Big Data -- a free and open world


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Presentation to HKU students on Sep 25 2013

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Big Data -- a free and open world

  1. 1. Data Charles Mok, Legislative Councilor (IT) 25.09.2013 A free and open world
  2. 2. Who benefit from big data? YOU & I Service providers improve their service through collecting more data.
  3. 3. Who can make use of big data? • ISPs • Utilities • Government • Corporations • Academic • Everyone who can collect and access to data With more than 1,000 universities
  4. 4. Why do they use big data? • Provide better consumer experience • Facilitate corporate operation • Seek for a new business model • Risk and financial management • Boosting effectiveness • Government Surveillance
  5. 5. Why do they use big data? Win an election Obama did it in 2012
  6. 6. How to make use of Big Data? • 2008: Social Media • 2012: Add big data • Decide how to approach voters • Top targets: unsubscribed list back in 2008 • Different message scripts for different demographic groups • Phone call & email • Predict turnout • Simulating election 66,000 times result per night • Reallocating resource in each states
  7. 7. How does it work? • Visualizing Big Data • Concept on how to analyze data • Power BI for Office 365 Demo (Video - _embedded&v=KD9GlZGF9rY)
  8. 8. WhenOpenData meets Big Data–DoNo Evil Do No Evil (起你底) • HK ICT Award 2013: • Best Lifestyle Silver Award • Over 2 million local litigation records from the courts of Hong Kong dating as far back as 1990 for civil cases and 2004 for criminal cases.
  9. 9. • Comment from judge panel: • This mobile application integrates an extensive database with a highly user-friendly search engine, allowing users to easily conduct legal background search of companies or targeted persons in an instant and economical way. This demonstrates a good combination of mobile technology and ICT technology. WhenOpenData meets Big Data–Do No Evil
  10. 10. • One-station background analysis on • Potential employee • Business partner • Future son in law • Government Officials?? WhenOpenData meets Big Data–Do No Evil
  11. 11. Abuse of Big Data / Control? Example: NSA /CIA surveillance programs Privacy? Right to know? Big brother of the new era? Beyond commercial abuses, also by governments Ongoing debate: Negative impact to U.S. cloud vendors
  12. 12. GoogleTransparencyReport • Like other technology and communications companies, Google regularly receives requests from governments and courts around the world to hand over user data.
  13. 13. GoogleTransparencyReport • Why might a government agency request user data? • What does Google (like other companies) do when it receives a legal request for user data? • Why does Google (and other companies) publish the Transparency Report? • Has Google successfully narrowed requests before?
  14. 14. WorldConferenceon Int’l Telecommunications(Dubal, Dec2012) • Internet Governance? • Russia, China, Arab, Africa and others propose to implement CONTROL on international route (of Internet) and collect identity info of users. • USA, Canada and some of the European countries strongly object. • Finally the motion is rejected, but HUMAN RIGHTS OBLIGATIONS are not defined in the Acts.
  15. 15. Future of Big Data • Keep growing: in size and analytical power • Growing security concerns • More conflicts in privacy issues • Data processing requires more electricity than lighting network all over the world in 2035
  16. 16. Facebook: Charles Mok B Fb page: Charles Mok 2012 Twitter: Charlesmok Linkedin: Charlesmok Website: Email: THANK YOU