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Affordable Housing Developers


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Affordable Housing Developers - moladi Construction System developers of affordable housing Mass housing projects

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Affordable Housing Developers

  1. 1. moladi Foundation Engineer designed Steel reinforced Concrete Foundation Erect the reusable plastic mould in 4 hours Fill the mould with mortar (Concrete without stone – sand and cement) in 2 hours Remove the mould the next morning in 2 hours and re-erect on the next foundation The walls of the house are reinforced with steel - waterproof and stronger than block or brick - NHBRC We train and supply contractors entrepreneurs and cooperatives with moladi Construction Technology – Empowering the local community Creating Employment – Producing a house a day
  2. 2. moladi was established in 1986 and exports to 21 countries Based in Port Elizabeth We train the unemployed to build for the homeless Bank approved for finance Schools and Classrooms For more information on moladi visit our website at Bucket Eradication Program – The local community can be trained to build their own toilets – JOB CREATION