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Molajo jdny2010-final

  1. 1. Hi. I am Mat t .I am a J oomlaholic.
  2. 2. W hat is a dist ribut ion?• Collection of software bundled into an easy-to-use package.• There are hundreds of distributions of Linux, evidence of the strength of their community.
  3. 3. Linux Dist ro T imelinehttp://distrowatch.com
  4. 4. Dist ribut ionsSIGN O F O P E N SO UR CE CMSMAT UR AT IO N
  5. 5. Dist ribut ions• Broaden appeal to vertical markets• Rapid deployment == easier adoption• Create innovation and inspire development• Incubators
  6. 6. Drupal• Drupal has many distributions that help that community offer innovative solutions quickly.
  7. 7. Drupal• Pressflow• Acquia• Open Atrium• Open Publish
  8. 8. J oomla! Dist ribut ions in t he wild• Template companies• Language-specific Distributions• Non-profit Soapbox• Most site builders
  9. 9. Nooku Ser ver• Nooku Server, a multi-site distribution of Joomla! 1.5
  10. 10. Molajo“FR O M J O O ML A ”
  11. 11. Molajo • The Molajo logo symbolizes Collaboration and Unity. It represents two crocodiles that share a single stomach. • Based on an ancient West African symbol that is still used today as a reminder that we are all one, despite cultural differences. • It teaches that these differences must be embraced, not battled.
  12. 12. Molajo • Collaborative, community driven distribution of Joomla! 1.6 • Focus on engaging the Joomla! developer and site builder community • Contributes back to core project - all code available for inclusion • Compatible licenses – GPL
  13. 13. W ho is behind Molajo and jZenGarden? • All Together, As A Whole Initiatives • Specialized teams and elders council
  14. 14. ATA AW Admins• Amy Stephen, lead• Hils Cheyne• Nicholas Dionysopoulos• Robert Vining
  15. 15. E lders Council• W ilco J ansen • O le B ang O t tosen Former OSM board member, Former Core team member, Development Coordinator of member of OSM Community Joomla! 1.5 Oversight Committee (COC)• J ohan J anssens • B rian Teeman Co-founder of Joomla!, lead Co-founder of OSM and Joomla! developer and architect of Joomla! 1.5, founder of Nooku • A rno Zijlst ra Co-founder of Joomla!
  16. 16. A growing number of cont ributorsbuilding a collaborat ive,communit y-driven environment .
  17. 17. Coordinat ion Team• Hils Cheyne, lead • Manoel Silva• Bo Astrup • Cristina Solana• David Deutsch • Matt Thomas• Babs Gösgens • Seth Warburton• Jen Kramer
  18. 18. jZenGarden• Cristina Solana, lead• Ercan Özkaya• Stian Didriksen• Michael Babker
  19. 19. Development Team• Matt Thomas, • Nicholas • Hannes lead Dionysopoulos Papenberg• Michael Babker • Stian Didriksen • Chris Rault• Marco Barbosa • Babs Gösgens • Gobezu Sewu• Klas Berlič • Ercan Özkaya • Cristina Solana• Jeff Channell • Amy Stephen
  20. 20. Usabilit y Team• Manoel Silva, lead • Hils Cheyne• Bo Astrup • Seth Warburton• Marco Barbosa • Arno Zijlstra• David Deutsch
  21. 21. Translat ions Team• Ole Bang Ottosen, lead• Manoel Silva• Parth Lawate• Svein Wisnaes
  22. 22. Maintainer Teams• Seth Warburton, lead• Each developer• Support staff
  23. 23. J oomla! 1.6 and what else?FIR ST MO L A J O DIST R IB UT IO N
  24. 24. Installer Chris Rault • Proposed Joomla! 1.7 installer from JUX group • Integrated language support
  25. 25. Minima Marco Barbosa • Administrator Template • Completely different administrative experience
  26. 26. Molajo Tools Nicholas Dionysopoulos • Molajo version of Admin Tools Pro
  27. 27. R esponses – social plugin suite f or all content Amy Stephen • Voting, comments, social network icons, subscriptions/notifications, hit counts, tags … • Utilizes new unified content events in 1.6
  28. 28. Const ruct Template Framework Matt Thomas • Designer/developer oriented template framework.
  29. 29. J B etolo Gobezu Sewu • Front and back-end CSS/JS file merging, minimization and compression utility with CDN support and control over CSS/JS ordering.
  30. 30. Tweet Display B ack Michael Babker • Comprehensive Twitter display module
  31. 31. Access Cont rol • Simplified – View treated like other actions (ex Edit or Delete) so the same groups can be used • Proper override of core functionality with system plugins that fire onAfterInitiatialize that load a library and layout overrides
  32. 32. A nd much more … • Many other tools that help site builders implement a Joomla! web site
  33. 33. Molajo Web site• Babs Gösgens, lead• Cristina Solana• Matt Thomas
  34. 34. jZenGarden• Cristina Solana, lead• Stian Didriksen• Ercan Özkaya• Michael Babker
  35. 35. jZenGarden: Learning f rom Wordpress• Free GPL Templates• Install from within the Administrator Control Panel• Compatible with Molajo, Nooku Server and Joomla! 1.5/1.6
  36. 36. T he Fut ure …
  37. 37. Fut ure• ATAAW Site rebuilt with Molajo• Strengthen and expand collaboration with other Joomla! developers• Continue contributing back to the Joomla! Project• You decide!
  38. 38.