9.1 natural and man made disasters


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9.1 natural and man made disasters

  1. 1. Natural and Man Made Disasters Mr. Silva’s Awesome APEnvironmental Science Class Student Work
  2. 2. Haiti Before The Quake -Palaces and slums ->$2/day -Peaceful and growing -hills
  3. 3. After The Quake -7.0 magnitude quake -3,500,000 people affected -Relief aid .5 mil homeless. 100,000 buildings, 250,000 people
  4. 4. Tsunami3 meter waves.3 killed.62 miles from epicenter.
  5. 5. Haiti, 2010: OverviewMarco, DestinyIt was a 7.0 magnitude earthquake.Death toll at 316,000.Strike-Slip Fault caused the earthquakeCaribbean and North American plates.Enriquillo-Plantain Garden Fault had not moved in 200 years building up pressure.
  6. 6. History of Disaster• The island of Hispaniola which is shared by Haiti and the Dominican Republic is seismically active and has a history of destructive earthquakes.• Earthquakes recorded by Moreau de Saint-Méry when Haiti was a French Colony happened in 1751, 1770 Port- au-Prince.• Other towns in Haiti and the Dominican Republic were destroyed in May 1842.• A 8.0 earthquake was recorded on August 1946, producing a tsunami that killed 1,790
  7. 7. Damage/StrengthMagnitude 7 Earthquake316,000 pronounced dead."A very big wave" hit and swept out three people to sea.
  8. 8. Bibliographyhttp://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2010/01/14/requiem_for_port_au_princehttp://www.dec.org.uk/haiti-earthquake-facts-and-figureshttp://www.nature.com/news/2010/100225/full/news.2010.93.htmlhttp://minnesota.publicradio.org/display/web/2011/01/11/haiti-earthquake-facts/en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010_Haiti_earthquake
  9. 9. Mt. Saint Helens
  10. 10. Mount Saint Helens Brittany & Hunter• The mountain was estimated to start forming at around the early 15th century.• It was generally formed by volcanic eruptions and flows over a long period of time. Located in Skamania,http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2010/05/mount_st_helens_30_years_ago.html Washington
  11. 11. Mount Saint Helens Basically the Juan de Fuca plate is smashing up against the North American Plate and is sinking below it (It being a oceanic plate) which is allowing magma to rise up.
  12. 12. Eruption• The eruption was preceded by a two-month series of earthquakes and steam-venting episodes.• An earthquake on May 18, 1980 caused the entire weakened north face to slide away, suddenly exposing the partly molten, gas- and steam-rich rock in the volcano to lower pressure.• The rock basically responded by exploding a hot mix of lava and pulverized rock toward Spirit Lake so quickly that it overtook the avalanching north face.• All in all... epic.
  13. 13. Mount Saint Helens
  14. 14. ount Saint Helens Six feet of ash
  15. 15. Mount Saint Helens Brittany &Hunter 9,667ft 8,364ft
  16. 16. Mount Pinatubo By: Josh and Hannah
  17. 17. Before:After:
  18. 18. Mount Pinatubo:• Took place on the Island of Luzon in the Philippines• A warning was sent out on June 5th, 1991 and then again on June 9th, 1991• The eruption of Mount Pinatubo began on June 15th, 1991 at 1:42 pm• The eruption lasted for 9 hours
  19. 19. Mount Pinatubo:• Up to 800 people were killed and 100,000 became homeless• Tons of sulfur dioxide was discharged• A decrease in temp. was a result of the discharge• The eruption is known as the second-largest volcanic eruption of this century
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  21. 21. Dust Bowl of the 1930s-Caused by over farming and overuse of the land.- A giant area of land in the southern plains during the 1930s was depleted of all the nutrients in thesoil and caused giant dust storms.- The natural grasses were killed off. Drought and winds carried the the top soil away.
  22. 22. Northern Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas The sand and dust blew into the northern states
  23. 23. About the Dust Bowl -The dust bowl lasted about a decade. -Children went to school wearing masks and people put wet sheets over their windows attempting to keep the dust particles out.
  24. 24. Acts of the Dust Bowl- May 1933, The Farm Mortgage Act:$200 million dollars to help refinancefarmers- 1934 Great Dust storms spread toother states, covering and affectingover 75% of the country.- 1935, Soil Erosion Act- 1939, Rain finally comes and ends thedrought
  25. 25. Farming NowSmarter Farming: - Crop Rotation - Strip Cropping - Contour PlowingFarmers were paid to practice thesetechniques
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  27. 27. 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami By: Matthew Koen and Mikayla Kopp
  28. 28. -9.0 magnitude-Friday March 11, 2011-epicenter was 130 kilometers or81 miles-The focus occurred at a depth of32 km(19.9 mi)- waves of up to 10 meters (33 ft
  29. 29. -Evacuations ordered along Japan’sPacific coast and at least 20 othercountries-This much destruction occurred in 5minutes
  30. 30. - On september 12, 2011, The police agency of japanreported the casualties.- 15,780 people were reported dead.- 6,114 people were reported injured- 2,814 people were reported missing.
  31. 31. - Caused Nuclear accidents- Three nuclear reactors suffered explosions and nuclear leakage.- Over 200,000 people were evacuated