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Moldova ict summit 2012 cristiano ferri


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Moldova ict summit 2012 cristiano ferri

  1. 1. Cristiano Ferri Faria twitter: cristianofariaHouse of Representatives, Brazil
  2. 2. Open data policy Participation
  3. 3. Lawmaking Timeline Problem: Students have notconditions to support themselves
  4. 4. Lawmaking Timeline Problem: we need a Youth Policy
  5. 5. Continental country 8.500 millions Km² Problem Weak connection between citizens and legislators
  6. 6. Lawmaking Timeline Lan House
  7. 7. Lawmaking Timeline Facebook
  8. 8. Lawmaking Timeline Legislative Community
  9. 9. Lawmaking Timeline Wikilegis
  10. 10. Lawmaking Timeline Video Forum
  11. 11. Lawmaking Timeline LEGAL SOLUTION
  12. 12. Lawmaking Timeline LEGAL SOLUTION
  13. 13. Participants wanted greater investment in and other internships professional programs for undergraduates, as well as greater flexibility in working for conditions students.
  14. 14. “art. 19. The action of the State to make effective the rights of youngsters to professionalization, labor and income includes the following measures: ………………… conditions III – an offer of specialof labor professional by matching the educational schedule; and …………………VI – the application of instruments of legal accountability for relevant organizations; VII - the creation of special credit for working students; ………………… internships IX - the introduction of in public administration.”
  15. 15. Greater legitimacy: more democracy More efficiency: legislative quality Legislative transparency
  16. 16. Thanks Cristiano twitter: cristianofaria Legislativee-DemocracyProgram House of Representatives, Brazil