V2 digital collaboration


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  • V2 digital collaboration

    1. 1. Digital Collaboration to Increase Student LearningMary Jo Davis & Ray Francis
    2. 2. Digital Collaboration How do you define collaboration? To work, one with another; cooperate, as on a literaryTo work jointly with workothers or together (from Dictionary.com)especially in anintellectual endeavor(from Merriam-Webster onlinedictionary) My favorite: WORK TOGETHER (from Roget’s Thesaurus.com)
    3. 3. Digital collaboration in action . . .
    4. 4. •Digital collaboration-value to education Bloom’s taxonomy—help your students move… FROM HERE TO HERE
    5. 5. Digital collaboration-value to education Marzano’s nine guidelines to improve student achievement1. Identifying similarities & differences2. Summarizing & notetaking3. Reinforcing effort & providing recognition4. Homework & practice5. Nonlinguistic representation6. Cooperative learning7. Setting objectives & providing feedback8. Generating & testing hypotheses9. Cues, questions, & advance organizers
    6. 6. Digital collaboration Fits all learning environmentsFace to face Perfect for group work sessions Remember to involve technologyBlended instruction Blended classroom perfect fitVirtual classrooms Embed technology in classroom site Multiple tools for use in online class
    7. 7. Today’s discussion Using technology to collaborate which increases student engagement & learning First Storytelling & creativity How to engage students using basic technology Second Polling in the classroom a basic introduction Third Wikis, blogs, & sharing Let them create the story, & add to each other’s work Fourth Polling in action Specific tools & display possibilities Fifth Collaborative questing Sending you on a scavenger hunt Closing Q & A and time to experiment
    9. 9. Storytelling in a real classroom & shared by a real teacher
    10. 10. Storytelling A valuable tool for many reasons Help students find their voice Discuss difficult issues Students with problems communicating Why do YOU think storytelling is valuable?
    11. 11. Storytelling—as a classroom tool Students can tell stories in many ways Pictures Audio narratives—more privacy w/o images Narrated slideshow Movie story Help students explore new territory, problem solve, & learn coping strategies
    12. 12. Storytelling in many formsTechnologies to create storytelling output Wikis Wiki on Digital Collaboration Blogs Blog discussing digital collaboration tools
    13. 13. POLLING
    14. 14. •Poll Anywhere, Everywhere, Anyhow… Add student input during discussions with live polling Don’t fear technology, embrace it!
    15. 15. Various polling software
    16. 16. Polling: not a new conceptInstructors have always asked students for feedbackOn the fly polling helps to: Modify lecture to meet student needs Check for understanding Check if students are grasping difficult concepts or formulas
    17. 17. Polling: as a teaching tool By polling, an instructor can:Resource Check forevaluation understanding KWL info gathering Collaboration Pre/post in class event (online or surveys f2f)
    18. 18. Polling: as a learning tool Students can administer their own pollsData for Groupstudent responsesresearch Promote positive performance Analyze and Improve synthesize writing data skills
    19. 19. Situation where polling would work for youFace to face classroom ideas?? Online format ideas??
    21. 21. Collaboration through Questing New ways to insure student collaboration  Online scavenger hunts  Web quest  Directed notes Shared research New & prior knowledge Cooperation & collaboration
    22. 22. Questing for learning Learning could include collaboration, teamwork, research skillsIdentify roles for each participantSpell out essential group detailsClearly identify objective & search methodologyOutline acceptable resourcesDescribe end product plainly and base grades upon published rubric
    23. 23. Digital collaboration building blocksAdd digital collaboration to your classroom. . . . Digital Storytelling Digital Polling Digital Questing ALL LEAD TO MORE EFFECTIVE DIGITAL COLLABORATION
    24. 24. QUESTIONS? ? ?