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Classroom Creation Station Materials List


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Getting started with design thinking in your classroom? This list, from my work in the RED Lab at Stanford, outlines the contents of classroom creation station starter kit.

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Classroom Creation Station Materials List

  1. 1.   The  Basics:     ☐  pencils   ☐  crayons   ☐  dry  erase  markers   ☐  sharpies  (permanent)   ☐  markers   ☐  construc5on  paper   ☐  yarn   ☐  paper   ☐  notebooks   ☐  post-­‐its   ☐  scraps  of  fabric   ☐  pipe  cleaners   ☐  tape   ☐  scissors   ☐  rubber  bands   ☐  paper  bags  (lunch)     ☐  paper  clips   ☐  poster  or  butcher  paper   The  Fun  Stuff:     ☐  cardboard   ☐  straws   ☐  popsicle  s5cks   ☐  foam,  clay,  and/or  play    dough     Ask  the  Students  to  Help!   ☐  paper  towel  rolls   ☐  egg  cartons   ☐  cereal  boxes   ☐  paper  product  rolls   ☐  bubble  wrap   ☐  packing  material   ☐  magazines   ☐  paper  grocery  bags   ☐  found  objects  of  interest     Context  Specific   ☐  Materials  that  represent  student   interests  or  cultural  backgrounds   ☐  Project  Specific  Materials   ☐  Photographs  of  exisi5ng  solu5ons   or  previous  design  experiences     Other  Things  to  Consider:    op#onal     For  Inspira:on   ☐  masks   ☐  clown  noses   ☐  feathers   ☐  puffs   ☐  googly  eyes     Wild  Ideas   ☐  fake  money   ☐  tools  (glue  gun,  exacto  knife,  etc)   ☐  form  to  collect  user  input   ☐  inspira5onal  quotes     Awards   ☐  Best  at  Rapid  Prototypes   ☐  Best  at  GeJng  User  Feedback   ☐  Best  Team  Collabora5ons   ☐  Best  at  Failing  Forward