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Presentation for broadband ( John Hickey)


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Presentation for broadband ( John Hickey)

  1. 1. A Report into Internet BroadbandServices in the Killarney Area
  2. 2. Access to Broadband94.4 %5.6 %0102030405060708090100With B/Band Without B/BandVTOSWith B/BandWithout B/Band
  3. 3. Broadband Provider41.17 %29.41 %23.52 %5.88 %0510152025303540453 mobile Vodofone Eircom otherVTOS3 mobileVodofoneEircomother
  4. 4. Mobile V Landline70.58%29.42%0.00%10.00%20.00%30.00%40.00%50.00%60.00%70.00%80.00%Mobile LandlineKillarney VtosMobileLandline
  5. 5. Cost of Broadband€24.75€30.40€49 €50€0.00€10.00€20.00€30.00€40.00€50.00€60.003 mobile Vodofone Eircom PermanetMonthly Average3 mobileVodofoneEircomPermanetEircom and Permanet include reduced/free landline calls
  6. 6. Quality of Service (0-10 )0123456789Rating out of 103 MobileVodophoneEircomPermanet