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Digital media project 1b


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Digital media project 1b

  1. 1. Anna Molinaro Discussion 608“Can P & G Make Money In Places Where People Earn $2 a Day?”
  3. 3. $3.56
  4. 4. More lather, more water
  5. 5. Why Bother?
  6. 6. Touching and improving more lives in more parts of the world,more completely.
  7. 7. “it’s almost like you don’t even have to pay us to do this”
  8. 8. Job Satisfaction? Job Satisfaction?
  9. 9. Variety Feedback Significance
  10. 10. This is job satisfaction
  11. 11. And so is this
  12. 12. Improves problem solving & fosters creativity
  13. 13. “you have to discretely innovatefor every one of those consumers on that economic curve, and if you don’t do that, you’ll fail.”
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