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Types of documentaries


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Types of documentaries

  1. 1. Types of Documentaries Docusoaps Reality TV Fly on the wall Mixed Self Reflective Docudrama Fully Narrated
  2. 2. Docusoaps• Observational, a hybrid• A long running documentary series.• Follow groups and individuals. For example One Born Every Minute• Started in 1990`s and were a new thing which challenged what was on TV.• Docusoaps follow central characters which go into lots of detail so the audience gets to know the character better.
  3. 3. Reality TV• Factual television and can be known as infotainment(information and entertainment)• Emerged in between 1989 and 1999.• Improved factual TV.• Reality TV is a mix of authentic material with serious information with commercial content.• Use of camera work, surveillance and commentary.
  4. 4. Fly On The Wall• People being filmed ignore the camera.• Events that we see are supposed to be “real” Mixed• Combination of interviews, observation, actuality, footage, archiv e material and narration(who advances the story and narrative on)
  5. 5. Self Reflective• The camera follows a person and the know they are being followed. They often talk directly to the camera Docudrama• Have reconstruction and reactant.• They show the events that happen at the time.
  6. 6. Fully Narrated• Voice overs conveys the argument.• Voice over is also used to make sense of the visuals used.• Voice over dominates and tells the audience what is going on. For example Human Planet
  7. 7. Current Affairs Programmes• Mid way between documentaries and the news. For example News Night• Based on aspects that affect society.• Journalist aims to address the news and political agendas in more depth than news bulletins.• Journalistic report which could be for arguing the case.• Journalists frequently appear.• Explores issues and important social development.
  8. 8. Differences between current affairs and Documentaries• Documentaries may take more time to produce and current affairs need to get stories together more quickly.