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Neste slide existem citações de personagens e resumo do ambiente e jobabilidade.

In this slides there are characters quotes, gameplay and environment summary

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  1. 1. Entrada de Rapture
  2. 2. Personagens
  3. 3. Andrew Ryan“A man chooses; a slaveobeys.”“We all make choices, but inthe end, our choices makeus.”“It wasnt impossible to buildRapture at the bottom of thesea. It was impossible to buildit anywhere else.”
  4. 4. Atlas"I am not a liberator.Liberators do not exist. Thesepeople will liberatethemselves."
  5. 5. Brigid Tenenbaum“They offered you the city...and you refused it. And whatdid you do instead? What Ivecome to expect of you. Yousaved them. You gave themthe one thing that was stolenfrom them: A chance. A chanceto learn, to find love, to live.And in the end, what was yourreward? You never said it, but Ithink I know: a family.”
  6. 6. Frank Fontaine“I had you built! I sent you top-side! I called you back,showed you what you was,what you was capable of!Even that life you thought youhad? That was something Idreamed of and had tatooedinside you head. ”
  7. 7. Jack ryan"When Mum and Dad put meon that plane to visit mycousins in England, they toldme, Son, youre special, youwere born to do great things.You know what? They wereright."
  8. 8. Big Daddy’s
  9. 9. Little Sister’s
  10. 10. Splicers
  11. 11. Security System
  12. 12. Gameplay
  13. 13. ADAM
  14. 14. EVE
  15. 15. PlasmidsCyclone Trap IncinerateElectro Bolt Winter BlastEnrage TelekinesisHypnotize BigDaddy Insect Swarm
  16. 16. Armas
  17. 17. Vending MachineS
  18. 18. Vending MachineS
  19. 19. Hacking
  20. 20. Mapas