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A2 Media presentation


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proposal for a documentary

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A2 Media presentation

  1. 1. MEDIA PRODUCTION A2 A short 5 minute Documentary On university life by Molisa Muyembe
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION For my media project I Molisa Muyembe will be working solo. Iam going to conduct a documentary on uni life, this will also act as astep to step guide helping others to prepare and cope with campuslife, lectures, budgeting, and living in halls. Please enjoy this shortpresentation I have put together which will inform you of my plansfor a short 5 minute documentary.
  3. 3. WHAT IS A DOCUMENTARYDocumentary films constitute a broad category of non fictional motionpictures intended to document an aspect of reality. For the purposes ofinstruction or maintaining a historical record. Aspects I will be including are; Educational Informative Narrative Entertaining Real life Structured For and Against argument
  4. 4. SUMMARYMy vision is to take an ordinary country girl who has never lived a day away from thecomfort of her big city home and place her in a box room located at halls in the big cityof London to study law. I plan to show how she copes with everyday lifebudgeting, relationships and living alone the pressure may well just be the emotionaljourney that sends this princess home to mummy and daddy, or the very kick she needs tobe independent. LOCATION : KINGSTON UNIVERCITY, London CANDIDATE NAME: TENAY EDWARDS AGE AND QUALIFICATION: 18, STUDYING LAW
  5. 5. INSPRATIONI have researched American style of documentation. I have found 2 styles one which I am fond of and onewhich I am not too keen on. One being reality TV style of documentation where the characters narrate their own emotions and viewson a subject issue as their everyday life is being filmed. This is a point of view style of filming which I havedecided to go down the path of, as I find it more interesting to show expressions of the character And the other being what I call the lab rat experiment were there is one narrator and he/she willdocument what is happening and use voice over to explained a theory they have. This is a sort of surreal feelingwhich does not allow the audience to engage with characters.I have been inspired by the following reality documentations SUPER SIZE ME -American- Morgan Spurlock documents the dangers of fast food over 30 days THE FAMILY -British- narrated by Chanel 4, families on goings are documented over thesummer. Purpose to entertain, audience certification family friendly.
  6. 6. MY PLANThe following shall be documented I will start with basic shots of her country home in comparison with the Life in halls shots of her uni accommodation then I will introduce my character with a Food shopping and other necessities montage of clips of her routine through the week while I narrate over this Relationships/friendships introducing my documentary and its Coping with work and lectures purpose I will also have shots of her discussing her own thoughts. Being without family Having to make youre own rules based onmorals that you have been brought up with
  7. 7. SCHEDULE Weeks plan for filming Monday- shots of the country house and family, family goodbyes asTenay leaves off for uni Tuesday- arrival at uni footage round campus as she meet new people Wednesday- settling in footage of food shopping and making roomhomely Thursday – Lectures, hanging with friends and first freshers rave. Friday- morning after and footage of Tenays summary on uni life Saturday- visit back home, mums summary of having daughter away Sunday- Editing
  8. 8. THINGS I WILL NEED EQUIPMENT WISE AND FUNDS I will need a camera to document the everyday goings of my subject person A tripod for steady camera shots i.e, tracking A travel card so I am able to travel to Kingston university in order todocument.
  9. 9. TARGET AUDIENCE AND INSTITUTIONSSuitable classifications My target audience will be based on the content Students of my footage as my subject is an over 18 some content may be deemed as unsuitable for a families younger audience under 12, but my goal is to receive a wider target audience so I might beConsidered institutions able to edit out some of the content so I can lower the classification also Im thinking of Channel 4 showing my documentary at 9 on channel 4 the reason for this is as my documentary is about education and will be entertaining It suitable for E4 Chanel 4s code and conventions of showing mature documentaries at that time. BBC three
  10. 10. Thank you for your time this has been a Molisa Muyembe presentation brought to you by Microsoft power point I WOULD LIKE TO POINT OUT THAT THIS PRESENTATION IS A PRODUCT OF MEDIA CONVENTION AS I USEDSMART PHONE TO PRODUCE THIS SLIDE SHOW