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Ten Traits Of Good Product Managers
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What Is Product Management?

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As products and technologies continue to evolve, so too does the role of Product Management. We take a look at what Product Management is in 2016 and also ask some product experts and influencers what it will look like in the future.

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What Is Product Management?

  1. 1. Whatisproductmanagement? and what will it look like in the future?
  2. 2. Butfirst, WhyAreweaskingthisquestion?
  3. 3. we’re witnessingsomepowerful technologytrends…
  4. 4. “Softwareiseatingtheworld” -Marcandreessen
  5. 5. “thebusinessplansofthenext10,000startups areeasytoforecast:TakeXandaddAI.Thisis abigdeal,andnowit’shere.”  — KevinKelly
  7. 7. AND, thecraftofProductmanagement Doeslikewise
  8. 8. TheProductNetworkintechTODAY: Courtesy: Daniel Schmidt,
  9. 9. =MANYDifferentflavours ofproductmanager.
  10. 10. • TheGeneralistProductManager • TheBusinessProductmanager • ThedesignerProductmanager • THETECHNICALProductmanager
  11. 11. Wikipediasays:
  12. 12. Let’sasksomerealproductpeople instead
  14. 14. “I think Product Management is the art of helping your team and company ship the right product to your users.” Josh Elman 
 Partner at Greylock
  15. 15. Hunter Walk
 Partner at Homebrew VC “Product Management is: Building. Communicating. Helping. Simplifying. Collaborating. (Sometimes) Crying. Leading.”
  16. 16. “Product Management fills the white space and manages the tensions that exist between business, technology, and design.” Daniel SchmidtVP Product, MDSave
  17. 17. “Product Management is investigating what users really need and then working within a team to figure out how to best meet that need within cost and time constraints.” Tristan Kromer 
 Lean Startup Coach and Adviser, TriKro
  18. 18. "A good Product Manager is a scientist, armchair psychologist, and janitor in cross functional teams. Ever curious, open to new ideas, perceptive, listens, and evolves through time. Someone who helps their team understands what it is they should build and how to build it as efficiently as possible while keeping everyone as happy as possible." Bo Ren
 Product Manager, Facebook
  19. 19. "Product management drives the vision, strategy, design, and execution of the product. While one can often quickly comprehend the basic responsibilities of the role, mastering each of these dimensions is truly an art form that one is constantly honing.” Sachin Rekhi 
 Former Director of Product, LinkedIn
  20. 20. “In my experience, what defines successful product management is not how much understanding of UX or business or tech exists, but how much care about the customer exists. If the work delivers real value to the customer then elements like aesthetics and performance will be have been addressed.” Richard Banfield CEO, Fresh Tilled Soil
  21. 21. TosumTHINGSup.. Productmanagementismulti-faceted. ITincorporatesuserexperience,businessand technicalelements.
  22. 22. Customer Technology Business Product Management Martin Eriksson
  23. 23. But,ITHASaUNIVERSALobjective: TomakesureaproductofvalueisSHIPPEDtoit’s CUSTOMERS.
  24. 24. Let’salsobustafewmythsaboutproductmanagement
  25. 25. Productmanagementis: Not “Product Marketing” or “Program Management” Not a “new thing” in Tech Not “kinda like UX Design”
  26. 26. So,Whataboutthefutureofproductmanagement?
  27. 27. Willproductkeepaseatattheexecutivetable? WilltheproductManagerrolebecomemoreclearlydefined? Willproductmanagersbephasedoutcompletely?
  28. 28. WilltheChiefiotofficerarrive?
  29. 29. Let’saskourproductfriendswhat theythink...
  30. 30. “Product is about figuring out what to build, and in the indefinite future I don’t see that role going away, however, the techniques will continue to evolve and improve.” Marty Cagan 
 Partner, Silicon Valley Product Group
  31. 31. “There will be more discussion of how to structure & align Product Management teams effectively, particularly around tech, UX, business "flavors" of PM. There will also be more discussion on the differences between software, hardware, IoT, medical etc Product Managers.” Ellen Chisa 
 VP Product, Lola
  32. 32. “In the future, product management will look just like it did in the past. People will be excited about new technologies, and we'll just keep asking 'why should we build this?' and 'how will this benefit our users?'" Nick Fassler 
 Product Management, Asana
  33. 33. “Eventually, PM and UX will merge. PMs will define the user journey and goals of a product, while algorithms sorting through A/B testing results, eye tracking, and sentiment analysis will determine how to best produce that user journey.” Tristan Kromer 
 Lean Startup Coach and Adviser, TriKro
  34. 34. “Great product managers in the future will have to spend more time understanding the human problems they are solving than the technology they are solving those problems with” Josh Elman 
 Partner at Greylock
  35. 35. “In the future, product managers will (a) embrace bots as team members and (b) let go of the delusion that the future of their product can be predicted or mapped.” Daniel SchmidtVP Product, MDSave
  36. 36. "Product management will go beyond just engineering solutions and launching products. Product management will be about creating a human layer on top of technology. PMs need to understand user psychology, walk a 1000 miles in their user’s shoes, and build deep emotional connections to their products.”Bo Ren
 Product Manager, Facebook
  37. 37. "Product management is still in it's infancy, still grappling with what the basic responsibilities of the role in technology companies are. Over time though we'll stop looking inward for understanding and spend more of our time looking outward (of the industry) for inspiration in building truly great products by synthesizing ideas from art, humanities, hard science, psychology, and more.” Sachin Rekhi 
 Former Director of Product, LinkedIn
  38. 38. Someinterestingandvariedinsights:) Andalthoughwecan’tpredictthefuture...
  39. 39. Wecansurmise, Thatproductmanagementwillembracenewtechnologies whilstconnectingmoredeeplytohumanproblems.
  40. 40. Get the best product, design and IoT updates here each week Thanksforstoppingby!
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As products and technologies continue to evolve, so too does the role of Product Management. We take a look at what Product Management is in 2016 and also ask some product experts and influencers what it will look like in the future.


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