mentioned a brand in a Tweet 54% of users surveyed by Twitter reported that they had taken action after seeing a brand mentioned in Tweets 29.2% of US social media users are Twitter users Twitter - Getting Started for Business
  68. 68. 81% 64% 40% 34% 91% 29% 68% 27% 78% 40% 27% 34% 85% 33% 26% 32% 65% 21% 19% 26% 68% 24% 10% 17% 41% 10% 8% 16% 40% 9% 3% 6% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest YouTube Linkedin Snapchat WhatsApp % Users by Age in 2018 18-29 30-49 50-64 65+
  69. 69. 62 30 23 16 75 25 23 20 74 39 24 41 72 25 31 24 FacebookInstagram Twitter Pinterest YouTube Linkedin Snap Chat Whats App Adult Users: Male/ Female percentages 2018 Male Female
  70. 70. Twitter - What People Use Twitter For
  71. 71. Make Sure You Have Done All of the Following: 1. Signed up for Twitter 2. Uploaded a Profile Picture - Use your logo if it’s a company account 3. Completed Your Twitter Bio - Be descriptive and professional, and include your company’s website 4. Added a Background. Differentiate your company with a custom background. It adds credibility 5. Followed People - Friends, influencers, and even competitors 6. Started Tweeting - Your own content plus other pieces you have found valuable or interesting Twitter - Getting Started for Business
  72. 72. Hashtag Free Ideas & How to for Business Growth What is a Hashtag? A tool that allows others to find your content, based on topics.
  73. 73. • Hashtagify is a hashtag search engine with data about hashtags. $9.99/mo • RiteTag notifies you when new hashtags emerge for your topic. $49/yr • Google Trends • Google Plus Classic View Tools: Hashtag Research
  74. 74. See How it Works
  75. 75. Roughly 8% of people follow you because of the quality of your profile photo. 1. Quality Photo 400 x 400 pixels 2. Be Consistent Twitter - Picture
  76. 76. Your bio gives you the chance to tell the world who you are, what you do, and what you like. 1.160 Characters 2.Bios should help Twitter users easily figure out if and how you can solve their problem. 3.Include benefits not features 4.Add one or two hashtags 5.Have a Call to Action 6.Use periods, commas or lines to separate what you do in your Twitter bio 7.Have Fun Twitter - Bio
  77. 77. Here’s how: 1.It’s accurate. One professional description. 2.It’s exciting. One word that is not boring. 3.It’s targeted. One niche descriptor. 4.It’s flattering. One accomplishment. 5.It’s humanizing. One hobby. 6.It’s intriguing. One interesting fact or feature about yourself. 7.It’s connected. Your company or another social profile. Twitter Activity - Create of fine tune your bio
  78. 78. Display your work, Show what you do, Stand for something, Create a scene, Be proud, Show process, Create a personal connection, Show your unique style, Give a face to the name, Have a message, Show your work environment, Show employees, Show achievements, Create a story, Relate to your brand, Have a sense of humor Twitter - Cover Art
  79. 79. • Gather information about competitors • Find Out What Questions Your Customers Are Asking. • Observe how people are talking about your niche and what they’re sharing. • Get customer feedback • Find Influencers • Find Experts • Get ideas for content • Ask questions • Find out about customer lifestyle Twitter - Uses Research
  80. 80. How to: (medium difficulty) • Create a dedicated Twitter landing page, specifically targeted toward visitors from Twitter instead homepage. • Send out links to landing pages on Twitter for offers that support general education for your followers. Something like • “Free Ebook: 10 [Insert Industry] Mistakes to Avoid” will work beautifully! • Monitor industry terms with Twitter Search. • Participate in Twitter chats. • Connect your blog to Twitter Twitter- Uses Lead Generation
  81. 81. It moves in real time, making it simple for customers to ask you questions, celebrate your business, or reach out if they need support. How to: • Respond to customers with enthusiasm • Respond quickly. • Keep your responses short and friendly. • don’t be afraid to use pictures, GIFs, or emojis. • Move conversations from public to private • Amplify positive reviews Companies using Twitter for customer service see a 19% lift in customer satisfaction 60% of consumers expect brands to respond to their query within the hour, but the average is 1 hour 24 minutes. After receiving a positive response from a retailer, 77% of users feel more positively towards that business. Twitter- Uses Customer Service
  82. 82. Twitter- Uses Customer Service Nike Support Example
  83. 83. 3 Simple Ways to Optimize Tweets for Social Search: • Use SEO keywords. • Ask for retweets. • Write awesome blog post titles. Spreading blog posts through Twitter will help boost traffic from Twitter and search engines. Twitter - Uses Social Media Search Boost your content for SEO
  84. 84. Using Twitter is a great way to introduce yourself and your company to the media. How to: • Develop relationships with reporters, bloggers and other media people through Twitter. • Watch for tweets about editorial opportunities. • Direct Message reporters instead of sending them an email. (don’t pitch too much) • Use Twitter to check in before pitching. Twitter - Uses PR
  85. 85. A Tweet is: • 280 characters text based message. • May have image • May have video • May have links Twitter - What is a Tweet
  86. 86. Leave one tweet to respond to things that happen during the day. Plan 4 tweets a day Twitter - Tweet at least 5 x a day Plan 4 tweets a day Plan 4 tweets a day Plan 4 tweets a day
  87. 87. Tool: Buzzsumo • Buzzosumo – Analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor Including questions
  88. 88. An Observation: Tweet about something happening around the office. Include photos to bring those scenes to life. Twitter - What to Tweet
  89. 89. Your Content: Post a link to your company’s most recent blog article or an offer you think is particularly helpful, with a headline or description to encourage readers to click through. Twitter - What to Tweet
  90. 90. Events You’re Attending: Share a link to the next conference or webinar you are hosting or plan to attend, and why you’re excited about it. Twitter - What to Tweet
  91. 91. Someone Else’s Content: Post a link to someone else‘s blog article as a helpful resource, with a compliment for their good work. Twitter - What to Tweet
  92. 92. Chat With Someone: Direct tweets to other Twitter users using an @ sign. Great to help with Customer Service Twitter - What to Tweet
  93. 93. Retweet great content: Quickly share other people’s tweets with your followers, like forwarding an email, by clicking the retweet button. Twitter - What to Tweet
  94. 94. Contest How To: • Identify the Objective • Plan teaser tweets, during contest & after • Choose a Prize • Select a Contest Type • Use a tool like Wishpond or Woobox • Measure the Results • Thank everyone for participating Twitter - What to Tweet
  95. 95. Tweets with images receive 18% more click throughs, 89% more likes, and 150% more retweets. Image Ideas: • Quotes • Behind-the-scenes candids • Photos of your workspace • Industry events and tradeshows • Stock photos. If all else fails • Header photos from your blog posts • Office parties • Graphs and charts • Memes • Your customers enjoying your product • Photos that show off your personality. • Mini-infographic, or segment of a larger one • Community-created photos. • Screenshots • Vines/Twitter Video Twitter - What to Tweet
  96. 96. You can pin any tweet that you've sent, and it will jump up to the top of your profile. Great for promotional video • Upcoming Events • Highlighting new product Twitter - Pin Tweet
  97. 97. Twitter - Activity Create 2 Tweet • Revisit Inspiration for Twitter Bios and Tweets
  98. 98. Direct message (DM) is a private tweet that appears in twitter inbox • Person must be following you • 1000 DMs a day • Great way to communicate with customers Twitter - Direct Message
  99. 99. Lists: Organize people by interests or groups. • Can include people you aren’t following • Public or private • Good way to get noticed by influencer add them to a public list that gives them a ego boost. Twitter - Lists
  100. 100. Twitter - Why Grow Your Following Attracting followers is important because they will serve as your network who will view your tweets. Think of your total number of followers (AKA your following) as your Twitter reach
  101. 101. Twitter - Why People Follow • Reputation and Fame • Relationship • Familiarity • Substance • News (and Gossip) • Humor • Insider or Niche Content • Inspiration • Advice • Curation • Reciprocation • Incentives • Requests or Support • Chats & Events
  102. 102. Make your company’s Twitter usernames easy to find. • Create a page on your website that lists your employees’ Twitter handles. • Giving customers an easy way to interact with your staff gives your company a public personality, and can also help to strengthen your brand. Twitter - Grow Your Following
  103. 103. Visitors to your blog and website might like your content and want to subscribe to your tweets, so add • Follow buttons to your site so people can easily find you. • Make it easy for people to find out if your company has a Twitter account, by adding your Twitter handle to your email signatures, business cards, and marketing collateral... Twitter - Grow Your Following
  104. 104. Interact with those people you follow who don’t yet follow you back. • Make sure to monitor your Twitter stream and comment on what other people are saying. • Give feedback; compliment people. The key is to engage. • This will give them incentive to follow you back. Twitter - Grow Your Following & Engage with Them
  105. 105. Actively find your audience • Follow people everyday • Follow between 75-100 people per day (No more) • Use a tool • If you are approaching 5000 make sure your following ratio to followers is pretty even. Or you will be limited on number of people you can follow. Twitter - Grow Your Following
  106. 106. Twitter - Ads
  107. 107. Tweet at times your audience in on Twitter Twitter - Post when your audience is active
  108. 108. Free One Profile Twitter - Tools Followerwonk
  109. 109. Twitter - Tools Audiense
  110. 110. Get to know your audience Twitter - Tools Ads Manager
  111. 111. Won’t get audience engagement, won’t be your potential customer Twitter - Don’t Buy Followers
  112. 112. • TweetDeck is a social media dashboard originally developed by an independent team but later acquired by Twitter. Its key feature is the ability to organize Twitter feeds from multiple Twitter accounts into convenient, auto-scrolling columns. • Buffer allows users to schedule updates to their Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ accounts. ~ $10/month • Audiense is a Twitter management tool for businesses that provides deeper insight into your audience and engagement. ~$9/month plan. Tools for Twitter
  113. 113. • IFTTT is a free service that allows users to automate activities using “recipes” in the following format: IF [TRIGGER HAPPENS] then [ACTION HAPPENS]. • Tweriod is an analytics tool that goes through all of your follower’s activity to then determine what times throughout the day they're most active. Free Tools for Twitter
  114. 114. • New Guide: The Small Business Blueprint to Marketing on Twitter • The Marketer's Guide to Twitter • A Simple Guide to Using Hashtags on Twitter [Infographic] tips#sm.0000rwfxr5narekzs812c6xortqcw Learn More Twitter
  115. 115. Try This: ➢Survey your audience (if possible) ➢Make your best educated guess at days and times ➢Be consistent ➢Review your metrics on each network ➢Track your results over time ➢Optimize your posting days and times based on what your data tells you Best Post Times Aren’t Working? Free Ideas & How to for Business Growth
  116. 116. What We Learned Today • How to use Facebook & Twitter • Types of posts for maximum engagement • Tools To Save Time
  117. 117. If you loved the class, I would love to hear about how you will use what you learned Before you leave write a review @Bloggerithm on Facebook
  118. 118. Index Card Promise
  119. 119. Contact Info: Molly O’Kane 📧 🌐