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How social media is changing the world


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Presentation to CRE & CSQS Roundtable 2012

Published in: Technology

How social media is changing the world

  2. 2. What is Social Media? The Platforms?  Much more than the  Facebook platforms…  Twitter  LinkedIn  The technologies  Google+  The behavior  YouTube  The lifestyle  Flickr  The relationships  Foursquare  Weibo
  3. 3. Rewriting the rules Bottom up  Changing: Digital natives rule  Media/broadcasting Chaos over order?  Advertising  Marketing Reaches everyone?  Product development  Customer service  Business  Politics  Education…
  4. 4. From sharing to crowd-everything Beyond sharing  Is it better? Crowdsourcing  It’s not about if it is everything: better or not (even if  Crowdsourcing was it is not better now) originally about  It will happen more outsourcing and more anyway  Knowledge – Wikipedia  Selling – Groupon  So it is about:  Investing awareness, and literacy
  5. 5. From mass to uniqueness Globalization to  From custom-made tribalization products to custom- Mass culture cannot made services dominate anymore  Remember we were worried about English dominating the web in the 90s?
  6. 6. Lies are spread quickly
  7. 7. But eventually truths areexposed
  8. 8. Just face itBoldy gowhere noman hasgone before
  9. 9. But remember… Social media must be part of the planning from the start, not an afterthought A moving target, so bear with the detours Persistence will pays off in ways you did not think of
  10. 10. If you build it, they will come
  11. 11. Thank youCharles MokLegislative Councilor (Information Technology)charles@charlesmok.hkwww.charlesmok.hkFacebook: Charles Mok BTwitter: @charlesmok