The Botanic Book


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Fole Tegetthoff, The Botanic Book, Lenzing, Austria, 2008

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The Botanic Book

  1. 1. THE BOTANIC BOOK A fairy-tale of Nature
  2. 2. A fairy-tale of Nature.
  3. 3. Listen... ... how the fairy-tale will effortlessly manage to take you into its World ... 07
  4. 4. Quite naturally... ... it will lead us there, where the story it wishes to tell begins: once around the World, where the earth, the sun and the rain have – for millions of years, second by second – created the wonder that is a tree and thereby the forest! For us the fairy-tale stops time. Before our very eyes, it makes trees grow and flower, it makes the seasons change, from the first seed to the mighty trunk - all in a single moment. 09
  5. 5. „Come“,... ... the fairy-tale whispers, “just come a little closer!” and with the magic of its words it leads you into the midst of a veritable wonder that has become reality: Where sunbeams softly caress the leaves after a near endless journey. In this transformation – similar to the harmony of two people whose love creates new life – the power of the sun and the power of the Earth unite, thereby bestowing on the leaf the wondrous ability to give the World the breath it needs for life. 11
  6. 6. However... ... the fairy-tale would not be the fairy-tale if it would not also tell you of those invisible elements in every tree which make us love them for evermore: the fairy! Tiny and delicate, the fairy is adorned in a dress, finely-spun from the morning dew, from the glitter of the stars and the rays of the sun. A dress that breathes and drinks, that collects and radiates warmth, and is bestowed with magical powers. How could it be otherwise, after all it is tailored by Nature itself ... 13
  7. 7. Then one day... ... through evil magic the dress, and with it all the power it possessed, is taken away and lost forever. This invisible element of the tree is now thrown into the other World. A World that is coarse and artificial. All of the fine strings, which connected Nature with people, are now broken. 15
  8. 8. „Do not be sad“,... ... whispers the leaf on which the weeping fairy rests. “The sunbeams have already started to perform their miracle. Together with me, they will conjure up a new dress for you - it will be just as tiny, so very delicate and spun just as finely! It will be made, as before, by Nature’s tender hand.” And so it comes to pass: just a little magic sign later and the sun, the earth and the fairy-tale are already starting a new transformation – so pure, so natural, so clear. 17
  9. 9. Only... ... a blink of an eye later, the fairy is really clad in a fabric that seems like a wonder come true: a fabric that breathes as if it were alive, that invites the morning dew to dwell, and a fabric that radiates the warmth sent by the sun. 19
  10. 10. From... ... this moment on the fairy is visible and perceptible in every pore, in every fibre of this very special material which preserves and protects Nature keeping it in a state worth living in for the whole of creation. 21
  11. 11. „With the help... ... of this new dress”, the fairy-tale smiles while swinging in a cup of flowers, “the fairy has returned in this amazing, incredibly wonderful cycle of life … 23
  12. 12. Copyright by ENEM GmbH., 2008 Publisher: Lenzing AG Text: Folke Tegetthoff Illustrations: Mojca Sekulic Fo
  13. 13.