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  • Business solutions: email signing,documents signing, authentification for VPN connection
  • Optimising mobile signature v4

    1. 1. Optimising Mobile Electronic SignatureRestricted - Confidential Information© GSMA 2012All GSMA meetings are conducted in full compliance with the GSMA’s anti-trust compliance policy
    3. 3. Introduction to the GSMA and the mIdentity programme About the GSMA The GSMA represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide. Spanning more than 220 countries, the GSMA unites nearly 800 of the world’s mobile operators, as well as more than 200 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem, including handset makers, software companies, equipment providers, Internet companies, and media and entertainment organisations. The GSMA also produces industry- leading events such as the Mobile World Congress and Mobile Asia Expo. About the mIdentity programme Working Group members: The GSMA Mobile Identity programme has been initiated to ensure that Operators are well positioned to understand and unlock the potential that electronic and mobile identity can offer the industry and its consumers. This includes being aware and prepared for the opportunities and challenges resulting from existing and upcoming legislative, regulatory and technical standards.CONFIDENTIAL 3
    4. 4. The GSMA believes that mobilising identity will bring convenience and security to users, and will be a nice addition to operators’ service portfolio Why identity should go mobile? 1 Ubiquity 2 Mobility 3 Security 4 Remote 5 Cost management • There are ~6billion • Putting identities on • Potentially, mobile ID • Digital document mobile subscription mobile phones will on the phone can be • Identity can be management is s in the world today allow users to access more secure because managed remotely usually 6 times less places and services it is protected by a pin (mobile certificates costly than paper anytime, anywhere or is stored securely can be wiped, equivalents on the SIM or servers forwarded to another party easily etc) Why should operators enter identity management? 1 Leverage their 2 Reduce churn 3 New revenues 4 Extended reach and 5 Big companies are assets improved image entering the space • If the SIM is more • Diversify revenue • MNOs own users’ strongly tied to the streams with new • Facilitation of ID • Large players such as SIMs which they carry identity of the user, B2B solutions to registration means Apple, Google or everywhere users will be less public and private more citizen will be Facebook are entering • They also have data likely to change clients able to access MNO this space through on users, storage operators • Increase customer services (SIM over-the-top services assets, and network ARPU registration / KYC) (e.g. Google capabilities to enable • Improves MNO’s Authenticator, mobile ID image Facebook Connect)CONFIDENTIAL 4
    5. 5. The GSMA mIdentity programme has been developed to catalyse the development of identity solutions on mobile The GSMA mIdentity group aims at catalysing the development of mobile identity solutions 1 Identify the opportunity Identify & blueprint current best practice Catalyse the introduction and spread best practice business 2 Stimulate activity model and regulatory approach 3 Scale for industry impact Support the scaling of services to reach critical mass Moldcell and GSMA are closely cooperating on the launch of Mobile eID in Moldova Meetings with other WG Early member Selected as a pilot membersCONFIDENTIAL 5
    6. 6. Mobile eID will be launched in 2012 by Moldcell as part of the Moldovan government e-transformation initiatives In 2012 By 2020 • Mobile eID has been chosen as the • All public services shall have their Authentication and Access Control electronic counterparts; (AAC) service which will enable remote • An average of 12 new electronic access to government services. services shall be implemented and • This service will identify and launched every year; authenticating users, authorizing their • An average of 8 back-office processes transactions and determining their rights should be digitized every year; into various governmental information • 50% adoption of electronic public systems services shall be reached eID Authentication Reader Mobile eID  Is the electronic equivalent  Works on the same to showing an ID card in the principles as eID, but does physical world not require smart card  Provides highest level of readers, nor a computer security as of today by  The SIM is the smartcard, using two factors of and the phone is the reader authentication: a device (the  Mobile penetration in smart card) and a code eID card Moldova is close to 94%,CONFIDENTIAL 6
    7. 7. Mobile electronic signature is a legal way to prove one’s identity and the most secure authentication process Subscribing Using remote identification Certificate Authority Conduct identity checks Certificate 5 authenticity ID Certificate check Mobile operator MNO Point of Sale / Registration Authority Collect identity documents 6 4 2 3 SIM including ID certificate + PIN Access requested Service provider Subscriber 1 7 Access grantedCONFIDENTIAL 7
    8. 8. The GSMA has identified Mobile Signature as being a big business opportunity in Europe for the coming years, generation $1.6b / year once mature Potential yearly revenues Mobile Signature ID storage once market matures, by - + area and solution Potential market size Remote enrolment Aggregated profiles Europe: $1.6bNorth America: $1.3bn Middle East and North Africa: $48m Asia Pacific: $1.7bn South Asia: $647m South America: $228m Sub Saharan Africa: $56mCONFIDENTIAL 8
    9. 9. Specificities of the Moldovan context are mostly encouraging, even if some others are potential challenges Positive elements Potential challenges Large scale launch Where only one operator launched the service, success has been limited Financial risk bore by the state Willingness to use mID Certificates are paid by the state in MNO should educate people to use it. exchange for a revenue share Help of state agencies would be useful No electronic alternative Low ARPU In other existing deployments, mobile $9.6 against $11.8 in Turkey or $25.3 in ID competes with “eID + reader” Finland Interoperability & simplicity Low banking penetration e-government services will be available Banking services are usually among on all networks at the same price the most successful servicesCONFIDENTIAL 9
    11. 11. The mobile electronic signature value proposition is attractive for all stakeholders For the State For Telecom Operators • Increased reach • New revenue stream - Anywhere: Make services accessible $ - Monthly fee per user from distant / isolated areas and from - Potential fee per transaction from abroad service providers - Anytime: Make services accessible at • Increased customer relevance any time of the day / of the year - More services offered to consumers • Cost savings: - Potential churn reduction - Improve efficiency and costs For Service providers For users • Easier remote selling process • Access remotely to more service - Remote contract signing - e.g. Voting, loan request, tax - Non-repudiation and legal value declaration, subsidy request… • Increased security: • Simplified identification: - Universally auditable - Single password and authentication - Certificate Authority liable in case of **** process for a large range of services fraudCONFIDENTIAL 11
    12. 12. As in every double-sided market, a chicken-and-egg dilemma must be solved to maximise the opportunity MORE SERVICES MORE USERS Service provider Users For Service providers, more users For users, more services means a means a bigger opportunity: bigger opportunity: - Higher number of transactions - Higher value of the subscription - More potential customers - Increased convenience - More reasons to choose mobile - More reasons to subscribe ID as an identifierCONFIDENTIAL 12
    13. 13. To increase attractiveness of the service at launch, the most appealing services must be developed first which will drive adoption MORE SERVICES MORE USERS EXAMPLE: For Turkcell Mobil Imza, a small number of banking services drive most of the transactions Services by category Transactions by category Business other other Solutions 2% 2 Government 3% 27% Finance 20 Business Solutions 31 Finance 68% Government 15CONFIDENTIAL 13
    14. 14. A larger range of services must be developed and made accessible to drive adoption beyond early adopters Create a diversity of services Facilitate access to services • Create online portals: Governmental Example: services ID tickets (Estonia) Unique portal for transportation, exhibition, sport, etc. verifying concession status Financial Telecom services • Create physical access points: Example: Mobile signature ATM (Turkey) Cardless withdrawal identifying the user Business through mobile signature Healthcare solutions • Make services interoperable Retail Example: Mobiilivarmenne (Finland) All services are accessible with the three existing solutions, which drives addition of new servicesCONFIDENTIAL 14
    15. 15. To increase the attractiveness to service providers at launch, efforts must be focused on high-value subscribers MORE SERVICES MORE USERS EXAMPLE: For Turkcell, MobilImza is mostly used by high-value subscribers Average Revenue Per User $29.5 $11.8 Average Turkcell subscriber Mobile Signature userCONFIDENTIAL 15
    16. 16. Other best practices have been identified to improve adoption rates beyond high-value customers Drive momentum at launch Lower barriers to adoption • Offer attractive pricing at launch • Facilitate registration Example: Example: Free trial period (Finland) Joint registration process (Turkey) Elisa and Sonera decided to offer the Turkcell re-uses bank’s credentials to service for free during the first year secure the identity of service users • Use cross-marketing with partners • Avoid hardware change Example: Example: Turkcell + banks (Turkey) WPKI-ready SIMs dissemination (Turkey) Turkcell launched several marketing Turkcell distributes WPKI SIMs to business WPKI campaigns with banks which were customers as standard using Mobile Signature • Share the cost with users Example: • Official launch by the government VIP customers sponsorship (Turkey) Moldcell + other operators + eGov (Moldova) Government support would make the project more Garanti Bank pays the Mobile Signature credible and visible service for their most valuable customersCONFIDENTIAL 16