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Our ICT Our Environment


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Fuji Xerox Document Solution Summit 2013
Jan 23 2013

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Our ICT Our Environment

  1. 1. Our ICTOur Environment Charles Mok Legislative Councillor (IT) 23-1-2013
  2. 2. Vision of a Silicon Harbour Among the highest Internet/mobile connectivity/penetration IT/Telecom infrastructure and open regulatory regime Internet/IT consumers or innovators? Google/Boston Consulting Group report: Internet economy contributes 5.9% of Hong Kong’s GDP (HK$96 billion) ICT as a driver for HK’s economic development
  3. 3. Major Challenges We Face Industry image Manpower mismatch Market size Investment Balancing with other priorities
  4. 4. Chief Executive’sPolicy Address 2013
  5. 5. Policy Address 2013 Set up Economy Development Commission, including a Working Group on Manufacturing Industries, Innovative Technology, Cultural and Creative Industries. Implementation of CEPA, Early and Pilot Implementation Approach (先行先試政策), with emphasis on assisting SMEs Foster cooperation among the Government, industry, academia and research sectors (官產 學研); Strengthen closer collaboration with the Mainland under the National 12th Five-Year Plan
  6. 6. Policy Address 2013 Patent reform and set up IP trading platform (investment and opportunities) Testing and Certification Industry (esp. Chinese medicine, construction materials, food, jewellery, environmental protection and information and communications technologies) Improve policy for Revitalising Industrial Buildings Review education policy; increase cooperation with industries for professional training
  7. 7. New Policy Initiatives inCommunications & Tech Review of Digital 21 strategy Feasibility of Next-gen Govt data center Topping up CreateSmart Initiative First Feature Film Initiative Development of Creative Clusters  Comix: Wanchai Green House  PMQ: Hollywood Road Other support for broadcasting and telecom sectors
  8. 8. Ongoing Policy Initiatives inCommunications & Tech Cloud Computing Services and Standards Development Data Center Development New Hosting Infrastructure for e-Govt Services Govt Cloud Computing Strategy Next-gen e-Govt Services Enhancing Adoption of ICT among SMEs Digital Inclusion GovWiFi
  9. 9. Impact on Tomorrow’s Office Mobile: From BYOD to Apps Cloud: From Infrastructure to Big Data Green ICT  Green Building / Offices  Carbon Audits (碳審計) (Gov’t will set up a carbon footprint repository/webpage for listed companies to disclose their carbon audit findings, and share useful practices.  Producer Responsibility Schemes (生產者 責任計劃)
  10. 10. Thank you!Charles