WWII Radio Unit


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WWII Radio Unit

  1. 1. World War II Radio Unit Cross Disciplinary: English and Social Studies 10-12 Grade Humanities Course
  2. 2. Lesson Progression•  WWII Overview and Introduction (S.S.)•  Kurt Vonnegut (English)•  Mother Night (English)•  Radio Broadcasts and Media Significance during WWII (S.S. and Public Speaking)
  3. 3. Objectives•  By the end of the unit, S.W.B.A.T. characterize and explain the major events of WWII•  After reading Kurt Vonneguts Mother Night, S.W.B.A.T. describe the novel, as well as Vonneguts writing style and use of literary conventions•  S.W.B.A.T. investigate how forms of public speaking, such as radio broadcasting, can be used for greater socio-political purposes while developing their own ability to speak fluidly and effectively for a purpose
  4. 4. World War II•  Axis Powers o  Nazi Party (Germany) o  Italy o  Japan•  Allied Powers o  America o  Britain o  Russia•  Invasion of Poland 1939•  Bombing of Pearl Harbor
  5. 5. Adolf Hitler•  Nazi Party leader•  Chancellor of Germany in 1933 o  Created the Third Reich•  Seeked to create Arian nation•  Wanted to gain living space for Germans•  Gifted orator
  6. 6. Public Speaking•  Good Posture•  Focus•  Start Strong, Finish Stronger•  Vary pace, tone, and volume•  Punctuate with gestures•  Connect with audience•  Exhibit confidence
  7. 7. H it ler Speaks
  8. 8. Hitler as a SpeakerHow does Hitler portray the traits of a powerful/influential public speaker?Text 409868 and your answers to 37607(i.e. "409868 he seemed confident")
  9. 9. onnegut (1 9 2 2 -2 0 0 7 ) Kurt V•  American writer and humorist•  Author of ... o  Slaughterhouse Five (1969) o  Cats Cradle (1963) o  Breakfast of Champions (1973) o  Sirens of Titan (1959)•  Commonly used genres and conventions o  Science Fiction o  Absurdism o  Satire
  10. 10. Poll Question 1. Have you ever read a novel or short story by Kurt Vonnegut before? If so, which one?Reply by txting 40237 and the novel to 37607 (i.e. "40237 Cats Cradle") 1. Did you read it in a class or individually?Reply by txting: 404238 if you read it in class, 404241 if you read it individually for fun 404934 for never read
  11. 11. Rules for Writing Stories Ku rt Vonneguts1.  Time of a total stranger2.  "Give the reader at least one character he or she can root for"3.  "Every character should want something - even if it is only a glass of water"4.  Each sentence - either reveal character or advance the action
  12. 12. Rules for Writing Stories Ku rt Vonneguts5."Start as close to the end as possible"6. Be a sadist7. "Write to please just one person"8. Give readers as much information as possible, as soon as possible - "To heck with suspense"•  What writing style might you expect from Vonnegut?
  13. 13. Mothe r Night PlotProtagonist: Howard W. Campbell Jr.Wife: HelgaSetting: 1930s Germany--Nazi power buildsCampbell the Spy Frank Wirtanen Idiosyncrasies
  14. 14. Campb ell in NYCNeighbor: George Kraft, spyWhite Supremacist: Lionel JonesResiMetafiction Character introduction Author omniscient interjections
  15. 15. ight, by Ku rt VonnegutMother N
  16. 16. Reacti on to VideoDid this video change/develop to your view of Mother Night?Text 37607Yes (How?) with 403596If not what similarities? 406232
  17. 17. Radio Programming•  Growth or radio broadcasting in the 1920s o  The "Golden Age of Radio"•  Purpose of radio programs•  82 out of every 100 American as radio listeners
  18. 18. Rad i o i n WWI I •  Radio during WWII •  Use of radio in Vonneguts Mother Night
  19. 19. Fin al Product•  For their final project, students will take on the role of either one of the members of the WWII Big Three -- Churchill, Stalin, FDR -- or of Adolf Hilter, and write a script responding to Campbells propaganda that uses references to Mother Night and historical facts from WWII.•  Students will then record their script in oral format using www.ipadio.com to form a podcast response.
  20. 20. mple of Fin al Project Exa•  New York Radio Broadcast with Franklin Delano Roosevelt