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Rapid Video Astd10


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Presentation for ASTD Techknowledge 2010

Published in: Business
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Rapid Video Astd10

  1. Using Rapid Video<br />Gettin’ Hi-fi from Low-fi!<br />Mark Chrisman & Jeff Tillett<br />
  2. About the Directors<br />Jeff Tillett<br />Mark Chrisman<br /> @badsquare<br /><br />@mojotillett<br />
  3. Do you currently use video as a training tool?<br />
  4. Session Overview<br />Introduction<br />Video Production Basics and Best Practices <br />Recording Devices<br />Examples<br />Workshop<br />
  5. Where Video Works<br />Training the trainer<br />Leadership messaging<br />Virtual training<br />Supplements to e-learning<br />Training libraries<br />User generated video<br />
  6. What Makes A Good Video<br />Does it accomplish your objective?<br />Good picture<br />Clear audio<br />Good talent<br />Engaging<br />
  7. Video is easy as 1 2 3 <br />Pre-Production<br />The Video Shoot<br />Post-Production<br />
  8. Pre-Production<br />Solid Instructional Design<br />Planning <br />Storyboarding<br />Casting<br />Logistics<br />
  9. Scripting<br />Start with a wireframe<br />Bullet point each point to be taught<br />Be sure and get SME and stakeholder buy off<br />Consider the audience<br />Avoid acronyms or other jargon that may confuse or distract learner<br />
  10. Storyboarding<br />Basic flow of video<br />Describe action <br />No need to draw, use photos<br />Match to script<br />
  11. Casting<br />Pre interview potential talent <br />Test screening <br />Review script with actor<br />Video test<br />
  12. Video Equipment<br />Professional<br />Prosumer<br />Consumer<br />Other portable<br />
  13. Shooting Good Video<br />Use a tri-pod or not…<br />Framing your shot<br />Shoot until you get it right<br />Watch it back<br />
  14. Got Style?<br />Interview<br />Talking head<br />Conversation <br />Step-by-step<br />Mixed<br />
  15. Framing or Shot Types<br />Movement Shots <br />Panning - Camera stay in one place and pivots left or right across set<br />Zooming<br />Tilting<br />Tracking Forward <br />Movement point of view “POV”<br />Camera is your eyes as you move through the Scene <br />Tracking Sideways <br />Follow subject as it moves from the side<br />Basic Shots Types<br />Establishing shot<br />Long Shot<br />Full Shot<br />Mid Shot<br />Conversations shots<br />
  16. Audio<br />External microphones<br />Good headphones<br />Quiet location<br />Pre-production<br />
  17. Lighting is Key<br />Cameras need light<br />Not to much…just right<br />Shadows are your friend<br />Test your lighting<br />Lighting effects your color<br />
  18. 3 Point Lighting Basics<br />3 Point lighting<br />Face or key light<br />Back light<br />Fill<br />
  19. Playing Director<br />Get there first<br />Be organized<br />Own the set<br />Manage time<br />
  20. Post Production<br />Software<br />Hardware<br />Editing<br />Review<br />
  21. That extra touch<br />Motion graphics<br />Logos & Intro<br />Transitions<br />Overlays<br />Stock footage<br />Sound effects <br />Music<br />
  22. Resources & Links <br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />Mark Apsolon Video Guru<br />
  23. We have setup three different hands on stations for you to explore. <br />Station 1:<br />Cannon GL2, shotgun microphone & phantom power audio mixer, Two soft light boxes. <br />Station 2: <br />Flip cameras, single light source, wireless lavaliere microphone. <br />Station 3: Editing bay <br />
  24. Thank You!<br />Jeff Tillett<br />Mark Chrisman<br /><br />@badsquare<br /><br />@mojotillett<br />