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Lindsey Basic Presentation

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  1. 1. Celebrating 50 Years of Insight, Innovation and Ideas
  2. 2. Our mission is to create software that saves time and increases productivity, easing the day-to-day workload of housing organizations nationwide.
  3. 3. A trusted partner to the housing industry for 50 years!
  4. 4. Insight Lindsey Software is constantly looking forward, working to ensure that our focus on the future is just as keen as our focus on the past.
  5. 5. Innovation All of our software is designed and developed in-house by our own team of programmers, you can rest assured that we are always working to make our software system exceed the growing demands and needs of housing agencies.
  6. 6. Ideas Lindsey Software provides housing authorities with the best possible solutions to manage their agencies.
  7. 7. Tenant & Applicant Processing
  8. 8. 58 submission services HUD recognizes Lindsey as having one of the lowest error rates in the country.
  9. 9. 50 years of experience with public housing fee accounting
  10. 10. Lindsey’s expansive list of modules is further evidence of our commitment to streamlining your job and your life. Our modules will provide you with assistance in all areas of your housing operation.
  11. 11. Tenant & Applicant Processing Word Processing Bridge Tenant Accounts Receivable Payroll Receipt System Time Clock Interface Accounts Payable Document Management Bank Account Manager (BAM!) Utility Consumption Tracker eHAP TM My Waiting List TM eSTUB™ Fixed Assets General Ledger FDS Auto Transmits Handheld Inspections Rent Reasonable Lockbox Work Orders Purchase Orders Inventory Section 8 AR Bring all of your systems under one roof!
  12. 12. Excellent training and superior support.
  13. 13. Lindsey’s Training Unrivaled technical support and training services Onsite training allows you to learn our systems while using your data Training schedule is customized for your organization to ensure the most effective results Onsite, phone, online, regional and the North Little Rock training facility are the numerous training options Lindsey offers
  14. 14. Lindsey’s Support All technical support calls to Lindsey Software put you in touch with experieinced trainers Efficiency in handling phone inquiries is unmatched Ensures that you receive the help you need, when you need it
  15. 15. Trained, knowledgeable and friendly staff to meet all of your housing agency’s needs.
  16. 16. What our customers say about us!
  17. 17. Olathe Housing Authority has utilized Lindsey Software for many years. The software is very user friendly and has the capability of generating a large number of excellent reports. Kathy Rankin, Olathe HA
  18. 18. Lindsey is very professional and has alleviated much stress in my life. I have been with Lindsey since 1983 and have always been very pleased with their services. Betty Brewer, Breckenridge HA
  19. 19. I am very happy with the service and always get a person to speak with when I call support. No call backs like I did in the past with my previous software. Patsy Carson, Crestview & Crosscreek HA
  20. 20. I love how easy Lindsey Software is to use and navigate and that it covers every aspect of public housing. Lori Hendren Rice, Erwin HA