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Decision Makers Crib: Mobile App Development - Analysis of common frameworks and SDKs


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Decision Maker‘s Crib is a series of presentations. Each one covers a current decison maker topic. Information is provided in "naked" slides to focus on the content and to support copy&paste to reuse the pieces of information.

This crib helps to decide which SDK or webkit is suitable when talking about mobile or native app development.

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Decision Makers Crib: Mobile App Development - Analysis of common frameworks and SDKs

  1. 1. Decision Maker‘s Crib Mobile App Development:Analysis of common frameworks and SDKs March 2011
  2. 2. SDK - OverviewProduct Development Plattforms Components Distinctivenes PricingAir Play C / C++ Android, iOS SDK (alpha) 2.500 US$ per GUI Tools Seat (under constr.)Appcelerator HTML 5, Android, iOS Javascript Lib, Integration of Free communityTitanium CSS 3, Javascript Administration native modules edition without and in Objective-C support management (iOS) and Java available environment (Android)Phonegap HTML 5, Android, iOS, Project Online Build Free of charge CSS 3, Javascript Palm, Symbian, template for Service BlackBerry existing IDEMoSync C / C++ Windows SDK Integrated 2.999 US$ per Mobile, Java device DB, Seat ME, Symbian Eclipse (iOS, Android) integrationCorona Lua Android, iOS IDE and Own game 349 US$ p.a. Command Line engine included Tools (Build, Debug)
  3. 3. SDK - Review• Summary – Promising approaches, particularly Air Play and MoSync – Products currently in early stage – Air Play: main parts like UI Builder are still missing – MoSync: supports 2 of 5 plattforms, prices starting at 2500 USD per seat
  4. 4. Webkit - OverviewProduct Development Plattforms Components Distinctivenes PricingSensa Touch HTML 5, iOS, Android, Javascript Lib, Free community CSS 3, Javascript (BlackBerry) CSS, API edition without Browser support availableJQ Touch/ HTML 5, iPhone, iPod Javascript Lib, Maintainer is Free communityJQuery CSS 3, Javascript Touch, (others) CSS Sencha Labs edition without support availableiUI HTML 5, iPhone Javascript Lib, Maintainer is Open Source CSS 3, Javascript CSS GoogleNet biscuits Graphical IDE, iPhone, iPod Cloud Service Development .net Controls Touch, iPad, Build and Run, and Runtime others Eclipse Plugin, environment as .net Controls Cloud Service
  5. 5. Webkit - Review• Summary – Target group: web designer, to simplify mobile app development by using existing web dev know how – Why building mobile apps that look like native ones when well optimized web pages work even better? – Poor debugging options