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Technology Policy for Hong Kong


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Jobs | Growth | Invest | Innovation
Charles Mok's policy address and budget proposals to Hong Kong SAR Government
Presentation to HK General Chamber of Commerce

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Technology Policy for Hong Kong

  1. 1. Technology Policy for HK Charles Mok Legislative Councillor (IT) HKGCC DIT Committee Sharing 2016.12.06 JOBS | GROWTH | INVEST | INNOVATION
  2. 2. Challenges we face ▷ Talent crunch ▷ Lack of investment and innovation for economic growth ▷ Outdated regulations impeding innovation and technology growth ▷ Smart City and digital infrastructure development
  3. 3. “We need proactive and visionary policy-making to keep up with competitors.
  4. 4. ICT Skills Gap and Talent Crunch We must address the shortage of skills, and create better prospects for IT professionals.
  5. 5. To train, retain and attract IT talents ▷ We will need more data scientists, software programmers and Information Security experts for Smart City development ▷ Application: FinTech, IoT, cloud computing, Big Data, AI and Intelligent Manufacturing
  6. 6. Recommendations ▷ A comprehensive and strategic review on the IT manpower in the government - reform T-contract outsourcing arrangement and expand IT civil service positions ▷ To establish the IT professional qualification framework
  7. 7. Recommendations ▷ IT Talents and Employment Support Programme to help the industry train more specialists with in-demand skills ▷ InnoTech Fellowship Programme to attract tech talents work in overseas to work in HK ▷ Data Science Matching Fund to nurture more data specialists
  8. 8. InnoTech and Economic Growth Foster innovation and spur investment for competitive edge and economic growth.
  9. 9. InnoTech boosts productivity for traditional businesses We need: ▷ Incentives to attract investment for local InnoTech ▷ Government’s assistance to elevate local R&D ▷ More businesses to adopt innotech solutions ▷ Regulations to allow room for innovation
  10. 10. Recommendations - Policy ▷ Technology and Law Reform Committee to look into areas where existing regulations are impeding innovation and technology growth ▷ Introduce mechanism allowing for ‘regulatory sandbox’ to foster innovation
  11. 11. Recommendations - Policy ▷ InnoTech & Economic Transformation Working Group : compose of representatives from InvestHK, ITC, Cyberport, HKSTP, Trade and Industry Department ▷ to foster innovation growth and the partnership between traditional businesses and the technology sector
  12. 12. Recommendations - Funding ▷ A 5-year InnoTech and Productivity Tax Incentive Scheme to boost local R&D. ▷ Automation Support Programme to subsidise businesses to adopt automation and expand the Investment as Entrepreneurs scheme.
  13. 13. Support local SMEs and startups Foster Fintech development We need to focus on attracting venture and risk capital to invest in local companies with potential.
  14. 14. Objective: create an innovation & investment-friendly ecosystem
  15. 15. Recommendations - Policy ▷ Create a Startups Accreditation Programme to help local startups win projects from government and industry buyers, where accredited companies will be considered first for SOA-QPS projects and industry collaborations.
  16. 16. Recommendations - Policy ▷ Set up Digital Marketplace Trial to help local startups and SMEs gain contracts from the government. ▷ Establish Tech Startups Roundtable Conference to help startups understand the regulatory environment and communicate with the government on amending existing regulations.
  17. 17. Recommendations - Funding ▷ $1 billion matching fund to boost the investment in startups who choose to base in Hong Kong. ▷ Grant each bureau $100 million to foster partnership with local startups and adopt innovative services from these startups to improve public services.
  18. 18. SMART CITY & DIGITAL INFRASTRUCTURE HK must set out on our own course by focusing on citizens’ needs and participation to make our city smarter.
  19. 19. Recommendations ▷ Smart City Incubation Programme to foster the development of smart city through pilot projects, hackathon events etc ▷ Create Next Generation Telecom Infrastructure Investment Fund using income from spectrum auction to invest in upgrading telecommunication infrastructure to support growth
  20. 20. Recommendations - Policy ▷ designate Chief Data Officer and a 5-year plan to make open, machine-readable data and APIs the new default standard for government information and data from institutions, paving the way for more innovative applications. ▷ Smart City Sandbox for expediting trial schemes of technologies e.g. IoT
  22. 22. Thank you Questions? Facebook: Charles Mok 莫乃光