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Getting Dressed Social Story


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Getting Dressed Social Story

  1. 1. Getting Dressed Social Story
  2. 2. Before I go out I need to get dressed.
  3. 3. I can dress myself!
  4. 4. This makes Mommy happy.
  5. 5. First I can put on my socks.
  6. 6. Next I can put on my pants.
  7. 7. I might need to button or snap my pants.
  8. 8. Sometimes there is a zipper to zip.
  9. 9. After that I can put on my shirt.
  10. 10. I might need to button my shirt.
  11. 11. Then I can put on my shoes.
  12. 12. When I dress myself my clothes feel good and I am happy.
  13. 13. I can show Mommy how I dressed myself and she will be so happy!